Last Fortress Underground Best Hero Lineup Guide 2023

If you have been looking for Last Fortress Underground best hero lineup, this article is for you because it is going to give you all the information that you need to know about this particular thing.

Apart from this, the article is also going to provide to you a proper guide of the heroes so that you do get a chance to choose your own lineup even though one of the same is mentioned in this write-up on the basis of which you can choose your team according to your necessities.

Overall, this article has all the things that you need to know about the game and its heroes. 

Having read this article, it seldom occurs that you would want to need to read another.

The main reason behind this being the fact that this is one of those complete guides that are usually available on the internet, which when you read gives you a sense of completion.

The game of Last Fortress Underground has gained too much popularity in recent times.

Whether it be for the setting of the post-apocalyptic world or the exciting RPG elements that are used in the game, at the end of the day, it is a very funny experience and what else does a person need out of a game?

More about how the game play works and how you could better your experience in the game is given in the article.

I am a blogger and youtuber who has been working upon the gaming niche for as long as I can remember.

This is the reason why all the information that you are going to read below is not going to be false at all.

This is just a simple proof of authenticity that should be known before we proceed to the article.

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Last Fortress Underground best hero lineup Guide 2023

Last Fortress Underground Best Hero Lineup
Last Fortress Underground Best Hero Lineup

Before we get into Last Fortress Underground best lineup, it is very important for you to have a proper guide about the heroes and that is the reason why this paragraph is dedicated to just that.

One of the major gameplay mechanics you need to know about this particular game is that you would have to collect resources and keep expanding your ways in order to stay safe from the zombies in the post apocalyptic world.

Nonetheless, it is a very unique experience when you try to battle against the disaster that is taking place in the world.

This game is available on the Google Play Store and the app store and in both of them, there are a lot of downloads and ratings thus proving the popularity of this smartphone survival game.

A Last Fortress best lineup can fetch you many victories.

Being a gaming enthusiast who likes to play on a smartphone, you definitely would not want to miss out on this experience.

In the game there is a shelter that is located underground because the original level of land on Earth is haunted by the Zombies.

Now this game has a very realistic touch to it because when the people used their brains and built the Shelters underground, they are also having a normal household which is very evident as soon as starting off with the game.

As you begin the game, you feel a responsibility of keeping the shelter on the move.

A simple thing that you need to remember about the bedrooms in the shelter is the fact that when you build and upgrade more of them, they will be able to contain more inhabitants thus making the whole purpose of the bedroom a little more useful.

It is almost like you run the whole shelter which is the reason why the dining room is also an important entity you should be aware of.

Catering affects the mood of the residents a lot and if the collective mood goes below 60%, they would not want to be a part of the shelter anymore.

You may be recalling how I said the dining room to be an important entity and now you know why.

There are objects that you have to cook and store in the canteen. If you are wondering how long it takes to prepare food, it actually really depends on the level of the object that you are trying to cook.

If your object is of higher levels, there are even chances that you could make a variety of meals through that one object.

All these processes are what makes the game really interesting. This was all about the shelter guide and now we can discuss combat. 

Last Fortress: Underground heroes guide is what we should discuss now.

Before we get into the gameplay of the combat, it is important to realize that this game is based a lot on the types of choices you make which turn the game into a strategic aura.

One of the most important things that you need to know about the heroes is the fact that there are 4 Factions that a hero has to be a part of. These four factions are namely:

  • Minutemen
  • Vindicators
  • Watchers
  • Wildings

Each of the heroes that you choose for your line up has to be from one of these four factions. In the Last Fortress: Underground heroes guide, the next thing we should discuss are the type of heroes that you can use in your line up to go for battles.

There are damage dealing heroes, tank heroes, tactical heroes and so on.

This was important for you to know because you can choose your own lineup after you have a proper idea of what a good line up should have.

This is exactly what we are going to discuss next in the Last Fortress Underground heroes guide.

How to choose a proper Last Fortress Underground best lineup is the question many have been asking and for that to be understood you need to understand a couple of things beforehand.

