Last Fortress Underground Guide 2023 Become Pro Player in The Game

If you have been looking for Last Fortress Underground Guide, you are in the right place because this article is going to give you all the information that you need to know.

The journey from a beginner to a pro would not be a tiresome process to begin with.

After having read this article, you would be completely updated with the game at this moment.

Starting from a beginners’ guide to a “how to become a pro” guide, everything is mentioned in the article below and if you read it carefully you would not feel the need to read another.

I am a blogger and YouTuber who keeps researching about games, which is the reason Last Fortress: Underground is something that I have been aware of for a long time now.

If you are also a smartphone giving enthusiast, reading this article would be beneficial and order to play Last Fortress: Underground.

Last Fortress: Underground Guide

Last Fortress Underground Guide
Last Fortress Underground Guide

Any guide for this particular game can be precisely distinguished into two different groups where one is for the beginners and the one for the people who have already got a hold of the game.

To begin with, we can discuss the basic gameplay mechanics which are going to give you a proper understanding of how the game works.

Last Fortress Underground Guide for beginners has to start with the storyline that you are a part of.

The game begins with a Zombie apocalypse but unlike other games, you would not require to only prevent the attacks from the undead.

In fact, you are a commander of the castle who has to take care of the community and make sure that the castle has enough resources all the time to tackle any zombie attack.

Once you are caught up with the story, you would notice that the gameplay mechanics of this game is not very different from other Zombie games even though it has a lot of unique elements as well.

There are a lot of survivors and they are the ones that form the community.

To assign different tasks to skilled survivors is a thing that you have to put conscience to.

Last Fortress wiki says that you are running the game where there are different survivors and heroes.

It is not a role-playing-game (RPG) and that is something that you should be aware of before starting off with the game.

Upgrading heroes is a task and more about that is mentioned below.

As a person who runs a community, you have to take care of a number of things at the same time.

The first thing that you need to know are the 2 groups that heroes are classified into. These two groups are:

  • Production Heroes: There are various kinds of production work that needs to be done at the same time such as cooking, mining, lab research and so on. That is well production heroes come in and they are the best kinds at all production tasks. Examples of production heroes are Tikka, Fiona, Helen, Maurer, Pearson and many more. You can see the classification when you go to the compendium page of the game.

This was all that you needed to know about the heroes that exist in the game.

Leveling all kinds of Heroes at all kinds of times is a tip that every gaming blogger says anyway. Regardless, the Last Fortress: Underground Guide for beginners does not end there.

Once you get the chance of exploring the world around you, you should go for it right away.

The search function or even finding places to explore from the world map manually can help you in the process of doing so.

There are many functions that are happening in the game at the same time and keeping an eye on all of it is something that the game is all about.

Not being late for the perfect heist or even for building tips & formulas, Last Fortress: Underground Wiki helps you through all of that.

Make sure that you are aware of the fact that you can only rob a train, in the game, when you’re an adult.

As a kid, crime cards are not available. Last Fortress: Underground Wiki has information about that too and it clearly explains the process like this:

  • Step 1: You would have to input in the game that you are making a choice to commit a certain sort of crime, a train robbery for this instance. The “type of train” is a choice that you get after you have chosen to carry out the process mentioned in the last statement. The time of the day is an important choice however and choosing midnight increases your chance of being successful in the crime.
  • Step 2: The reason why the time is very important is the fact that you would have to be aware of when you have chosen the time of robbery to be. In fact, you would have to be present in the game at that very time according to your time zone to click on a button for the robbery to happen. The key towards being successful in this process is to be active and the game at the time of the robbery that you have chosen.

More such content can be found in the official wiki page of the game by clicking here.

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Last Fortress: Underground Pro Guide

Last Fortress Underground Guide
Last Fortress Underground Guide

One of the pro tips that you need to know is how to recruit heroes. There are multiple ways a player can recruit different heroes.

Using cards of a particular kind of hero can actually help them recruit those.

Fantasy recruitment is an option as well and you can definitely find new ways to do so by staying updated with Last Fortress: Underground Wiki.

As a beginner, there are huge chances that you will end up with a Common Hero or an Uncommon Hero.

