Among Gods Guide 2023 & Best Tips How to Become Pro Player

If you have been looking for Among Gods guide, you would be very happy to know that this article is the right page that you have landed upon.

Not only this article is going to give you all the information that you need as a beginner in the game but also a guide that will allow you to conquer a lot of different opponents and make it to the top among the best players.

There are huge chances that once you have started the game, you would find a few heroes in front of you which are up for choosing.

All different heroes have different abilities and it is extremely important for you to be able to know them in order to form a team for a battle.

In case you do not know anything about the game, this is an RPG adventure game where you have to fight against Gods or evils.

It has a very interesting gameplay and you would enjoy the game from the very first time you play it.

This article will contain all the Among Gods Strategies to Earn Your Place among Legendary Heroes along with the beginner’s guide.

You would genuinely not have to go looking for another article because this is all you would need to know about the game as a beginner.

Definitely, there are other strategies for expert players and without a doubt, new updates also keep on rolling for this considerably new game.

This is the very reason why you can also choose to go to their Wiki Fandom page in order to know about new things that the community are coming up with about the game.

The beginner’s guide is going to have important details that you need to know about heroes, resources and campaign.

That is not all as you have to keep on reading the article in order to find out what else is mentioned in the article about Among Gods! RPG Adventure.

I am a blogger and youtuber who has been working upon the gaming niche for a long time.

Before I write an article, I like to check the game myself so that I know that the information that I am giving out is something that will not be false at all.

Maintaining that perfection is what I aim to do with every single article that I write.

The reason why this was important to be said is the fact that you should know that none of the information mentioned in the article below is going to be “not true”. Hope you enjoy reading the article.

Among Gods Beginner’s Guide: Tips & Tricks

Among Gods Guide
Among Gods Guide

There are tips and tricks in any game, whether it be a PC game or a smartphone game and that is the exact reason why Among Gods guide is something that people have been looking for a long time now.

Even though the game is new and was released in July of this year itself, it boasts 39,283 votes and most of them are positive reviews.

These numbers are from the Google Play Store and there are other downloads from the App Store as well, where the rating is even better because the number of reviews are lesser.

As it is evident, this is a smartphone game that is available for both the leading platforms for smartphones.

The primary allies in Among Gods are the heroes that are going to fight with you in any PVP arena battle.

The uniqueness of every hero is maintained and making the proper team is one of the biggest gameplay mechanics of this game.

Before you get into knowing about the heroes, you must know that there are two main things that you should consider in order to classify them.

The first one being a Factions and the second one being Classes. At this very moment, there are five factions in the game: Justice, Neutral, Evil, Holy, Corrupt.

All of them have different characteristics and you can use them among the heroes that lie under one of these factions.

The class of a hero determines the combat a lot. Main reason behind this fact is that the classes are differentiated in a way that they have different combat abilities. 

  • Sage: They decrease the damage taken from the opponent team.
  • Tank: They are the one that can help you observe more damage in situations where a Sage would not really be able to save you that much.
  • Warrior: A warrior is used to attack the opponents and inflict damage upon them.
  • Mage: Rage Skill is casted faster by Mage which can prove to be really beneficial in combat.
  • Ranger: A ranger is the one that can inflict more damage to opponents that are standing far away. For a warrior to attack, it needs to be close to the opponent that he/she is attacking.
  • Assassin: An assassin is supposed to be brought up in a battle when you want to target a particular opponent. When a specific target is chosen an Assassin does the job really well.

These are the six classes that are available and among these classes are various different heroes that you can choose among and make a squad that would eventually turn out to be indestructible.

Winning more and more battles with the combats and a good combination of teams is going to progress you in the game and give you a lot of rewards as well.

Each of the heroes that are available in the game have a base strength that can be determined by the 5 stars they have.

They are supposed to be the abilities and damage that they have in their base strength.

Of course, you can upgrade your heroes and make them even better as you level up.

Coming to the currencies that this particular game operates on, there are coins which are supposed to be the main currency of the game and are used for ascending heroes and gear enhancement.

Overall, without the coins you cannot really level up because of this whole reason that enhancements and ascending heroes are really important in the game, in the beginning.

