Wolf Game Guide 2023 & Best Tips How to Become Pro Player

If you have been looking for Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom Beginner’s Guide, you are at the right place because this article is going to give you all the information you need to know about the game as well as a beginner’s guide that would prove to be extremely beneficial for you.

One of the most important things that you need to know about the game is that it is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS).

You can play this game on your Android device or your iOS device.

Using an emulator, you can download the game in BlueStacks and play it on your computer device.

Most of the MMORTS games have typical variations of characters where you may find soldiers operating in an army type setup.

A lot of people may even have Nostalgia related to this particular type of game even though the Wolf game is something that is completely different. 

After having read this article which is supposed to specialize in a Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom Beginner’s Guide, you would not require the need of reading another article and that is as obvious as it can get.

Without a doubt, this article is going to give you an overview of all the functions that you can do in the game as well as tell you strategies in order to be better in the game.

A beginner’s guide should also have all the information about combat and survival in the game and all of those are mentioned below in the article.

I am a blogger and a YouTuber that has been working upon the gaming niche for a long time now.

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You can trust this article for giving the best Wolf Game Strategies to Survive in the Wilderness in this new and amazing survival game.

Wolf Game Latest Beginner’s Guide 2023

As a beginner, you should know that this game packs a lot of different game modes that can have different strategies in general.

PvE, PvP, team battles and alliance game modes are some of the modes that this game has which makes it very interesting to play.

Coming to the main portion which are Wolf Game Strategies to Survive in the Wilderness, it includes a lot of different sub-points that you should be aware of.

Here are the ones that need to be discussed in a beginner’s guide.

  • Defence

The barrier that prevents the adversary from entering is called Valley Gate.

Tap Valley Gate, then tap the Valley Gate/cave icon on your house or den/base.

You can choose the heroes who will guard the Valley Gate here.

The heroes tasked with guarding this gate will utilize their skills to protect it in the event that an intruder enters the facility.

The Valley Gate will burn and lose durability over time if the opponent is strong and succeeds in breaking through.

If your den, house, or base is often plundered by foes and the Valley Gate’s durability reaches 0, the game will transfer you out of that location.

  • Den/Base/Home

Your den or base is where you train troops, improve heroes, and create resources like meat, water, and crystal.

The major structure on the base, the Wolf Throne, determines the pack capacity, pack dispatch queue, and other structures’ maximum level caps.

The characters in charge of construction and improvement are monkeys.

You will only have one monkey at first, thus you can only construct or upgrade one structure at once. The second monkey is free to rent and is offered for two days.

Hunting grounds and springs generate meat and provide water supplies. To create or enhance the facilities, players require these resources.

The facility known as Storage Cave is where the resources are kept and guarded from enemy looting.

To better preserve additional resources, upgrade the storage cave.

The hospital that treats injured soldiers is called Healing Herb.

If any soldiers were hurt during the conflict, they might heal here. Resources such as meat and water will be more expensive.

  • Spending Precious Gems Ideally

In Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom, the gem is an in-game currency that should be used with caution, especially if you’re a free-to-play player.

For benefits that last forever, we advise putting gems into the first few VIP levels.

To view the current VIP level, the daily gift reward, VIP special perks, and other information, press the VIP option in the top-left corner.

To spend the gems in raising the VIP level, touch the “+” symbol on the left. You receive bonuses like AP (Action Points) regeneration, an increase in RSS Production, etc. at each succeeding VIP level.

Later, VIP levels will need thousands of gems, so if you’re playing for free, you can just skip those.

Save your gems for premium things you’ll need in the late game as you won’t be spending them at a higher VIP level.

Make sure to log in every day to receive free VIP points as well.

The gift codes give out items like RSS, fangs, diamonds, and VIP points which are very beneficial in the game.

The codes for the Wolf Game are available here.

Do not waste gems on short-term activities like speeding up processes because they will be required for much more important things in the game than speeding up any particular process only momentarily.

  • Troops and training them

Your base’s Wolf Den is where you may train soldiers like wolves, coyotes, and other animals.

Increase troop training capacity by upgrading the wolf den; use resources to train more troops simultaneously.

You may access the high tier of these soldiers by conducting research in the building tree of knowledge.

Tier II is assigned to the Eastern Wolf, Tier III to the Eurasian Wolf, Tier IV to the Plains Wolf, and Tier V to the Florida Wolf, for example.

In the wolf den, players train wolves, Cayotes, and jackals. All of these units will be accessible for training by Wolf Throne level 8. Each of these soldiers counters the others and is countered in turn by the others.

Jackals are adept at combating wolves; while facing wolves, their DMG rises, but when facing Cayotes, it falls.

Cayotes are really good at combating Jackals; when battling Jackals, their DMG rises, but when fighting wolves, it falls.