The chances of getting a Rare or an Elite hero is tremendously little in Season 0.

Using recruitment cards or Combat Hero recruitment points, you would be able to give yourself a chance at luck to be able to recruit one of the Elite or Rare heroes. It is definitely not as difficult as it looks, on paper.

Mutant Zombies are what you have to look out for and making sure that there is a Combat Hero in your Alliance that can single handedly handle a Level 5 Mutant Zombie can minimize the damage very well.

How to choose an alliance and more about how to tackle and minimize damage when a mutated Zombies rallies appear is given in the Last Fortress wiki.

As already mentioned there are a lot of different heroes that are better and the production tasks.

When you put them on tasks they are good at, the entire construction speed will increase. Now the question that may appear in your head at this point of time is the exact need for the construction speed.

So the thing is, as you level up in the game and are not a beginner anymore, the Zombie rallies will get tougher to deal with.

That is when your construction will be in jeopardy and the faster you repair your castle (which is the same process as constructing with speed), the better it is to deal with the next rallies of zombies. 

Before moving on to the next topic, one thing that you need to remember about the last paragraph is the fact that construction speed does not affect in-game battles at all.

As the heroes are properly classified, different heroes have different tasks and none of them get in each other’s way.

There are more things that you need to know about gathering resources in the game.

Sometimes, visiting other fortresses in your radar is going to give you a lot of resources and that could be a skill that you develop over the time while playing the game.

As you can already guess, the two most important things in the game are production and combat.

For both of these, you would require to gather resources.

If you are reading the pro guide, I assume that you are already aware of how gathering works and how there is this particular gathering speed that is the key to everything.

There are some very efficient technologies that can help you in increasing the gathering speed and hence increase the resources gathered, over the time.

World exploration is one of them where you can gather resources from different fortresses around you which would also give you a speed boost of 40%.

When you use 4-5 Heroes of the same faction, you get a 20% speed boost that is granted to you for the entire time you keep using the same faction.

The game also uses multiplayer facilities in order to reward the player. This is a win-win situation for both the game and the players playing it.

At the time of alliance duel if you are active in the game, you get a 20% speed boost.

This is one of those gathering events that keep happening in order to hold the players at the game.

The game is an amazing experience with all these different features that separates it with other Zombie games.

It is very fun to play and easier tasks such as designing your Bunker and how you proceed with meals of your citizens are really easy which takes the seriousness of the game away for a little while.

There are advanced gathering boosts that can help you gain 50% speed when it comes to construction.

You can use them but they do not last for a long time and will fade away eventually.

More solid tactics for increasing the speed of your construction without doubts or limitations of time includes using 4-5 heroes in the alliance for as long as you want it to increase for.

After you have finished the first few stages, you get this one stage where a particular condition of a building appears in the game and the point of that appearing is for the arrival of the next task.

Destroying the wall is what you need to do and one of the most recommended alliances for you to be able to do so is to include the destructive heroes.

These are the ones that can get the process done really quickly and can help you progress to the next level sooner.

Most of the heroes need to be ascended to a particular level in order to gather their destructive skills and after they have done so, not only for this task but also for many other tasks to come later, they prove to be extremely dangerous.

These are all the things you need to know in a very summarized manner and you can very well try to learn more from different sources.

Last Fortress Underground Guide
Last Fortress Underground Guide


What is the best way to spend diamonds in Last Fortress: Underground?

Recruitment tokens, things from Privilege Shop and leveling up the control center are among the things that you can spend your diamonds on and not regret. It is always recommended to save a few diamonds but these are purchases that would not make you think twice, in the moment or later.

How can I get advice on lineups for Last Fortress: Underground?

Since different heroes operate differently when they have distinctive levels, creating a universal lineup for all time and ages is a difficult task. This is the reason why constantly being updated with the discord server dedicated to the game or asking your alliance members for tips.


High graphics and interesting gameplay are only two positives about the game.

As you begin playing it, you only and ever find more of these positives and that is what tells a lot about how enjoyable playing this game is.

If you have begun with this game long ago, you can join servers and make the experience even better. Hope you enjoyed reading this article and you learnt a thing or two from it.

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