Check latest Artery Gears support Guide 2022, Class, Faction and Skills

Artery Gears Support Guide: Want to know the latest artery gears support guide 2022? If yes, then this article will be helps you to check the latest artery gears support guide 2022.

In this article we provides you all the necessary information on how to check the latest artery gears support guide 2022 with its class, faction and skills.

Today we are sharing how to check the latest artery gears support guide 2022 with its class, faction and skills.

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The newest turn-based role-playing game from the Chinese developer BILIBILI is none other than Artery Gear: Fusion, a waifu-collector RPG with a post-apocalyptic plot set in the far future of Earth.

Each of the beautiful mechanised heroines in the game—referred to as “Mechas” in the game’s official terminology—has a distinct set of talents and powers that are animated with spectacular visual effects.

The free-to-play video game Artery Gear: Fusion will go live on Google Play Store and iOS App Store on June 14, 2022, for the entire world.

To set the scene for the story in Artery Gear for players: Fusion, an alien civilization from another planet has made the decision to conquer Earth, and the machinery and weapons we currently have won’t stop them.

These antagonists of humanity, who go by the name “Puppets,” can’t procreate, so they implant a puppet seed within people to turn them into puppets.

Since more than 50% of people have already been turned into puppets, the remaining people have worked together and exchanged technology to create Artery Gear (AG), a managed organisational unit made up of female fighters committed to eliminating the Puppets.

The player takes on the position of the commander of the AG unit, entrusted with educating and enlisting the female fighters.

In Artery Gear: Fusion, you’ll enter a post-apocalyptic battlefield where you’ll engage in combat with puppet-like beings that are intent on consuming the entire planet.

You’ll need mech girl teams that can combat puppets.

These mech girl teams are referred to as Artery Gear and are led by a commander who will then send 4 characters plus 3 tactical support onto the battlefield.

To succeed, you will need to put together a formidable team using techniques and tactics to take on the battlefield’s constant change.

While Artery Gear: Fusion differs from other games of a similar genre, the turn-based gameplay at its core continues to be our favourite kind of enjoyable and carefree.

In terms of gameplay style and growth, the game may be directly compared to titles like Epic Seven or Summoners War, but it stands out by including a plethora of Quality-of-Life features that have never been seen in turn-based gacha games.

The game contains an option called AFK Auto-Repeat that allows players to farm grindy levels an endless number of times on repeat, and this grind continues even when players stop the application.

Amazing graphics and distinctive character designs that only include female characters are some more distinguishing qualities.

Artery Gears support Guide 2022


To enter battle with your team, you can pick 4 characters.

The choice of this character is crucial because you must take into account team composition factors like attribute restrain and restrain effect.

Which we will discuss below, and you must select a character with a greater battle efficiency (popularly known as CP or combat power), which will make it easier for you to Along with that.

You can also change the positions of each character, for example, the type of defence is best positioned at the front to lessen enemy attacks on the back, and the type of repair is better positioned behind or in the fourth position.

When facing a particularly powerful foe, you can utilise the Fleet Mandate if you have tactical assistance because it will support Artery Gear throughout combat fight the rivals.

Mainly there are few types of classes in Artery Gear characters.Classes of each character are :

  • MEL – shelling support
  • LEDE – shelling support
  • TINONO -shelling support
  • RELA – air support
  • RAVEN – Air support
  • ESCORT -Equipment deployment 
  • GUARD – equipment deployment
  • IMMUNE – equipment deployment

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Faction of each characters are :

Mel – Autoluna Airborne Division

Take over the current move round and use all of your tactical points. Attacks every enemy target and manages to get through a specific degree of defence to do damage.

Based on the target’s higher health and the team’s combined attack power, damage is estimated.

Lede – Garrison Regiment Atlas

In order to take part in the current action round, all tactical points must be used. There are attacks on every enemy target. Damage is calculated by adding the combined attack strength of the teams and the target’s maximum health.

The target suffering the most damage is the one with the highest maximum health value.

Tinono – Garrison Regiment Atlas

The current action round can only be occupied when all tactical points have been used. We assault every hostile target.

Damage is calculated using the target’s maximum health and the sum of each team’s attack power. More damage is dealt to the target whose maximum health value is higher.

Rela -Auto Luna Airborne Division

possible only after all tactical points have been used. It costs some tactical points to enter the field, doesn’t take up any time during the current action round, and while there, allies are given constant Attack and Critical Strike Buffs.

Raven -Auto Luna Airborne Division

Can only be applied after all tactical points have been expended. Spends some tactical points, DOES occupy the current action round upon entering the field, and provides teammates with constant Defense Buff and Crit Resistance Buff while in the field.

Some tactical points are used every four rounds to carry out a support attack. The air support will automatically leave the battle zone when the tactical points are insufficient to support the subsequent support attack.

Air support might manually leave the area of combat.

Escort – Auto Luna Airborne Division

When certain criteria are met, it can be employed. when entering the field, uses a set number of tactical points and does not take up time during the current action round.

When the enemy assaults, it shields allies from damage and debuffs, and its duration is 1 turn.

Guard – Auto Luna Airborne Division

Applied when the requirements of a tactical point are satisfied. Enters the field without taking up any time during the current action round, although it does use up some tactical points.

It has an overall duration of two turns and shields allies from harm when the opponent hits.

Immune -Auto Luna Airborne Division

When the requirements for a tactical point are met, it can be used. Enters the field without using up the current action round and expends a specific number of tactical points.

The effect lasts for a total of two turns and shields friends from debuffs when the adversary hits.



  • Tactical Point Consumption – 16
  • Tactical Point Consumption per round – 0


  • Tactical Point Consumption: 16
  • Tactical Point Consumption per round: 0


  • Tactical Point Consumption: 16
  • Tactical Point Consumption per round: 0


  • Tactical Point Consumption – 8
  • Tactical Point Consumption per round – 3


  • Tactical Point Consumption – 8
  • Tactical Point Consumption per round – 3


  • Tactical Point Consumption – 16
  • Tactical Point Consumption per round – 0


  • Tactical Point Consumption – 16
  • Tactical Point Consumption per round – 0


  • Tactical Point Consumption – 16
  • Tactical Point Consumption per round – 0

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What can you do with dupes artery gear?

It’s done with the most efficient way the best way to do this is actually go into upgrading your units. And once it’s max level you can increase the star.

Is artery gear fusion F2P?

Artery Gear: Fusion review – “F2P-friendly gacha with QoL features galore.

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