Last fortress Best Trick to Get 4m Points in War Day Alliance Duel

Want to know the trick to get 4 million points during the war day. Then you have come to right place as we would describe a simple and best trick so as to get 4m points in war day.

Here we have also informed the procedure and steps through which you can easily achieve the goal of getting 4 million points and that too without losing any troops.

Best Trick to Achieve 4 Million Points in the War Day

During the War day, you can teleport to the other gamer’s servers and attack them but it could however be difficult for some of the alliance and peaceful players.

Normally you would need 8 hours so as to complete the 4m points in war day goal. This is because players are late on the field and fail to find a sufficient amount of targets as they rush to the cross server immediately after the expedition starts and 2 hours later all the opponents would have gone.

Therefore you would only be able to pick the leftovers and the travelling time is also lengthy. The disadvantage is that sometimes your opponents can also be your cross-server ally.

Therefore you cannot attack them so as to gain points and have to look for other alliances.

Tips to Get Last fortress 4m Points in War Day

4x Points by attacking rivals

Last fortress 4m points in war day 2

This could be achieved by attacking duel enemies as then you can get 4x points. An opponent without an alliance as the troop numbers would reduce as you attack every time and you would get 4m points in war day.

Last fortress 4m points in war day 3

Alliance Commemoration

If you have the alliance commemoration research in full then you will be getting 450% bonus points for every kill. Moreover with a 100% alliance duel point card you will get 550% extra points.

Last fortress 4m points in war day 4

This will help you to achieve 650,000 points per attack. Therefore you can easily meet the goal by attacking 6-7 times on the duel opponent having 1500 level 9 troops. But more importantly you should not lose any troops.

Last fortress 4m points in war day 5

This can be achieved by the point brush technique and for this you would need the communication technique.

At first you would need to communicate to your duel player that if they want to get points by helping each other.

Your intention can be communicated by attacking the construction building instead of the fortress. By doing so soldiers without any KIA would get wounded.

For this you would need to follow the below given steps:


At first relocate yourself to the opponent city and at the same time have the opponent relocate close to you. Then built a construction site near to the fortress.

Next step is to change your line up containing the weakest heroes and the troop number is 500.

Then send the weakest heroes with the 500 troops for the three trucks and then change the hero type if one of the troops are out.

Then send three trucks to the construction site so as to help.

Then ask your opponent to attack your site with their strongest line up and activate the 100% alliance duel point card before the attack.

Also you should be able to note that only the attacker gain points and not the defenders. The defender’s points are negligible.

By following this steps only your opponent will gain points and not you. At this point you have switch roles with your opponent so as to gain points.

And repeat the whole process by switching the role with your opponent. He should aid his site with three trucks while you attack his site.

By following the above steps you and your opponent would be having 300 grievously wounded soldiers per round.

Therefore it would consume around 24 medicines to heal them. If you have 100 medicines, you can heal and survive four rounds of attack. As said you will only need 6-7 attacks to get the 4 million points.

You could have around 600 to 900 soldiers sitting in the clinic but you need not worry as you can speed up the healing when you get more medicines produced.

Last fortress 4m points in war day 6

If you follow this trick you would get 4 million points without even losing any troops. However you will have long queue in the clinic by using this trick.

But it is better to not lose your troops as it will get you days or weeks to recover.

For this trick you would need only one opponent and you would be able to achieve 4m points in war day.

You can also contact the opponent and make early arrangements and remember to save medicines to accomplish this trick as without medicines you would not be able to pull this trick.

Final Words

This tricks would help you to achieve your goal to last fortress underground 4m points in war day in no time and this would save your time as well as troops.

However for this you would need to have a friendly opponent and you can also send the link of this article to your friends and opponent so that they could understand well.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding this you can leave it in our comment box and we assure you to clear the doubts.

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