How To Earn Fast Memento Coins In Last Fortress Underground 2023?

Memento coins are a very crucial resource in the Last Fortress. Therefore you not only need them but you have to get them fast.  

You will need them for levelling up your heroes as a level 100 hero requires 1.8 million memento coins and a truck of 5 heroes will require 9 millions coins.

 Therefore 9 million are crucial as you would need at least a truck of max level heroes.

Level 100 heroes are a baseline in S2 and if you can’t make it,  you are hard ranking higher in the arena. You have to do more to build strong line up. Levelling is just the baseline.

You need to word hard on hero quality by ascending them by line up concept, gear quality, gear level, epic gear attributes and  truck modification.

Top 7 Methods to Buy Memento Coins

How To Earn Fast Memento Coins In Last Fortress Underground
How To Earn Fast Memento Coins In Last Fortress Underground

Buy with Money

 There are several packages that are available in the game through which you can buy Memento coins. The most expensive one is of 99$ which will give you 1,80,000 memento coins.  

It is expensive but is the easiest way to get memento coins. You may prefer to spend on level up supply in the daily supply.

 It would cost around 10$ per month and will give you 1,80,000 coins for a period of 30 days.


You may also earn memento coins by completing events like Turret, Season Quest, Season Vanguard,  Alliance Level, Personal Armaments race etc.

The highest one to get the coins is by the Personal Armaments race. One of the race will give you Memento coins if you have completed the tiers and will give you 5380 coins.

 Moreover if you top one of the race you will get an additional of 18,100 Memento coins. You can buy speed up packages or get them from Alliance Duels and use them to rank at the top 1.

Buy without Money

Memento coins are available at the Alliance shop, Merit Exchange and Events such as Hunting spree, Zone shop and VIP Privilege shop. You can buy them with the in-game resources.


Bar doesn’t come free and you would need money to build. At level 27, it produces 213 coins per hour or 5113 coins daily.  If you have the budget, you can get it in the early stage itself.


Exploration produces coins every hour.  However you have to complete level 10-25 as soon as possible.

You will get 500 coins per hour as the baseline after you have completed the levels. Doomsday premium will provide an additional 50% memento coins and experience from exploration.

You should also make sure to complete the exploration and upgrade the skill so as to upgrade the memento coins output.

Dawn Heroes

Four dawn hero skills will get you extra coins from exploration and you must not forget to upgrade them.  The four dawn heroes are:

  1. Wolwitz: His second skill will add a 30% bonus memento coins.
  2. Harrison: His fourth skill will add a 10% bonus memento coins.
  3. Bacchus: His third skill will add a 10% bonus memento coins.
  4. Emma: Her third skill will add a 10% bonus memento coins.

Mutated Zombies and Zombies:

You can also get coins by killing mutated zombies and zombies. Also having Quinn will give you an additional 30% bonus coins per attack.

Therefore you must upgrade her 5 skill to level five as soon as possible and bring her to zombie attacks which will make a huge difference.

You must remember to pick the highest level of mutated zombies available in the season. You can check the level by looking at the mutated zombie portion in the trade Centre.

When the higher level is unlocked,  you can buy the potion to summon it. If you are not able to win a rally, you can join a rally with a strong player and win the rewards effortlessly. It would take 5 durability per attack. 


Capturing mines is the best option to get memento coins.  At level 5, it will, give you 550 memento coins and will cost you 4-5 durability.

 If you have Quinn on your line up, you will get an, additional 165 bonus coins. You will get 75,000 memento coins or more by this technique.

Mines are available from S1 and if you are in S0, you will not find any mines. Therefore take your time in capturing mines as it will, give you lot of coins.

Only the first capture will give you memento coins and you will not get the bonus if someone else has, captured it before.

After capturing a new mine, you don’t need to hold them and abandon them right after capturing it. We call, this technique mine licking.

Tips to capture or find mines:

  1. Mine Grow: Mine will grow when level 6 cities are unlocked. Level 8 mines are very difficult to find at the early stages and is hard to get them.
  2. Tile Connection: Mines require a tile connection so ad to capture it. But don’t let this limit your imagination as you can capture the watch tower anywhere in the map. It provide tile coverage and allows you to start capturing mines.  For this you have to find a spot of high density of level 5 and above mines and rally the nearby tower and get the tile coverage. You should use the destructive heroes in your line up so as to capture the tower easily. Once you have captured the tower, you can start capturing the mines as well. You should also make sure to share the mines so as to avoid any conflicts.
  3. Durability Optimization: Durability is required to capture mines. Therefore if you have more durability, you can capture more mines. For this you have to at first upgrade the auto repair shop to level 21 as it will give you two additional chances per day. Having a doomsday premium will give you two more additional chance. If you have Nate in your line up, make sure to upgrade it’s second skill as it will increase the APC durability recovery speed. Then you would need to unlock the fourth truck with VIP 10 as soon as possible.

Final Words

Hope this article will help you to get more memento coins and that too at a faster rate so that you can upgrade your heroes.

If you follow the above tips and tricks that we have mentioned, then you would be easily able to achieve memento coins at a faster rate and without using money.

 If you have any doubts or questions regarding this you can leave it in our comment box and we assure you to clear the doubts.

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