Tekken 7 Tier List 2024| Tekken 7 Character Tier List

Tekken 7 stands as a monumental title in the competitive fighting game arena, captivating millions with its intricate mechanics, diverse character roster, and profound strategic depth.

As the game evolves, so does its competitive landscape, making a deep understanding of the Tekken 7 tier list crucial for any player aiming to dominate their matches and ascend the ranks.

This guide delves into a comprehensive analysis of the best characters for competitive play, equipping you with the insights needed to master the meta and excel in your battles.

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Tekken 7 Tier List

Tekken 7’s sustained popularity within the fighting game community (FGC) underscores its complexity, balance, and the high level of skill required to excel.

Whether you’re a battle-hardened veteran or a newcomer eager to make your mark, grasping the game’s tier list is essential.

A tier list ranks characters based on their potential for success in competitive play, considering factors like versatility, damage output, and ease of use.

This guide offers an exhaustive look at each character’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall competitive viability, aiming to provide valuable insights that will help you select your main and outmaneuver the competition.

Understanding Tier Lists

What is a Tier List?

A tier list is a ranking system categorizing characters based on their effectiveness in competitive play.

It serves as a pivotal tool for players to evaluate which characters stand the best chance of winning under equal skill conditions.

Tier lists are dynamic, reflecting the ongoing changes in the game’s meta, balance patches, and the evolving strategies of the community.

Criteria for Ranking Characters

Characters are ranked on several key factors:

  • Versatility: The character’s ability to adapt to various matchups.
  • Damage Output: The potential to inflict significant damage.
  • Ease of Use: How accessible the character is for players across all skill levels.

The Evolution of Tier Lists

Tier lists are fluid, influenced by game updates, player discoveries, and outcomes of competitive matches. They represent the community’s current understanding of the game’s balance and meta.

Tekken 7 Tier List Overview

Tekken 7 boasts a rich diversity of characters, each bringing unique fighting styles and abilities to the fray. The tier system, ranging from S (superior) to E (inferior), aids players in navigating this diversity. Here’s a quick overview:

  • S-Tier: Dominant characters with minimal weaknesses.
  • A-Tier: Strong contenders with considerable advantages.
  • B-Tier to E-Tier: Characters ranging from solid choices to those with significant disadvantages.

Let’s delve into each tier, offering insights into the best characters to play in Tekken 7’s competitive scene.

S-Tier Characters

S-Tier characters represent the pinnacle of Tekken 7, offering unparalleled versatility, devastating damage output, and strategies capable of dominating matches. Here are the top-tier characters that shine in the competitive scene:

  • Akuma: Known for his potent combo potential and the ability to execute high-damage moves. Akuma’s unique playstyle, borrowed from the Street Fighter series, renders him a formidable adversary.
  • Fahkumram: Distinguished by incredible reach and damage. His capacity to pressure opponents and control space is unmatched.
  • Julia: Features a blend of fast, impactful moves and excellent wall game. Julia’s versatility renders her a threat in any matchup.
  • Geese Howard: Another crossover character with a high skill ceiling. Geese’s counter abilities and punishing combos secure his top-tier status.
  • Feng Wei: Celebrated for his solid defense and counter-attack capabilities, Feng can adapt to nearly any playstyle, making him a consistent choice for high-level play.

Mastering these characters can significantly enhance your chances of victory. However, skill and strategy often trump tier advantages.

A-Tier Characters

A-Tier characters are a notch below S-Tier in terms of competitive viability but still possess significant advantages and can often rival top-tier characters in skilled hands:

  • Devil Jin: A well-balanced character with a versatile toolkit. His blend of powerful strikes and aerial control makes him a constant threat.
  • Steve: Famed for his boxing style, offering quick, high-damage punches and excellent counter abilities.
  • Claudio: His unique Starburst mechanic unlocks powerful moves, making him unpredictable and dangerous.
  • Jin: A balanced fighter with a strong defensive game. Jin’s versatility allows him to adapt to any situation.

A-Tier characters demand dedication to unlock their full potential but are incredibly rewarding for those willing to invest the effort.

B-Tier to E-Tier Characters

Descending the tier list, we encounter characters with more defined strengths and weaknesses. While not atop the competitive ladder, these fighters can still compete effectively in the right hands.

