Mobile Legends Ixia Hero Guide 2023 | Best Build, Skill, Combo, Tips & Tricks

We welcome everybody to our new hero Mobile Legends Ixia guide article where we would be featuring new hero Ixia.

In this article we would be explaining about the Basic Attributes, Skill Explanation, Battle Spells. Emblem Set, Item Build, Skill Combo and Tips & Tricks the Mobile Legend hero Ixia.

So, without wasting time lets get start.

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Basic Attributes

HP Regen8
Physical ATK100
Physical DEF17
Attack SPF1.04
Attack Speed Ratio100
Mana Regen3
Magic Power0
Magic DEF15
Movement SPD240

Mobile Legends Ixia Skill Explanation

Passive – Ixia Basic Attacks and skills apply a stack of Starlium Charge to enemies on hit.

When Ixia performs a basic attack on an enemy with two stacks of Starlium Charge, the attack will consume +200 Life steal and 10+ Hero Level physical damage to the target.

Ixia Recovers HP equal to the damage dealt by Siphon Starlium. Siphon Starlium can trigger all enemies including Lord and Turtle in front of Ixia that are within her basic attack range but it cannot critically strike.

However Ixia Basic Attacks cannot trigger Life steal.  It also adds a passive mark to the target which will last for 5 seconds. Ixia’s 3rd basic attack (passive trigger) can’t critical strike.

Mobile Legends Ixia Skill 1

The skill deals physical damage to all enemies in range and also increases Ixia’s movement by 40%. Movement speed buff can only be triggered on enemy heroes.

It does not work on Monsters/Minions. This skill slows enemy by 40%. Also adds a passive mark to all enemies hit.

Mobile Legends Ixia Skill 2

This skill deals physical damage and pull enemies to the center of the skill. Also adds a passive mark. It also has a knock back effect, if the enemies are too close.

The skill works on all target except Lord and Turtle.

Mobile Legends Ixia Skill 3

Ixia reassembles her weapon into 6 smaller weapons and enters the Barrage state for 5 seconds.

Ixia cannot move in this state but her basic attacks can hit enemies in a large fan-shaped area in front of her.

In this state, Ixia’s basic attacks can hit up to 6 enemy units (prioritizes heroes) and damage of Siphon Starlium is increased by 60.

This ultimate will increase the range of her skill 1 and skill 2. This skill works on all targets and can reveal enemies hiding in the bush and CC effect cannot this skill.

Ixia Battle Spell


We recommend you to use Flicker or Inspire. If you want to be defensive, you should use Flicker and of you want to be offensive, you should use Inspire. With Flicker, you can do the Flicker + Ult combo.

Emblem Set

Customer Fighter Emblem is the best Emblem set of the Hero Ixia. This has attributes of Spell Vamp, Adoptive Attack and Hybrid Defensive.

You can also use the Custom Marksman Emblem which has the attributes of Attack Speed, Adoptive Attack and Life steal.

Mobile legends Ixia Emblem
Mobile legends Ixia Emblem

You should also use the weapon master as the physical attack and magic power gained from equipment, emblem, talents and skills are increased by 5%.

Mobile Legends Ixia Best Build 2023

The recommend build for Ixia are the following

  1. Swift Boots
  2. Demon Hunt
  3. Golden Staff
  4. Corrosion Scyt
  5. Wind of Nature
  6. Blade of Desp.
Mobile legends Ixia Best Build
Mobile legends Ixia Best Build

Mobile Legends Ixia Best Attack Speed Build 2023

  1. Swift Boots
  2. Windtalker
  3. Scarlet Phant
  4. Berserkers
  5. Wind of Nature
  6. Blade of Desp.
Mobile legends Ixia Best attack Damage Build
Mobile legends Ixia Best attack Damage Build

Skill Combo

We recommend you to use skill 3 first and follow it with the use of Skill 2 and then attack the enemy with Sill 1 and at last finish the battle with the Basic Attack. This will help you to win the battle against the toughest of the opponents.

Skill 3 – Skill 2 – Skill – Basic Attack

Skill Upgrade Order

You should upgrade your skills in the following order. At first upgrade the skill 1 to its maximum and you should upgrade the skill 2 at last. Skill 3 should be upgraded whenever it becomes available.

Tips and Tricks

At level 1, unlock skill 2 and go to the gold lane. You can unlock skill 1 also but we would prefer to unlock skill 1 because of the stun.

Ixia is not super strong early game but her passive regen gives her the edge over some MM’s while landing. To clear the minion wave, use skill 2 then skill 1 and at last give them the final blow with Basic Attack.

But you should make sure that all the minions are within the attack range. If you are getting chased, you can use skill 2 then skill 1 so as to escape or reposition yourself.

You should avoid using Ult in a 1 v 1 situation especially against a mobile hero as they could easily escape plus the damage benefits you get from hurting single enemy is very minimal.

Your Ult will increase skill and basic attack’s range so use it if you need some extra range if necessary. In team fight do not engage first with your Ult as the enemies would disengage if you use your Ult first.

Wait for your enemies to engage or use their skills. Then use your Ult and also make sure to position yourself safely. This would help you to win the battle easily.

Final Words

In this article we have featured the Mobile Legend Hero Ixia. We have explained about her passive and skills, Best Builds, Emblem, Spells and finally we have given you some tips and tricks to Ixia effectively. If you have any other questions, you can ask us by just posting it in our comment box.

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