Steel and Flesh 2 Best Beginner’s Guide 2022 

Steel and Flesh 2: A strategy role-playing game is always in trend! VirtualStudio is back with a sequel to their evergreen Steel and Flesh which was loved and relished by a large number of players worldwide!

In the Steel and Flesh 2 game, your primary role is going to act like a modest farmer, one-proud warrior, or crestfallen trader.

The game dates back to 1212. You will have the option to team up with either of the prominent powers including Asia and Europe.

Alternatively, you may also build and design an empire of yours as well!

It is going to be thrilling to witness how you start your journey and how it goes.

What do you end up doing- following the year-long history or writing a fresh chapter altogether? Only time will tell. 

However, before you step your foot in Steel and Flesh 2, it is crucial to have an appropriate strategy with you. And that’s exactly what we are here for! 

In our Steel and Flesh 2 Beginner’s Guide, we are going to enlighten you on some of the best strategies to dominate battles and capture more lands in the game.

You can certainly count on our Steel and Flesh 2 Tips & Tricks for only to start on the right path but also for an incredible gaming experience throughout! 

So without any further ado, let’s get started. 

Steel and Flesh 2 Beginner’s Guide

Steel and Flesh 2 comes on the list of those games that are jammed with a range of features and are truly extensive.

However, this more or less also makes them slightly confusing especially when you are just starting the game. 

The game can certainly feel quite intimidating because it truly is complex.

You are going to come across a range of battalions as well as empires that are constantly striving for power plays for widening their provinces or protecting their possessions. 

Once you are done with the creation of your character, you are going to be positioned amidst all this chaos.

And the catch here is that all that you will be provided with are a couple of clothes and some minimal gold or equipment. 

In such a case it is only natural to feel a bit overwhelmed when you have just stepped into the game.

Moreover, when you get on with the management of your troops or settlements, this becomes only worse. 

But you don’t have to worry because we have got you covered!

It doesn’t matter what occupation you decide to go with.

We assure you that our Steel and Flesh 2 Beginner’s Guide will help you strategize well for anything and everything. 

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Steel and Flesh 2 Best Guide 2022

1. Designing The Character

As soon as you start your journey in Steel and Flesh 2, the game provides you with the option to choose between a multiplayer game mode with other users or a single-player game mode with the in-built AI.

The game provides you with mod support as well which will help you in a little personalisation of your gaming experience. 

By default mode, Steel and Flesh 2 arrives with a view set in the old days of the 13th century.

You may have also noticed this in the advertisement and a lot of users are generally most appealed by this.

The game varies from different cosmetic modifications, content developments, as well as even cheat mods which provide you with a considerable number of perks. 

The primary campaign, as you would see for yourself, is quite enormous.

However, the region is restricted to the continental part of Europe, some areas of Asia, as well as a fraction of Africa. 

You will be provided with five different alternatives to choose your level of difficulty.

This can be viewed on the chosen save file. The level of difficulty is going to determine the initial stage of your hero along with your early gold amount.

It has also to do with the below-mentioned mechanics in the game: 

  • Fighting Spirit: This refers to the overall spirit and confidence level of your battalion. In case the fighting spirit ends up dropping very low at the time of a fight, the soldiers are going to flee right then and there. Hence, it is in your best interest that you always try to manage it well while you are in a fight. 
  • Food Stocks: If there is anything that keeps a battalion going, it’s certainly what they eat. And when it comes to your troops in Steel and Flesh 2, things are just the same. Food Stocks in the game specify whether the player needs to provide food regularly for maintaining the fighters at their best level.
  • Forage Stocks: As mentioned above, Food Stocks make a crucial element for your fighters in the game. However, Forage Stocks become important for any creatures that you may get and utilize. In case the option is active, any animal that you may possess is going to require food too.
  • Skills-limit Equipment: A player’s skill points in Steel and Flesh 2 generally specify how nicely they use some specific weapons. In case this one is turned on, such weapons will require you to possess a minimum value of skill to be able to use them.
  • Squad Stamina: Stamina in the game restricts the time limit for how long the soldier can function and fight. When you remain still, this one is going to regenerate naturally. In case this option of Squad Stamina is on, the entire army will need to handle the management of stamina. Nonetheless, it may be quite a problem when you roam around for extended periods or in case the fight drags out.
  • Complimentary retreat: In Steel and Flesh 2, the cost of a retreat is nothing but your resources when the battalion flees from the field. The retreat isn’t going to cost you any resources at the given number of troops and it varies across different levels of difficulty. A lower level of difficulty implies that the battalion can be made larger before the retreat expenses are incurred. 

So for your initial step, while designing your character, you will first need to choose a career for yourself.

This is going to decide the equipment you start with along with the number of bonuses you get to acquire.

The final task for this step is allocating points to the skill and stats. It is worth mentioning that it is quite a daunting process. 

In Steel and Flesh 2, all entities, as well as NPCs, possess five different kinds of stats.

Every stat further has 6 related skills with them.

Once you are in the middle of designing your character, you will be provided with some specific stat points which vary across different starting stages. 

2. Exploring The Game 

As soon as you are done with the process of building and designing your character in Steel and Flesh 2, you will be breeding somewhere to close the chosen empire. 

Your troops are depicted on a map by your character only.

To roam around, you will need to click on the location where you wish to take your character.

