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League of Pantheons Tier List: Are you someone who has always been a little too excited about mythologies?

Does knowing and learning about the Norse, Egyptian, Greek, Roman etc. mythologies make you want to be one of them sometimes?

Then this newest role-play game in the market is the perfect fit for you.

League of Pantheons is one of the coolest games developed in recent times and a totally in your genre sort of a game if you are a mytho nerd and someone who loves adventure games.

Since this game is all about role-playing as a god or warrior and then conquering lands with or without a team, knowing your gods and heroes; who comes before who is necessary to know, we have created a League of Pantheons Tier List to rank all these mighty game warriors for you to ace this mythological war game and a complete guide to the best heroes in the game to up your ante. 

This list can easily be considered as not only a warrior tier list but also a mage tier list as well since the game consists of gods, mages and warriors alike along with several meta elemental factors contributing to their individual powers.

The League of Pantheons Tier List has been meticulously crafted to help players understand all aspects of a said character’s powers and limitations so hopefully you’ll be able to find your perfect character to begin your game with through this tank tier list. 

So without further delay let’s get into this League of Pantheons Tier List to discover your new favourite warriors to begin your mythology gaming journey with :

League of Pantheons Tier List 2022

Overpowered (S+) 

These are the ultimates of the game, top warriors in their own meta elemental factors and have been proven to be lethal weapons of destructions and agility against the enemy. 

Meta Light

The following warriors are the ones with the meta light factors under the overpowered (s+); the meta light giving them higher stats above everybody else.

  • Thor 
  • Zeus 
  • Hera 
  • Venus
  • Meta Dark

The broken heroes of the dark meta world, these immortals in this League of Pantheons Tier Listen are the ones with the most percentages of Physical Damage from the others, with the Physical Damage percentage soaring up to almost 450% percent in some. 

  • Nidhogg
  • Hades 
  • Darklord 
  • Hel

Strong (S) 

Consisting of various sort of immortals and mages with different types of meta elemental factors, these are definitely the ones you would want to sort out to build a multi faceted team to launch against your enemy and demolish the whole of the opposing team’s crew. 

Meta Fire

This meta fire list of immortals can definitely be considered as a mage tier list due to the mages adorning the list top to bottom with the Blessings of Sun and fire flaring their stats up higher.

  • Seraph
  • Loki
  • Valkyrie  
  • Nezha

Meta Wind

Who wouldn’t want an immortal warrior on their side with the power of the wind?

On this LOP Tier List, the warriors storm this whole list making this a warrior tier list, with their infinite forces of nature by their side. 

  • Fenrir
  • Sphinx 
  • Aensland 

Meta Water

These terrific mages and warriors of meta water elemental factors are powerful forces of nature with the power of Freeze and Ocean Guardians making them a force to reckon with or without a team. 

  • Poseidon
  • Jormungand 

Other exceptional warriors in this Strong (S) tank tier list are

  • Alleria (Meta Light)
  • Anubis (Meta Dark) 
  • Divine (Meta Light) 
  • Raphael (Meta Light)
  • Abaddon (Meta Dark)
  • Pandora (Meta Dark)
  • High Priest (Meta Light) 

Good (A)  

This tank tier list could be used as a complete guide to the best heroes in the game if you are aiming for a versatile team of warriors and mages to defeat your opponent in style. 

The mixed list of various immortals according to their meta elements are as follows -:

Meta Fire –

  • Apollo
  • Prometheus
  • Magma Fiend 

Meta Water –

  • Illsya
  • Merlin
  • Wyrmlich

Meta Wind –

  • Athena 
  • Ratotski

Support Tier List  

A list of warriors and immortals of various sorts of strategies and powers which aren’t as higher ranked or efficiency as other in this League of Pantheons Tier List but could definitely be used as a sufficient support system to your power packed team. 

 Fair (B) – 

This list includes the following warriors

  • Heimdall (Meta Fire) 
  • Dionysus (Meta Water)
  • Pan (Meta Wind)
  • Erial (Meta Water)
  • Synthia (Meta Wind)

Weak (C) – 

You might want to try reroll if you get these if you are not sure how to place these immortals in your team lest they end up being liabilities. 

  • Titan (Meta Water)
  • Odin ( Meta Wind)
  • Phoenix (Meta Fire)
  • Gai’ming (Meta Wind)

Rerolling in the League of Pantheons to get your desired warriors – A precise guide to rerolling in League of Pantheons

Sometimes you end up with an immortal you don’t wish to start your game with or aren’t sure about how to use their powers, so fret not, we have got you covered!

Simply reroll your game and you are good to go again or, well, till you get your desired warrior. 

Follow the below simple steps to re-roll your game to get going 

  • Log into the League of Pantheons game
  • Click on the Profile Icon that’s on the home screen of your game followed by selecting settings from there
  • Tap on the redeem pack and enter the code for redeeming 
  • Move to the inventory in your game and apply the Revelation Summon scroll

And it’s done! That’s how you re-roll in the League of Pantheons. 

Concluding remarks

With the last list, we are going to conclude this League of Pantheons Tier List with immortals of sort and meta elements to suit your team and their various needs.

This game is tactical and interesting enough to keep you hooked and going.

Hope this list was of help to you for starting of your own team of mythological gods and heroes.

We will keep this list updated as and if the ranking fluctuates to always keep the gamers on top of their games.

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