Last Fortress Best Hero Line up Set to Win All Battles

Want to know about the Last Fortress Best hero line up and set up of the line up. If yes, then this article will provide you with all the details on the line up set so that you can win battles and its methods.

Today in this article, we would provide you with all the details on the easiest way to set your line up so as to defeat your opponent without spending much.

I am a YouTuber since 2012 and a gamer, I have been playing the game since its release. Therefore, I wanted to guide you on different types of methods and techniques used in the Last Fortress game so as to defeat your enemy.

Last fortress Hero Line up 2023

Have you been in such a situation when no matter how you update your heroes, you are not able to beat others in a war and thereby you would give up at one point?

Therefore we are introducing the concept of hero line up. After understanding the concept, you will no longer be afraid of wars and you would beat most of the players except some of the high spenders.

Here in this article we are sharing the concept to build a strong line up by the formation. By this concept, you will able to surpass the lows spenders and even some of the high spenders.

Last Fortress Best Hero Line up Formation

Last Fortress Best Hero Line up
Last Fortress Best Hero Line up

There are two concept of Formation of hero line up in the Last Fortress game. First, you may pick the back row attack heroes and the more you pick up, the more the better.

Second, guide the opponent so that they focus on to attack the designated hero which is used as a substitute.

This concept is not recognized by most of the players and if you master it, you can defeat any enemy easily. Let’s know in details about this concept:

Pick the Back Row Attack Heroes

Normally all the gamers will set 2 tankers in the front row so as to absorb damage and 2 damage output heroes plus a healer or 3 damage output heroes in the back row.

Most of the heroes do not aim their attack rather their skill and attack are random. Therefore their attack will end up being absorbed by the front row tankers.

Therefore this concept is simple to understand, if we successfully eliminate the back row heroes before our tankers are dead then we would definitely win the battle as no damage could be done by the opponent if we eliminate the back row heroes.

There are four type of heroes who can prioritize the back row attack in the Last fortress Hero Line up:

  • Targeting the lowest agility heroes: The heroes that could be used are Kelly and Rebecca.
  • Targeting the lowest health heroes: The heroes that could be used are Galande and Kaya
  • Group Damage: The heroes that could be used are Bensen, Marlen, Quinn, Ogawa, Laurel and Elaine.
  • Targeting the back row: The heroes that could be used are Laurel, Marlen and Blanche.

We however don’t recommend picking the group damage type especially Quinn as it costs money to get it and her group damage is too low.

A total of 470%, with an average of 94% per person is lower than normal attack range.

The damage of group damage heroes is relatively low but if you improve the hero quality, they could be the best heroes that may be chosen to mystic three stars and level 95 and above.

But however if you cannot improve their quality, it is better to choose other heroes. Therefore you should at least bring 2 or more attack back row attack heroes, the more the better.

If you would only bring hero to eliminate the back rows, it would be very difficult for you to win the game using this method.


The second concept is also very important in the Last fortress Hero Line up.  As some players know the first concept only but not the second concept and this makes a huge difference.

The concept is to direct the opponent’s attention and attack to a designated hero and they bear the damage and die for the damage output heroes.

For these you need to remember the back row attackers. Most players use Rebecca and Kelly as they are strong and target the lowest agility.

It is their strength as well as weakness. Therefore to prevent the damage for the damage output heroes, we should lower the agility of one of the heroes and thereby making him a substitute.

The substitute hero can be a tank, healer or a front row attacking hero. Thereafter his agility must be adjusted to the lowest among other heroes.

How to Adjust Agility in Last Fortress Hero Line up

Last Fortress Best Hero Line up
Last Fortress Best Hero Line up
  • At first upgrade the level of the back row heroes to the highest possible level and remember to give up priority to the back row heroes while upgrading.  Moreover you have to only upgrade the tank up to 75-80 level.
  • Secondly look for the hero with the lowest agility. You may select Laurel as his agility is 691 and choose Roland as a substitute because he is a tank. Moreover his defensive skill is higher plus he is also having healing skills.
  • We should replace his armor and helmet to the level 5 gears as his helmet and armor will increase his agility.
  • Next we should slowly increase the level of the hero. Weapons and necklace can be max out as they decreases the agility.
  • We should note that his agility should not increase more than 691. You may stop upgrading at level 80 when his agility is 683.
  • If you do not have Roland or Haman, you may choose Lunn as the substitute hero as he has the highest HP and defense.
  • You can also choose healer as a substitute as they would keep healing them self.

Therefore by using both the techniques you can easily defeat your opponents and that too with a very less amount of spending. 

Final Words

In this article we have given a detailed description on Last fortress Hero Line up and methods so that you can defeat your enemies without much difficulty.

To know more kindly bookmark our article so as to stay updated on the game and its features.

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