Best Ranked Heroes in Thetan Arena tier list 2022

Thetan Arena was officially released on 27th of November, 2021. They have taken gaming to the next level where gamers showcase their skills and earn through NFT Trading at the same time. 

This is a Multiplayer online battle arena where the players compete against each other with Thetan Arena tier list of characters in a variety of gameplay modes like deathmatch, Super Star, Tower Destroy and Battle Royale.  

Moreover Thetan Arena MOBA game has brought the concept of play to earn which also motivate players to keep performing well so that they can get more rewards.

In this article we will focus on the Best ranked heroes in Thetan Arena tier list in the year 2022.

Hero Roles

These Thetan Arena heroes tier list of character has been divided into three groups based on there attacking nature : 

  1. Tank : Heroes in these group soaks most of the damage and protect the team against any odds. Since their health point is high, they are kept as frontliner facing the enemies upfront.
  2. Assassin : As the name suggest they are silent killers. A deadly combination of speed and attacking skill by which they can eliminate the target without even being noticed.
  3. Marksman : These type of heroes are the one who responsible for causing damage to the opponents. There ability to cause damage per second is higher than the above two groups. 

Tier Levels

These heroes are categorized into four Thetan Arean tier list namely 

  1. S tier : In this tier elite characters from each of the three groups find there place. Kongkey from the Tank group, Mortal from the assassin and Shanna and Durass from the Marksman have been grouped together in the S tier.
  2. A tier : Even though S tier consists of most overpowered characters in Thetan Arena tier list but one can never underestimate the characters of this group which consists of Breaker, Luccy,  Muffy from the group tank, Raidon, Taekwon, El Dragon, Mary from the assassin group and Benjamin, Cluster, Pheonix from the Marksman group.
  3. B tier : Heroes in this tier have mediocre health  and attacking skills with an average speed. Meiko, Veinka from the tank group, Rei from assassin and Morrod, Steelshot, Big Papa, Bathos from the Marksman group have taken their place in this tier.
  4. C tier : This tier consists of the most weakest heroes and one should avoid choosing the heroes from this tier for battles as their skills are not that good comparing to the players of the other three tiers. Errant, Ghost from the tank group, Serp from the assissin and Destroid, Culein from the Marksman group finds their place in this tier.

Best Ranked heroes in Thetan Arena tier list 2022

If you have to win the battle against your opponent you need to have the best ranked heroes of Thetan Arena tier list in your team which will give you an upfront advantage against your opponent.

In this segment we are going to introduce you to the best heroes from the Thetan Arena heroes tier list 2022 :

Thetan Arena tier list 2022


Raidon is an assassin from the delta special ops who fight against every odds for preserving earth. He is equally powerful from close as well as long ranged combat. This has a wide range of normal attacks.


Known as the brother of a legendary criminal in the metal outlaw gang and finishes of his opponents with the dual wield axes.

They bring their enemies into one common spot and finishes them altogether. They are expertise in duo battles. 


This hero has a very unique personality that of an ape-human hybrid which makes a deadly combo of animal strength and human intelligence.

He has a faster mobility rate compared to the other heroes of the tank group which make it more dangerous. This can eliminate a group of enemies in a flash.


She has expertise in bow and arrow and she is also the game’s main archer. She can swiftly move around and strike down the enemies.

She can cause powerful damage to the enemies by aiming 5 arrows at a time.


He finishes off the opponent in a flash and is very powerful in close combat. He is very closely associated to big papa.


He has a variety of attacks. He is known as jack of all trades who shoots down his enemies and also has a chain of special powers which helps them to easily eliminate his enemies.

His power increases with rank and has a faster reloading speed.


He is the game’s most lethal and destructive hero of the Thetan Arena tier list.

He fight his enemies with a mohawk and dual wield shot guns, it can destroy enemies of higher level. He becomes unbeatable in close range fights.

Cluster shot

He is the commander of delta force and is one of lethal heroes. He has a rocket launcher that fires off pyrotechnics. He is more effective from long range. 


He is a hooded character and has powerful normal attacks which can push back enemies. He can deal with strong damages from the enemies.

He has ice dagger which is very effective in giving blows to the opponents.

Final words

Thetan Arena MOBA game has been a huge success since its arrival into the gaming arena mainly due to its unique concept of “play to earn”.

Moreover this game has wide range of characters with different set of skills. Moreover the graphics of the game is great with variety of colors.

The reward system will motivate you to play more and up your ranks so that you can be ahead of your opponents and defeat them in the battle arena.

Therefore I loved the aspect that this game has brought. Even the free to play version of the game is recommendable  just for gameplay aspect of it.

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