Wolves are proficient fighters against Cayotes; when fighting Cayotes, their DMG rises, but when fighting jackals, it falls.

Therefore, be careful to scout the opposition first and then gather an army based on the information.

For instance, it would be preferable to send in an army of Cayotes if the adversary had more trained jackals because Cayotes deal more DMG to jackals.

On the other hand, using wolves would be a poor idea because they are prey to jackals.

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Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom Heroes Guide

To access the hero screen, tap the hero option in the lower-right corner. Any hero whose profile you select on the left will be shown.

You can observe the hero’s power versus coyotes, wolves, or jackals in the top-right corner. S tier denotes the hero’s superior skill in combating that specific foe.

A tier denotes excellence, B tier decency, C tier adequacy, and D tier weakness.

You’ll see a level bar below it; click the plus sign to level up the hero by giving it EXP goods.

Heroes’ qualities improve as they level up. To grow or improve the hero, tap the symbol.

To complete this upgrade, you will need the hero shards of the hero you are attempting to develop.

For instance, you need Alpha Hero Shards to develop Alpha, one of the heroes in Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom. Valhalla is where one may find hero shards.

Depending on the drop rate, you could obtain the hero shards by spending Fangs.

Heroes can increase their strength, endurance, constitution, skill level cap, ability level, and pack capacity by evolving using hero shards.

The facility in your cave, home, or base known as Valhalla is where you recruit heroes. Heroes can be assigned to Valley Gate to protect the den, base, or house.

You might even order them to attack an adversary on the world map. You can summon four times for free each day, but it’s not assured that you’ll obtain heroes; you can get resources instead.

You’ll need fangs if you want to summon more than four times.

By fulfilling objectives via events or gift cards, taking on foes, and completing chapter quests, you can earn fangs.

The gameplay mechanics of this game is one of a kind and there is absolutely nothing that can beat this survival game in terms of uniqueness.

This game has been developed very thoughtfully to quench a particular curiosity of gamers to see how good survival games can indeed get when it comes to not using first person shooter mechanics in a battlefield.

It’s no less than a battle but definitely a breath of fresh air that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Learn how to employ your heroes’ abilities and do so in accordance with their advantages. For instance, certain heroes excel at mining the map for minerals.

The DMG and DEF of the pack may be best increased by certain heroes. One of the characters in the Wolf Game is Frank, and its second talent makes collecting faster.

Therefore, it will be quicker to gather water, meat, or stone if you assign this hero (after level 20) to lead the pack than it will be with the hero who increases DMG or DEF.

Choose heroes with talents that increase the pack’s DMG, DEF, and Rally Capacity for PvE and PvP engagements.

To become more effective in gathering or battling foes, the hero can develop or improve by leveling up.

If you love to play mobile games such as this one, you would love to know the existence of wiki fandom related to Wolf Game.

This is an open platform that can help you stay updated with new things related to the game, which in no world, is a bad thing.

On the contrary, you would learn so many new things that’d make the entire gaming experience a little better than it already is.

Battle animals on the world map to receive benefits including EXP items, gems, speed-up, resources, fangs, and more.

Use the search icon in the lower-right corner of the globe map to look for the target.

While roving animals may be beaten on their own, elephant-like creatures require an alliance, so join one to receive support and also contribute to the community.

Some other tips and tricks you need to keep in mind are that:

  • Work your way through the chapter missions in the early game; these tasks award resources, hero shards, speed-ups, and more. Tap the wolf icon in the lower-left corner, then proceed, check the mission, do it, and get your prize.
  • Continue to drill the soldiers in the wolf lair. Don’t remain still.
  • To maintain order, make sure to improve the structures to their level before upgrading the wolf’s throne.

Explore the knowledge tree’s technologies to find new soldiers, abilities, and buffs.

  • Claim your daily VIP Points by logging in. At first, stay away from PvP combat and concentrate on fortifying the den, heroes, developing soldiers, etc.


Is Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom offline?

Yes, this game can be played offline even though some features in the game menu may require you to connect to the internet.

What are some working redeem codes available for Wolf Game?



An experience of a life as a wolf in the wild is what this game offers.

Anybody who loves to play smart-phone games which require strategy and at the same time, immerses you into its amazing graphics, would enjoy this game too.

The game features a map of the actual world! Beautiful mountains, rivers, plains, and players and NPCs will all be present.

Additionally, the game has a day/night cycle and weather effects. These elements provide a credible and realistic environment for you to explore.

Additionally, the sound system is really nicely made. Wolves’ howling and other wild creatures’ noises will be audible to you.

You will more closely resemble being in the forest thanks to all of these noises.

Simple controls are used. It won’t be difficult for you to move, attack, or protect oneself.

Additionally, the game is perfectly tuned, so you won’t encounter latency or glitches.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article and learnt a few things about the game as a beginner. Keep playing and have fun. 

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