How To Win Last Fortress Alliance Duel All day Matches Guide?

Want to know about the Last Fortress Alliance Duel? If yes, then this article will provide you with all the details on the alliance duel and its methods.

Today in this article, we would provide you with all the details on the easiest way to achieve 4 million points without spending even a single dollar.

I am a YouTuber since 2012 and a gamer, I have been playing the game since its release. Therefore, I wanted to guide you on different types of methods and days in the Last Fortress game.

Last Fortress Alliance Duel 2023

Last Fortress: Underground is basically a strategic based game where you have build your empire by conquering other empire so as to live through the zombie apocalypse.

In the beginning of the game you will find yourself left with few survivors and left strangled in a building against the zombie infected universe.

Thereafter you have to slowly survive and begin your game. In this game you may form alliance so as to take the help to fight against the zombies.

You need to earn points so as to upgrade and these points can be earned through Alliance duel, a contest organized every week to gain coins and other rewards.

How to Get Points during the Alliance Duel

Last fortress alliance duel
Last fortress alliance duel

If you are really struggling to get points in Alliance Duel then you should read our article which could help you earn four million points without even spending a single dollar.

Our tips are helpful in personal as well as in alliance. You may share our article to your friends so that they can also be able earn points.

Before we get into how to earn points, we may at first look into the benefits of alliance duel.

Benefits of Alliance Duel in Last Fortress

  • Faster Growth: You can upgrade at faster rate as it provides building upgrades, training and diamonds. Therefore helping you to grow faster.
  • Alliance Medal: If you need to upgrade the new generation of research items, you would definitely need alliance medal such as Alliance Tech, Alliance Commemorations and Rally Tech. Therefore upgrading your power to the next level. You can achieve the alliance medal for free by completing the daily alliance duel. Moreover you can acquire 8400 alliance medals every week if you get 4 million points in every duel.
  • Alliance: Winning the duel will always benefit the alliance as every member will get free rewards if the alliance wins the duel. Therefore for the prosperity of the alliance, you must set a minimum requirement of daily points to be earned and it is very easy to achieve.

Reward Sequence

The reward of each day is related to the success of the subsequent day. As if you fail in the Day 1 duel, you may find it difficult to achieve the Day 2 success.

Alliance Commemoration Research

Last fortress alliance duel
Last fortress alliance duel

Alliance Commemoration, Alliance Conflict and Rally Enhancement is a new generation research which requires alliance medals.

This medals can be achieved as rewards from the alliance duel and thereby you can achieve 1400 medals per day.

Among the three research that needs medal, you must give priority in upgrading the Alliance Commemoration at first.

You need not upgrade the alliance conflict or rally enhancement before upgrading alliance commemoration.

This is because alliance commemoration provide duel points enhancement, unlock more rewards and also double the rewards.

Therefore you must complete all of them so as to get four million points on every duel day.

Once you have completed the research, you can easily acquire 1400 medals and all other rewards on every duel day

Last Fortress Daily Alliance Duel Tips 2023

Last fortress alliance duel
Last fortress alliance duel

Here we will discuss the methods that you should use from day 1 to day 7 so achieve more points.

How To Win Last Fortress Alliance Duel All Matches Guide 2023?

Day 1: Gathering

This is the easiest day to play as you only need to send trucks for gathering on time. This is could be done if you are a disciplined player.

This can be optimized by having a faster gathering speed through the following process:

  1. Gathering Heroes: Brom, Cindy, Ivan, Mathew, Dean, David and Pak Ji-Mi comes with an additional bonus skill of speed up to 20%. Therefore you should upgrade their skill so that you can use them in your gathering line up.
  2. Faction Enhancement Research: You must upgrade the “one for all, all for one” in the faction enhancement research. For this you need to choose two gathering heroes and three random heroes that would match with one if the gathering heroes. We would suggest to use Cindy and Brom with three minuten heroes or Mathew and Ivan with three Vindicator heroes or Dean and Pak-Ji Mi with three wildling heroes.
  3. Dawn Hero Skill: Mario’s second skill increases iron gathering skill up to 20%. Therefore you must upgrade the skill so as to speed up iron gathering speed. Another hero that you should look in to is the pheidias whose second skill increases stone gathering speed up to 20%. However you may choose to avoid this skill and opt for only upgrading iron gathering skill.
  4. Gathering Bonus: This would help you to increase the gathering speed by 50%.
  5. Territory Bonus: You should gather mine within your alliance territory with a fully repaired city as the gathering speed is faster than that of a non-repaired or a non territory region.

Tips for achieving 4 million Points on a Gathering Day

  • Don’t compete for level 8, 9 or 10 mines from city mines exploration as any level 5 mines will do.
  • You should not gather Z coins as gathering bonus will not account for that.
  • You should go for level 5 iron in the alliance territory as it is the best option and if you don’t find level 5 iron, you may also opt for level 4.
  • You should start gathering before the start of a duel.
  • 5% Alliance Duel Point card is not necessary if you have completed alliance commemoration research. Based on these calculation you need to send 9 trucks with or without 50% alliance duel point card to achieve 4 million points.
  • If you have only three trucks, you should send them three rounds. In the first round send three trucks to gather level 5 iron. After they return, you may start your daily routines such as rallying mutated zombies and mopping zombies. After which you should send the trucks for second and third rounds. Then you should ensure that everything has went good and there after collect your rewards. Therefore you can collect 4 million points in day 1.

Day 2: Building Upgrade

In this you will get duel points by using building speed up and building CP increment. The points for speed up is not that important as it mostly comes from CP increment.

However CP increment differs for each building. The CP increment that you could get is from that of the mines and thereby you could achieve four million points.