The fact that the game is largely based on the match making procedure of your lineup out of the heroes that you have in your inventory tells a lot about how there cannot be a particular Last Fortress Underground best lineup.

In fact you would have to make a proper lineup for yourself that could go the extra mile for you and win your battles.

Just like we had discussed about the 4 factions that are available in the game, Last Fortress Underground heroes guide is given right below.

Choosing the right Last Fortress best lineup requires you to have a proper understanding about the heroes.

There are other categories that have not been mentioned before like Mass Buffs and so on.

Now, you need to understand that the production and the combat are two different gameplay mechanics of the same game which is the reason why the best heroes can be different from time to time according to their purposes. 

Ascending the Last Fortress best heroes is definitely a task and Solari is also another category of heroes.

A Solari is a worker hero that can help you boost with the production and construction of the underground area that you had created a shelter in.

Now the purposes of the heroes are not limited to only these as they also have to go and fight in the arena.

Mopping up zombies is something that you would need to do from time to time in order to progress in the game.

Before we jump into Last Fortress best heroes, it is important for you to know how to make the Last Fortress best lineup.

Last Fortress Underground best heroes can be divided among a few categories and heroes from every faction that are the best ones are mentioned in the article.

You can use the factors that you need to consider before making a lineup and then make one accordingly.

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Making a Last Fortress best lineup: Factors You Should Consider

Last Fortress Underground Best Hero Lineup
Last Fortress Underground Best Hero Lineup

It is indeed the most important thing in the game to choose the best line for yourself and that is the reason why you should follow the amazing trick given below.

It is not a trick but a fact about the game that you should be knowing about in order to excel in it.

There are buffs granted to particular types of lineups which goes as follows:

  • If you choose 3 heroes from the same faction, you will get an increase of 10% when it comes to the attack power, weapon, health power and TAC.
  • On choosing 3 heroes from the same faction as well as 2 other heroes from another same faction, there will be a 10% increase in everything else from the first point, except there will be a 15% boost in the HP which is a great thing to survive in the game for longer. 
  • In your lineup, if you include four heroes from the same faction, you will receive a 15% increase in everything starting from TAC ATK, WPN ATK and HP.
  • Including five heroes of the same faction will boost all the capabilities by 20%. This includes all the 3 things mentioned above.

These are the things that you need to keep in mind while you are choosing a lineup.

To know about the Last Fortress Underground best heroes, referring to a Last Fortress Underground hero tier list is the right way to go through the process of knowing the information. 

Refer to the Last Fortress Underground website for Last Fortress Underground hero tier list making process.

The good ones that you can use anytime are definitely mentioned already but more importantly, referring to something can actually allow you to create a tier list of your own that could just be inevitable and you would have chosen that for your own self.

For the best tips and tricks to be able to do so, go to the Last Fortress Underground website that can be accessed by clicking here.


What is TAC ATK in Last Fortress Underground?

Automatic attack damage has a certain meter in this game and the situation of that meter shows if the ATC ATK is sufficient or not. There are many such things that you can learn about the game when you join their Wiki fandom page which is one of the best ones that had been created back in a day. DEF basically means defense and ATK means attack. Just knowing this much information can help you figure out the other code lingo used.

What does the term “mop up” mean in Last Fortress: Underground?

Sometimes when there is a wave of zombies coming up, a player can set up the mop up function. According to the highest level of Zombie you have defeated in the games so far, a lot of the Zombies (mostly below the level of the highest level of zombie you have defeated) will be swept off from the competition which just saves a lot of time.


This game created by IM30 is available for Android and iOS and has really immersed a lot of people that like to play smartphone games.

The graphics, gameplay and storyline are the things that keep getting praised on the game downloading platforms.

Controlling a bunch of survivors against the zombies and also making sure that their survival or livelihood isn’t too difficult are parts of the game that people enjoyed the most.

If you have also been a fan of survival games on smartphones, there is absolutely no way that you would not like this game because this seems like a fresh game in the survival genre.

Enjoy playing the game and hope you learnt a thing or two from this article. Thanks for reading.

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