NecroMerger Guide 2023 & Best Tips How to Become Pro Player

If you are new to the game and have been looking for a Necromerger guide, you are at the right article.

There will be some useful tips and tricks that could be mentioned that can help you go past the beginner’s stage where most people are clueless of a plan.

They may have things to do but a lot of them do not know where they want to reach and NecroMerger Guide: Tips & Tricks help you get through that exactly.

This article does not only have the guide but considering you are a complete newbie to the game, there are a few facts mentioned as well just to keep you up to date with all the things that are happening with the game.

After having read this article, you wouldn’t need to go to any other article prior because this is the most complete article you will get about a good beginner’s guide for NecroMerger.

At first, you may think that a lot of different things are at stake in this game since the main mission could be anything for you to take care of.

At everybody’s surprise, the main purpose of the game is to feed the devourer.

More about the depth of the previous statement is given in the article below and you should give reading in order to know what this game has to offer you.

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You would sometimes find valiant efforts to not miss a point in whatever I am trying to sum up in an article.

Maximum of the times, you would get different missions in the smartphone game but anything basically leads to feeding time for the Devourer.

However, more about the things you can do among the gameplay mechanics allowed and how they play their individual tricks is something that you should know about.

NecroMerger Guide 2023: Tips & Tricks

How could a proper NecroMerger Guide begin without discussion of the simple gameplay mechanics that are available in the game.

Since you already know the main mission of the game, you should be completely aware of the fact that anything you drag on to the mouth of the Devourer, it is a permanent action and you would not be able to take a back, no matter how hard your attempt may be.

The next thing that you should know about feeding the devourer is the fact that it can eat almost anything but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it would grow and size, which is one of the things that you need to do in the game anyway.

There are some things to feed that have food stat and only those sorts of food can help the devourer grow.

This was the basics of how to grow it but more NecroMerger Strategies to Grow Your Devourer should be mentioned in a NecroMerger Guide.

One of the most important things that you need to remember is that the sum of any two foods will not be more than if you merge it and then feed it to the devourer.

This may be very clear by this statement that if you are to grow your Devourer faster in the game, you should be able to do crafting and matching as well.

The higher the tier is for the thing that you are feeding to the devourer, the better will be for acting as a catalyst to your growth in the game.

This game is available on both Google Play Store and the App Store and when you go to download it, you will be able to realize that it is called an idle merge game.

Exactly this is what I mentioned already and merging plays a huge role in the game for rapid growth.

For becoming a pro player in this game, you would require a fair share of time and that is almost obvious.

Not a lot of people are fans of Idle Merge games but this is one of a kind and if you are already a fan of this genre, it would surely be able to fascinate you.

NecroMerger Strategies to Grow Your Devourer is to actually take care of it.

It seems at the first instance that it may just be a hungry monster but the truth is if you take care of it, it will help you grow in the game too.

The level of the Devourer plays a big part in leveling you up and the progress of the game, as a whole.

You may have a lot of questions about how to merge any two items and if all the items go with one another.

This is the reason why keeping on reading the article will help you gain all the information before you start playing the game and this is basically just a beginner’s guide.

Combining two different items can make you convert them into a thing of a higher level.

The most basic example is how two bones make a ribcage and two rib cages make a skeleton and so on.

This happens to structures as well which basically means that if you combine two different level 1 Graves it will turn into a level 2 which is more beneficial according to how the game works.

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There is an info panel that you can use anytime in order to know the benefits you get after converting a particular structure into level 2.

It is available on the upper middle of the screen. On clicking the info panel you would clearly be able to see that a particle is skeleton has three stats being production, damage and food.

Minions have resource that they produce overtime. If you consider skeletons for this instance, you would be noticing that they generate mana over a period of time.

On the other hand, the graves are what requires mana in order to be able to produce skeletons and then Zombie parts.

Mana is one of the main currencies in the game that will allow you to do a lot of different things and explore.

With a lot of votes in Google Play Store, this game is definitely rising into popularity as a good idle merge game.

A lot of people look for graphics in idle games for very obvious reasons but the vibe of this game is something that you do not want to miss out on either.

It is unique and the spooky vibe really was the intention of this game anyway.

When you have played the game for a long time, there are huge chances that progressing in the game must have enabled you to get a bonus chest on your way.

As you already know, this game is available in the Google Play Store and one of the most common strategies that is used in order to earn money from these games is to show ads in them.

Previously, a lot of these games had advertisements broadcasted without the choice of the users but times have changed ever since.

Most of the games these days have a particular reward that you can get after watching an advertisement.

If you do not have a lot of patience and want the rewards anyway you can try to feed it one coin, hoping to receive a bonus chest.

It must be obvious by now but for purposes of reassuring, bonus chests are the rewards that you get after watching an ad.

This goes without saying that you cannot watch unlimited advertisements in a day and there definitely is a limit to it.

Daily chest is also something that you should aim for and the main reason behind this is that it contains the same items as already mentioned for the locked chests.

If you are not able to find where to get it, the cash shop is where you should visit in order to be able to get free daily chests every single day.

After you have unlocked a few daily chests, you would eventually be able to get enough coins and gems to buy neat stuff off of the cash shop.

If you have been a fan of gaming and have been doing smartphone games for a long time now, you would be completely aware of the importance of promo codes in any particular game.

Here are the promo codes that can work really good for you if you are new to the game and want free rewards:

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For new information and all the things you need to know about the game, you must consider the community of Wiki that this game is dedicated to. No matter how much time it takes for you to grow the Devourer, which is the main purpose of the game anyway, one day it will be big enough to win you any battle and that is how you can ensure your final victory.

You should not really worry about time and playing the game should not consume a lot of your day.


What are the devices I can play NecroMerger on?

Since it is available for both the Google Play Store and the App Store, you can easily play this game on an Android smartphone as well as on an iPhone or an iPad. If you are willing to play the game on your Windows desktop, there is a way to be able to do so. All you have to do is download an Android Emulator. Bluestacks is one of the easiest to set up and after setting it up, go to the Google Play Store using the emulator and download it to be able to play it on the desktop.

Can I transfer data between Android and iOS devices?

Cross platform transfers are not supported as of yet, with the game.


This game is an idle merge game and people that are keen towards the genre, really will end up loving this game.

One of the most important things that you need to know is the fact that this game is rising to popularity and there must be some reason behind this.

All the new players are enjoying the game and the word is spread around.

Hope you learnt a thing or two about the game from this article and the game is very enjoyable. Have fun playing it.

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