Tips for achieving 4 million Points on a Building Upgrade

  • You should start building upgrade before the duel itself which may be a week or three to five days earlier.
  • After finishing the upgrade, don’t click on the finish button even though it is very tempting. You may also move the building to the bottom so as to avoid seeing it. You builders will be free even though you did not click the button as you need to save the button for the day of building upgrade.
  • When the time comes, use 100% or 200% alliance duel point card and after which you can click on the finish button. Thereby you will be able to receive all the CP increment points from finishing the upgrade.
  • You will get higher points if you upgrade long hour buildings such as gym and control center. After following the said things, four million points may be received by you even though it is not guaranteed as you may be sometimes out of building upgrades.

Day 3: Research

You would get research points by using research speed-up and research CP increment. The challenging part of this is that you will not able to find enough resources so as to achieve four million points.

However research speed up is unlimited starting from mid of S1, therefore you need not worry about them.

If you have trade center at level 12 then you would have unlimited power. The limited resources are Z-coins and Alliance medals.

Tips for achieving 4 million Points on a Research Day

There is only one trick you can use to achieve the four million points on day 3 of Last Fortress Alliance Duel:

  • You should stop researching in all other days other than day 3 as don’t want to do research if you want to succeed in the duel.
  • You have to save the Z coins and alliance medals so as to use them up in one shot during the duel.
  • We suggest you to start the research only when the rewards in the personal armament race are hero medals. As doing the speed-up thing, you can achieve up to 50,000 points in the race at the same time.
  • This also grants extra hero medals for upgrading the hero’s skills.
  • Thereby you can achieve four million points on the research day and you need to use the 100% Alliance Duel Point Card.

Day 4: Recruitment

  • This is the easiest duel day comparing to other duel days. If you have already completed the Alliance Commemoration research then you would only need 14,000 recruitment tokens along with 100% Alliance Duel Point Card or 17,100 recruitment tokens if you do not have any card.
  • You would only need to save as many recruitment tokens and spend it all together on the recruitment day.
  • Even though it is very simple but you would have to patient so that you do not recruit on any other days.

Day 5: Training Soldiers

This is the most challenging day and most of the players gives up their goal of achieving four million points.

This is because the soldiers are always full and therefore can’t be trained. However it is easy to upgrade the existing soldier to a higher level rather than training new soldiers.

Using the training speed so as to complete the upgrade will grant you four million points. But if you do not want to upgrade your troops then you can use the trick given below

Tips for achieving 4 million Points on Training Soldier Day

  • Do not collect the soldiers in the gyms as the full training queue requires 39 hours and you can do a speed up of total of 6 hours and the training would take almost 33 hours to complete. Therefore you have queue 3 gyms for 33 hours before the duel of training soldier.
  • You must make sure that the queue is completed when the duel starts and therefore you should collect or click on the gym before the completion of 33 hours.
  • After the duel starts, activate a 200% Alliance Duel Points cards and collect the soldiers and if you trick precisely then you will be  completing 40-50% of you goal of achieving 4 million points.
  • Next, you should focus on training speed and the given below excel sheets where you can input your training speed, bonus point and cap bonus. It will also tell you about how many points you will get and how many zombies you would have to mop. But if your level is below 8, it will be very hard to achieve. At least you should be having level 8 or level 9 soldiers.
  • Training speed and cap bonus are the key factors that you must focus on. With a higher speed, you can get closer to the goal.
  • For this day, you should choose Fiona as without her it would be difficult to achieve your goal. You need to bought her twice and upgrade her to orange and you will unlock her third skill. Therefore increasing the training speed of all the gyms by 15%.
  • Fiona’s first skill adds up to 15 caps to the training queue and is very useful for achieving the goal using this trick.
  • You can also queue more soldiers and collect 600,000 extra duel points.
  • You can also opt for Lori, Beesly and Pamela as their first skill also increases the training speed by 15% and also add 3 caps to the queue. Moreover with every 40 points of VIT, their training speed will be increased by 1%. Thus they could increase the training speed by 38% or higher.
  • You should also opt for Brady as his fourth skill increases the training speed by 5% but you have to level up his skill.
  • You may also choose the choose soldier who is a research in the alliance commemoration. This adds up to 20% training speed. There is also a three mobilization research in the warfare which can also increase the training speed by 15%.
  • You must have a 450% point bonus from alliance commemoration research and a 200% alliance duel point card otherwise you may find it difficult to complete it.
  • The last part is the training cap bonus as it enables to queue more soldiers and you should optimize the cap so that you can get higher points from the trick.

Day 6: Kill Soldiers

During this day, you should note not to make alliance with weak or peaceful allies because then you would not be able to defeat strong opponents.

Therefore you should not sign NAP with weak allies as it is a war game. Therefore you should join alliance with stronger allies of level 24 or above in the Last Fortress Alliance Duel.

Tips for achieving 4 million Points on Kill Soldiers Day

  • Rival Alliance Bonus: You can attack any player and alliance in the cross server. However if you are attacking your rival alliance who you match in the alliance duel, you will get an extra 400% bonus points for defeating a soldier.
  • Do not use three trucks at a time if you are not a high spender. You can reset the heroes in the second and third lineup and thereby le el up your main lineup. Thereby you will loose less troops and with a stronger lineup you can defeat stronger players.
  • You should always use a healer in a war and Jessie is got in healing soldiers and reduces KIA.
  • You should also prioritize the soldier count as more you defeat, the more points you will get.
  • Complete alliance commemoration research will grant you 450% point bonus. Thereby you can easily achieve 4 million points in the war day.

Final Words

In this article we have given a detailed description on Last Fortress Alliance Duel and methods to achieve 4 million points so as to get to the top and take advantage to defeat stronger opponents.

To know more kindly bookmark our article so as to stay updated on the game and its features.

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