Figure Fantasy Tier List Best Rank Heroes Reroll Guide 2022

Figure fantasy has to be one of the most played games with the best figures in it. To have a figure fantasy tier list – all characters ranked is like having a proper knowledge of which figures/figurines are going to be proven beneficial for you throughout the game.

All the best characters in the game are going to be listed in this tier list and you can choose these characters for a better gameplay and for enjoying the game even better.

There are different categories under the figure fantasy tier list best rank heroes 2022 and these are going to be properly articulated because it is definitely not fair to judge all the different kinds of figures under the same category.

A lot of them have different features but the FF tier list best rank heroes 2022 will give you a proper insight, something you never knew you needed but is always a great boost to have when you are starting to play the game.

Figure fantasy tier list – all characters ranked is going to give you a guideline and not something that you have to necessarily follow.

Sometimes, a lot of your own choices can do wonders and this tier list – all characters ranked is just a simulation based on facts and gameplay and that is how the FF tier list best rank heroes 2022 is made.

Some of these characters may not be ranked very high in the FF tier list best rank heroes 2022 but that never tells that they cannot pull out a trick from their playbook at the perfect situation.

Overall, this game is one of the most played games of all time and rightly so.

Figure Fantasy Reroll Guide is a different story altogether and we’d get to that after discussing FF Reroll Guide properly.

If you are recommending someone Vanguards in the game, you would have to recommend different characters than what you would recommend as a defender, for instance.

This is the reason why the Figure fantasy tier list is categorised properly.

Figure Fantasy Tier List Best Rank Heroes Guide 2022

1. Best Figure Fantasy Defenders

The defenders in figure fantasy work like tanks that restore abilities. These may not have a lot of attacking skills but at the end of the day, they protect you a lot.

The attackers are definitely very dangerous and to protect them, the defenders are required.

Megan and Khrusos would top the list of defenders in the S tier while Vasily, Sanada Yukimara, Astaroth and Yuki would be able to be in the A tier of the list.

In figure fantasy tier list of defenders, The B tier would have Sapphire, Gweneira and Ricco.

For the C tier however, Daylight Cat is an amazing defender in figure fantasy.

2. Best Figure Fantasy Vanguards

Melee fighters are very necessary when it comes to dealing with close-range DPS and these are going to be prove themselves to be very beneficial and worth the time and effort.

The defensive and skills are top-notch for the Vanguards and they have pretty good damage dealing as well.

The enemies are going to have a tough time once you get a Vanguard in your squad.

Tier S – Yoko Kasumi, Yuina Mizuki, Kizuna AI, Yamazaki

Tier A – Alfred, Zhao Yun, Yuna

Tier B – Dolores, Mizusaki, Suzumi, Midori

Tier C – Midnight Cat

3. Best Figure Fantasy Militarists

All the militarists in the game are going to deal with a lot of damage and can attack from ranges that are far.

It’s always a good idea if you are keeping the militarists behind a defender.

That way, their squishy nature is not going to act as a disadvantage to you because they will be protected and will do continuous damage to enemies, thus winning battles for you.

In this game, the tier list for militarists has Tier S, A and B.

There’s no militarist too bad for Tier C and that tells a lot about the effectiveness of them.

Tier S – Kamille, Lu Bu

Tier A – Zarola, Rie, Minakami, Ryoma Kurata, Vazorwyn, Ophelia, Karan

Tier B – Kris, Hiroshi

Figure Fantasy Reroll Guide 2022 – How To Reroll?

When you log on to the game, make sure you choose to log in as a guest because only then, you would be able to follow the Figure Fantasy Reroll Guide.

A player would not be able to reroll everything in his account until and unless he/she is logging in with the guest account.

  • Step 1: Log in with the guest account option and not by any other.
  • Step 2: Clear all the tutorials and the stages starting from the 1st chapter to the 12th chapter
  • Step 3: After receiving the character you want in the lucky draw, just head on to the Settings, followed by Apps. You’ll find figure fantasy as a menu. Click on that before Clear Cache & Delete Data
  • Step 4: Repeat all the steps over and over again and that’s all for the Figure Fantasy Reroll Guide.

Every time you want to perform the classic figure fantasy reroll, you must be careful what you’re giving up but it’s always have so good characters naturally.

Repeating all the steps would enable you to Figure Fantasy Reroll Guide.

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