B-Tier Characters

  • Eliza: A unique vampire character blending zoning and rushdown abilities. Mastery of her sleep mechanic is required.
  • Dragunov: Known for relentless pressure and strong okizeme. His running 2 is among the game’s best moves.
  • Lee: Combines speed with flashy, high-execution combos. Lee can be lethal in the hands of a skilled player.

C-Tier to E-Tier Characters

  • Nina (C-Tier): A high-skill character with a steep learning curve. Nina excels in pressure and chain throws.
  • Lars (D-Tier): Shows potential with dynamic movement and mix-ups but lacks the consistency of higher-tier characters.
  • Gigas (E-Tier): Faces challenges due to his size and speed but can deal massive damage if he manages to close the distance.

How to Choose Your Main Character

Selecting a main in Tekken 7 involves more than picking a top-tier character. Consider the following:

  • Playstyle: Do you prefer aggressive rushdown, defensive play, or a balanced approach?
  • Learning Curve: Are you ready to invest time in mastering a complex character, or do you prefer someone more straightforward?
  • Tier Ranking: While not the sole factor, a character’s tier can influence your competitive success.

Experiment with different characters to find the one that resonates with you. Remember, comfort and enjoyment with your character are key to long-term success.

Tips for Climbing the Competitive Ladder

Advancing in Tekken 7 is a journey of continuous learning and adaptation. Here are some tips to aid your ascent:

  • Master the Fundamentals: Prioritize learning the basics of movement, blocking, and punishing.
  • Understand Your Matchups: Knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents can significantly influence your strategy.
  • Adapt and Learn: Be open to altering your approach based on experiences and learn from losses.

Tier List Controversies and Community Insights

Tier lists are subjective and often spark debate within the community. They reflect the collective opinion at a given moment and can shift with new strategies or game updates.

Engage with the community, share your insights, and remain open to differing viewpoints.

Future of Tekken 7 Meta

The Tekken 7 meta is in constant flux, with new characters, balance patches, and player discoveries reshaping the competitive landscape. Stay engaged with the community and abreast of official updates to keep your gameplay sharp.

Below Guide as per Old Patch Note

Tekken 7 Tier List : Tekken 7 has been in the market of Esports for many years now.

You can consider it as one of the games that have been enjoyed by anyone and everyone who has ever played it.

There have been many subsequent updates and seasons to this game.

The creators have made it more interesting with each one by introducing new characters, changing commands and adding to all over actions that take place.

The tekken 7 tier list of characters is quite versatile. The game characters are impeccable and have a wide range of character traits that appeal to the gamers.

Here is a brief on Top Best Tekken 7 Tier List you will get all the necessary information regarding the tekken 7 tier list and the characters.

You will also get to know about the characters background and stories and their reason to be a part of the King of the Iron Fist tournament.

Additionally, the updates and the new characters introduced by the team in season 3 have also been provided.

Tekken 7 Character Tier List

  • The tekken 7 characters have been divided into seven tiers. It starts with the S Tier, which is the best of all. This tier consists of the characters – Steve and Hwoarang.
  • The weakest tier is the F Tier and has the characters of Azuka, Lucky and Gigas. A total of 37 characters are there in the game.
  • The newest addition was the character of Akuma Akuma is a character from a different game named Street Fighter.
  • This cross-connection between the gaming franchises has made the game even more interesting and stimulating for the gamers out there.
  • Let us now look at the tekken 7 tier list season 3 according to the tekken 7 characters tier list.


Top Tier Tekken 7 fighters list.

Steve – The character of Steve Fox is always on a search for information from his past.

His mother’s identity is unclear throughout the game, and a certain Nina Williams appears in his storyline again and again.

Steve is known to be one of the best tekken 7 characters.

Steve Fox tekken 7 tier list
tekken 7 tier list

Hwoarang – This is one of the most savage characters in the game. Jin Kazama, who is the CEO of Mishima Zaibatsu, is his arch-rival and the one he is behind.

Jin disappears in the course of the game, and Hwoarang travels to the Middle East without much information at hand to search for him.

The characters of Hwoarang is one that is dedicated and filled with rage and vengeance.

Hwoarang tekkan 7 tier list
tekken 7 tier list

A- Tier

In this This Tier characters are very good fighters.

Marshall Law – One of the most important tekken 7 characters, Law is a father before anything else. He has the responsibility of paying his son’s debts.

