Why Rummy Is Considered a Skill Game

About 36.5 crore people in India played online games in the year 2020. These numbers highlight the popularity of online gaming in India today.

One extremely popular game in India is online rummy. The popularity of rummy in the country cannot be overemphasized since it is in Indians’ blood. Rummy is to Indians what poker is to Americans.

Have you ever wondered about the legality of online rummy and whether it is a skill game or a game of chance/luck? Read on to find out.

Games can be distinguished as skill-based games and chance-based games. To succeed in a skill-based game, the player must have skills and the ability to make logical decisions and should be able to play strategically.

In all, these games actually judge the intellect and skills of the player. Contrary to that, a chance-based game is all about uncertainty and chance as the outcome of the game depends mainly on chance or the player’s luck. 

Rummy has been declared a skill game by the Supreme Court because the result of a rummy game depends predominantly on the player’s skill and expertise.

You can play rummy game online for free on the Junglee Rummy free app, which is available on the Play Store and use your skills while having entertainment.

What is the difference between games of skill and games of chance/luck?

Both skill-based and chance-based games may have some element of skill and luck/chance.

A skill game may have some element of chance and a game of chance may have some element of skill.

However, this does not change the very nature of the game. The determining factor is that the element of skill must predominate chance/luck in any skill game.

So the distinction is made based on which element — skill or luck/chance — outweighs the other.

Tests to determine the distinction

  1. The Test of Predominance: This test is one of the major indicative tests to judge whether a game is skill-based or chance-based. This test is theoretically done on a hypothetical spectrum of pure skills and pure chance. A game is a game of skill if it hovers to the skill side of the spectrum.
  2. The Test of Material Elements: This test determines the probability of chance being the decisive factor in the moves made in a game. If the probability is higher than usual, it is considered a chance-based game. It takes equipment like a dice, cards, etc into account.

What factors make rummy a skill game?

Rummy is a card game that requires players to arrange their cards in required combinations to make a valid declaration.

The outcome of the game depends mainly on the player’s knowledge of the game and skills. The game has many rules that test the following skills, which you require to ace it.

  1. Analytical skills: Analytical skills are of utmost importance while playing rummy. While in the middle of a rummy game, you need to constantly assess which cards are helpful to you and which cards need to be discarded. To make rational decisions, it is important that you analyze the probability of upcoming cards first as discarding wrong cards may cost you the game.
  2. Strategic thinking: Playing strategically means having a plan before you make moves. A first glance at your cards should tell you your strategy. This will include the cards you want to pair in a group as a set or a sequence, the cards you want to discard, and the possible cards you are looking for.
  3. Presence of mind: Strategic thinking and analytical skills aren’t going to help you if you don’t stay focused on the game throughout. Your mental presence, as well as presence of mind, is important. While playing, you might have to completely get rid of your original strategy and form a new one within a few minutes. To ensure you make the right decisions, you must analyze your strategy from time to time.
  4. Sharp memory: It’s not easy to remember everything, right from your strategy to your goal and the rules of the game as well as your opponents’ moves. If you aim to master the game of rummy, you need to learn to multitask and sharpen your memory. 

The Supreme Court has ruled that playing games of skill like rummy for real money is legal and it does not fall in the category of gambling or betting but business activity, making them absolutely legal to play for real money as well as for free.

So if you’re a rummy lover, you don’t need to stress. Rummy is a game that can only be won if the player has skills and knows the game rules well.

It is 100% legal to play online rummy games for both cash and for free. You can play cash rummy and win real money on the Junglee Rummy cash app, which can be downloaded for free from Junglee Rummy’s official website.

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