After clicking on a settlement, you will be provided with a couple of choices.

First, you just visit the place for some purchases and get to meet some people here and there.

Second, you may try attacking the location and invading it. 

In case you choose the first option of simply paying a quick visit, you will have a range of activities that you can carry out there.

It is worth mentioning that a village is supposedly going to provide you with lesser facilities in comparison with developed urban districts.

However, paying visits to villages implies the opportunity to face lesser defenders.

So if you plan on attacking later, you can always do so with greater ease. 

The following are all the activities that you can do whilst on your way to explore the areas:,

  • Visiting the market: You will need to visit the market area for various reasons. This may include buying your supplies and equipment for your upcoming campaigns, selling some stuff in exchange for money, or purchasing more animals. If you wish to earn some extra money, you will be coming here now and then. The price rates in the market depend on your skill of trading. It also has to do with the quality of a given item. For instance, weary clothes are naturally going to cost less.
  • Recruiting more soldiers: In case you can endorse it, there is always the option to hire more soldiers in the game who will provide you with decent company and support during your travels. In case the setting of Food Stocks is on, keep in mind to maintain a decent level at all times. 
  • Visiting the tavern: A significant number of people in the game like to assemble in taverns. So in case you are searching for a specific person sometimes, you are most probably going to meet them in the tavern.
  • Fighting in the Field: While the Arena is usually limited to prominent towns and capital cities, in this game, the Arena will help you in betting on a horseback fight. It will also provide you with the opportunity to get access to additional amounts of gold as well as fame! Arena Matches in Steel and Flesh 2 comprise three different rounds where players, along with the squad, come together to win against the opponent. The longer you last, the greater the amount of gold that you earn. The number of troops is going to decrease for both sides as the match moves forward. In the end, it is just going to be you against a single opponent. 
  • Visiting the Port: Although you are going I commence your journey in the game with a personal boat, it is deliberately going to wear down as you use it. When the boat ends up being too shattered, you can simply head to the in-game Port and buy a newer one.

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3. Some crucial controls 

You will come across five different buttons in the lower section of your screen which will help you gain some additional information on the world around you.

These include Map and Squad. 

  • Map: The map in the game provides you with the representation of a much greater and more extensive map. It illustrates who is presently in the ownership of all the cities that are displayed. Your section is always going to be exhibited with neon green text. 
  • Squad: This one represents the current level of Stamina well as the Fighting Spirit of your troop. In case the latter gets too low, you will be able to improve it by tossing meals or earning some more gold. In case Stamina ends up diminishing, you will be able to revive it by establishing a camp.

Steel and Flesh 2 Tips & Tricks 2022

With our Steel and Flesh 2, you may now have had a fair understanding of what the game is and how it works.

As you could see for yourself, the game truly is extensive and there is only so much that you need to keep in mind. 

As such, we are here with some Steel and Flesh 2 that is proven to smooth your experience a bit.

These are some of the most effective strategies to dominate battles and capture more lands in the game. Let’s have a look: 

  • Never hesitate to commence your journey with low-level difficulties. It can truly be daunting to regulate your character given the availability of numerous factions as well as armies that are constantly wandering around. Steel and Flesh 2 provides you with a range of save slots in the game which will help you start on an easy difficulty level first. Doing so will help you take a look at how it all works and how well you can manage that. 
  • One crucial thing you need to keep in mind as a player in Steel and Flesh 2 is that you should know when you must attack and when you must resist. A simple-looking village may also be housing a crossbowman or archer who is protecting it. So as soon as you enter the village and start attacking on your own, this is only going to make you fall into the trap of death. In case you choose to attack, you must always have your allies with you who can back you up for a potential raid. 
  • One of the simplest methods to earn money in the Steel and Flesh 2 game is by starting your occupation as a hunter. This means that you will be provided with a bow at the very beginning of your journey. Apart from this, you will also receive a bonus for starting to work as a Hunter or fisherman. In case you have an adequate amount of gold in your level of difficulty, you will be able to get a fishing rod for yourself as well. You can find it in any nearby town and then set your camp up. 

This way, you will be able to hunt for yourself and obtain fresh food to eat.

Moreover, when you are left with some surplus, you simply sell it off in exchange for gold so your resources get a boost as well!

You can then use this gold for hiring some soldiers, purchasing some fresh pieces of equipment, or providing adequate training to your men. 

  • You must always keep in mind to regularly visit the market and keep your men well-fed at will times. They must be prepared to fight in any case. This is a given when you have turned on your Food Stocks as well as Fighting Spirit. You must also not miss out on preparing the camp. Allow your men to revive any health or stamina that they must have lost. The rest of the soldiers can be used for collecting some more food and managing the loot. 


Steel and Flesh 2 is undoubtedly a comprehensive game that provides you with a LOT! It suddenly puts a lot on your platter and naturally, many players end up feeling overwhelmed.

So much so that a lot of them even end up quitting it entirely at one glance. 

However, you don’t need to be a quitter because you now have our Steel and Flesh 2 Beginner’s Guide!

By following the above-mentioned Steel and Flesh 2 Tips & Tricks, you will be able to start with the right strategies to dominate battles and capture more lands in the game.

We hope that our guide was beneficial for you in grasp g the fundamental elements of the game and you can now dive into Steel and Flesh 2 with much greater confidence.

Good luck and have a great time! 

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