At the same time, he remained busy with earning that he missed out on a lot of students. From there arose the need for a capable fighter who could control and run his dojo.

His friend Paul told him that he could do it, but the lack of talent made Marshall reject him.

Thereafter he holds sessions to judge new and coming fighters, but none were at par with his expectations.

He hears about a new champion who was based in rural China who was supposed to be the next God Fist master and Law embarks on a journey to find the person.

Marshall law tekken 7 tier list
tekken 7 tier list

Bryan – This character has originated in the United States of America. He is the most brutal fighter in the game.

His style of fight is freestyle kickboxing, and he really knows kicking some asses.

There is a rumour that is prevalent in the game that this tekken 7 character has been dead twice and that both the times he had been revived.

Earlier he belonged to an international police force. The doctors in the game gave him a replicator due to which he has his life.

Bryan furry tekken 7 tier list
tekken 7 tier list

King – Hailing from Mexico’s city, King is a professional masked wrestler and an important part of Tekken 7 tier list.

He also has an orphanage. The orphanage’s finances were the major lookout for him when he entered the King of Iron Fist tournament.

King is a kind-hearted soul and a very talented fighter in the game.

King tekken 7 tier list
tekken 7 tier list

Kazuya – Kazuya Mishima is the natural heir to the Mishima Zaibatsu. He has been raised in abundance, but he showed rebellion against his father, Heihachi.

He has awakened the power of the devil inside him and can finally control it. Kazuya is an integral part of the Tekken 7 tier list.

Kazuya tekken 7 tier list
tekken 7 tier list


Heihachi – He is known as the “King of the Iron Fist”. He was the original leader of Mishima Zaibatsu.

He has a son named Kazuya and a grandson Jin. Heihachi goes on fighting till this date for control over the Mishima Zaibatsu.

He had been highly injured in a suicide mission that was planned by the G Corporation Jack units.

He has recovered from them and has been back in the game since then with more zeal and energy.

Devil Jin – Jin was captured by the United Nations. While he was being transported through a helicopter, the devil in him arose and escaped the helicopter through the air.

Devil Jin roamed the desert for some time until he reached a Middle Eastern village from which all the people fled when they looked at him.

XiaoyuLing Xiaoyu first comes into the scene when she intrudes the Mishima Zaibatsu building for information regarding Jin.

Her first confrontation with a strong character inside the office makes it clear to the audience that she is not just a little girl. She is not that innocent as she looks and is an experienced fighter.

Dragunov – As the name suggests, Sergei Dragunov is from Russia and a crucial one in the tekken 7 tier list.

On the army’s orders, he had to enter the King of Iron fist’s first tournament. He is a talented and trained fighter.

The woman who appeared before him during the beginning of his first fight made him ready for successful combat.

Feng – Feng Wei is a rule follower. He is a firm believer that one should defeat all the masters in the game and steal their styles and secrets.

Feng has fought many masters, and after defeating all of them, he returned to the place where he used to practice as a child and started training again.

One fine day a stranger came to him and asked him to fight which he could not refuse.

Bob – Another character from the United States of America, Bob is of heavy build. Bob was a very famous fighter.

Back in the days, he was extremely famous for his good looks, physique and fighting skills. Bob made a decision to gain weight in order to change the way everyone looks at fighters.

Although his well-wishers and fans were disappointed, he was happy with his physical transformation.

Kazumi Mishima – She is from Japan, and her tactics will make any other player cry and beg for mercy.

The character of Kazumi instill fear in the minds of the player standing against her. She is a master of Hachiyo Karate.

She has a rich background story involving love, marriage and childbirth. All of these make her character even more interesting and one of the best in the Tekken 7 tier list.

Akuma – Akuma is a demon. Both Akuma’s identity and existence are a big mystery. There is no one who knows where he came from.

He has a relationship or connection with Kazumi, but the exact details of it are That is how he has ended up in the game and in between the feud.

Nina – Nina Williams is the only one from Ireland in the tekken 7 tier list. She has failed to apprehend Jin Kazama.

She was a paid assassin. On her first assignment, she was placed in a mafia wedding, that too as the bride.

She took down all her targets but was chased down by Tekken to restore peace. This was when she met a man with whom the only escape was through a confrontation.


Paul – Another one of the United States Paul Phoenix characters is the golden boy and one of the best martial artists in the world.