The next currency that is used in the game are Diamonds.

This is considered as the premium currency of the game and recruiting heroes is one of the functions that diamonds can do.

As you can already sense, the coins are used for the basic things in the game while the diamonds are used to actually play the game towards full potential.

Buying special items from the shop is also a thing diamonds can do and you should preserve them before they run out.

Make investments wisely. The third and one of the most important currencies is Hero EXP which is specifically used to level up your heroes that can help you fight the battle later on.

Hero Powder is supposed to be used when the particular Hero has least its maximum level but you want to level it up even further.

You must have also heard about recruitment vouchers, the purpose of which is for normal summoning or advanced summoning.

About the campaigns however, it has six chapters which have multiple stages each.

This is the main game and in the enemy lineup you can see the kind of characters you are going to face in the next stage.

It is very beneficial because once you have an idea about your opponent team, you can set up your team to defeat them easily.

Among Gods Strategies to Earn Your Place among Legendary Heroes is to keep playing the game and make sure you preserve your energy for the campaign stages.

This is because every single time you try to play a campaign stage, you would require a certain amount of energy that restores just with time.

The strategies also include upgrading heroes from time to time because without that, there remains no chance of you making it among the legendary heroes.

You can go back to a campaign stage in order to earn more currencies that will be required in order to level up your hero but there is a small trick to this.

You cannot replace stages instantly but you can go to the quick battle feature in the game that will allow you to play the stages over and over again to earn more and more rewards.

More information about rewards and promo codes for this RPG adventure smartphone game can be found at a random Wiki page which is completely based on this game.

You can also look for discord servers related to the game which are potentially very active, considering the fact that the game is becoming so popular over the days.

Combat in Among Gods! RPG Adventure

Among Gods Guide
Among Gods Guide

Combat is the most interesting part about this game and also the trickiest one.

You can try to make your already existing lineup stronger by utilising combos such as action combo as well as advanced combo.

These are the two types and it can give you a lot of bonus as well as advanced attack for that particular stage.

Of course, all of these depend upon the lineup that you have chosen in the first place and you can also use advanced combo depending upon the lineup that you have chosen in the first place and you can also use advanced combo when you deploy at least three of the heroes that would suffice the requirements.

The combat cannot not be discussed in a Among Gods Beginner’s Guide: Tips & Tricks which is extremely important.

The combat is automatic but you do play a role in it. All the heroes will be fighting against the opponent team and every successful attack will fill up the “Rage Skill” meter.

Once the rage kill is full, you can click on that which will allow the hero to unless devastating attack to the enemies.

Every single Hero has a different Rage skill and you would be aware of those once you spend time with the game and the combat.

If you are wondering if you would have to stay through the combat to hit the Rage skill button every single time it fills up, that is not a compulsion.

Even though a lot of people choose to do it manually there is an option to enable the “auto” button which activates the rage skill every single time it fills up automatically.

You would basically have to do nothing during the combat, that way.

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How to get more Heroes in Among Gods?

The most obvious way to get heroes is rolling in the gacha. Rolling requires you to use summon scrolls or diamonds which will then give you a random Hero in the game. Faction rolls another way to do so and you can access that by tapping the panel on the right side. Faction Recruitment vouchers how would you require in order to do faction rolls.

What is the ascension level in Among Gods?

This is the level up to which a particular Hero can be upgraded. After paying both Scrolls and gold, tapping on the ascend button in the hero’s profile will raise their base stats and a new skill can also be unlocked (depending upon the current level the hero is in).


This is a game that had not been released very long ago. In fact, it has barely been 6 months and it has already got so many reviews from people around the world on Google Play Store.

The ratings on both the stores are really good which just goes to show how amazing this game is.

Combat is packed with amazing graphics and the strategy that is required in order to be able to succeed in the game is something that keeps gamers interested.

Overall, this is a very fun game to play and you should consider checking out this RPG adventure game.

Among Gods! has a lot of different features and you will not be bored of the game soon.

What you read was a beginner’s guide that will help you go through the game if you do not understand the game by playing it, in the very beginning.

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