In one of the major incidents, Paul was up against Kuma, and he got to know it only after he was already in the competition.

Kuma did not turn up, and Paul sighed a breath of relief. Now, he awaits a human contender with him inside the ring.

Leo – He hails from Germany, and one of the main reasons he entered the King of Iron Fist tournament was to know more about his mother who used to research in Mishima Zaibatsu.

His was supposed to be a dojo owned by the Zaibatsu. He was excited about the opportunity but was shocked to see the dojo in ruins when he arrived.

He could not understand who his opponent was until he saw the silhouette which resembled a devil.

Alisa – Alisa Bosconovitch is from Russia and she is an android. Dr. Bosconovitch was the hands and brain behind the creation of Alisa.

She resembled the doctor’s daughter and was created as a bodyguard to Kazama and one of the most innovative parts of the Tekken 7 tier list.

She has excellent fighting skills and can attack the opponent with her wrath.

Lars – Originating from the country of Sweden, Lars Alexandersson is a former officer of the military unit of Mishima Zaibatsu.

He mourns the loss of his comrades but still puts up a brilliant fight against his opponents.

Shaheen – From Saudi Arabia, Shaheen provides service to a private military organization.

The only one from the area in Tekken 7 tier list, Shaheen joined the tournament after the suspicious death of one of his closest friends.

He aims to gather any information regarding his death.

Jin – Jin is Mishima Zaibatsu’s leader. He is also the one who has declared the world on the war. Jin is constantly fighting the devil, the evil that lies inside of him.

The major question is that will he be able to find peace at the end of it or the apparent loneliness causes more despair in him?

Lili – From the city of Monaco, Lili defied her father to enter the King of Iron Fist tournament. She has considered Asuka Kazama as her rival for the longest time, and when she got to fight her, her happiness knew no bounds.

Yoshimitsu – This creature was suspicious of Heihachi when he became the CEO of Mishima Zaibatsu.

To feed the suspicion and to know what was actually up, he entered the King of Iron Fist competition.

He also had the aim of collecting some crucial information on the way things happen in the corporation.

Claudio – Claudio Serafino is from Italy and is a unique character in the Tekken 7 tier list.

He is the most powerful exorcist in The Sirius Marksmen, which is a secret society of extortionists who have been working on the field for many years.

He joined hands to capture a devil while he was visiting the Mishima Zaibatsu.


JACK 7 – Jack 7 is a next-gen humanoid weapon from Russia introduced in Tekken 7 tier list season 3.

The Jack series was created simultaneously as the Gigas was developed. Jack 7 has a huge form and shape.

The power of this giant humanoid is impeccable and at large consistent with the others which were developed during that time.

Josie – Josie Rizal is from the Philippines. She was once a model and a kickboxer. She had to do these to support her family financially.

One of the most interesting events and the turning point in her life was when she met a weird looking creature while on her training. She ran away from it soon to realize that she could not.


Asuka – Asuka Kazama is from Japan and hails from the Kazama traditional Martial Arts school. She is the daughter of the founder.

Lili has considered her to be her rival, and Jin Kazama’s relationship has made that rivalry worse. She is extremely powerful and brilliant at martial arts.

Lucky – The face of the G Corporation Lucky Chloe is also a pop sensation. She is famous for one incident.

A mysterious man had once entered the G Corporations and was rampantly killing all the guards with a weird dancing technique. Lucky was the one who saved the day.

Gigas – This one is a biological weapon developed by the G Corporations. He was put into the tournament to enrage Heihachi Mishima and showcase the corporation’s development team’s ability.

Tekken 7 Season 3 Tier list

Tekken 7 tier list Season 10 was launched in the winter of 2019. The following characters were introduced during that –

Tekken 7 Tier List

  1. Akuma
  2. Claudio
  3. Gigas
  4. Josie
  5. Katarina
  6. Kazumi
  7. Lucky
  8. Eliza
  9. Raven
  10. Shaheen

All the above-mentioned characters were introduced as developments took place inside the plot of the game.

A number of other changes were in the tier list tekken 7 during this season, and all of it contributed to the game and made it more interesting for the gamers. 

Now that you have all the information necessary regarding the Tekken 7 tier list and Tekken 7 season 3, we are sure you will find yourself lost among the world of such wonderful characters.

The team has created this game with versatility and innovation. This is one of the most energetic and happening esport games in the market.

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