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Welcome to Gaming Freak Guide Tutorial. In this post, I’m going to show you How to Play Perfectly Mid Lane Hero in Mobile Legends 2022.

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We have previously discussed How to Master Playing with other Mobile Legends, Heroes like Claude, Leomord, Harith, Wanwan, Carmilla, AtlasLuo Yi, Chou, Kimmy. So make sure to check these Hero Guides as well.

For now, let’s Focus on How to play Mid lane Hero Guide.

How to Farm in Mobile Legends Mid Lane?

The first priority for a mobile legends mid lane hero is to unlock all skills as quickly as possible. To do that perfectly ask your tank to buy roam and others stay away from your lane for the first two waves.

The low number of people in your lane, the Higher exp you will gain. Quickly clear mobile legends laning 2022 and go for Pokemon (Litho).

Always priorities Litho before going to buff, it will heal you and your support hero while you are securing buff.

Now go for buff, while securing buff keep an eye on Mid lane minions and try to secure buff quickly. So that you can take at least two minions.

If you do this perfectly the you’ll Reach level 4 after the second mid minion wave. Now if you are going for hyper then secure red, buff and go for bot crab.

If not then directly go for the crab. If you are playing  as hyper carry, so clear out the jungle as fast as possible before going to the lane.

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Best Mobile Legends Mid lane Hero Rotation

  • If you did proper rotation, it’s Kinda easy to put enough pressure on both lanes. Remember when you are playing a Mid lane hero it’s your responsibility to carry your team.
  • Now a days, every mobile legends best mid laners hero is going for Hyper carry / Funneling which makes others heroes low in the farm.
  • So after taking all farms, if you can’t carry your Team, then it’ll really Upset your team. When you are playing mobile legends best mid laners hero, ask your team to hold other lanes until you visit there.
  • If enemies are trying to pressure and our team is holding in a 3 vs 2 situation. As soon as our bot lane noticed that we are coming for backup they start engaging.
  • You need to rotate according to the map If you can maintain a high pace rotation you can Easily dominate the game. All you need to focus is that don’t just stick in one Lane for kills and all.

Objectives Game play:-

Always remember objective game-play is much more effective than playing aggressive or going for kills.  So always try to secure your objectives.

  • Objective -1

While playing a Mid lane hero always try to Maximize your farm as much as possible. Always secure your buff before going for a gank.

  • Objective – 2

Always clear your lane minions, so that enemies Can’t push your lane. Mid lane turret has a really important role in this Game, so try not to lose it.

At the early stage of the game tries to give priority on the turtle lane. And try to take gank over there, so that after a successful gank you can easily secure turtle.

Map Awareness:-

Just like I mention in every guide that without proper map Awareness you can’t do anything. Always keep an eye on the map, it will help you in many ways.

You can always stay 1 step ahead of your enemies if you properly follow the map.

Hero Category:-

In this part, I’m not suggesting any particular hero Because Now a days you can play any hero in Mid lane.

Because of the new 131 rotation, you can use Any Mid lane hero in with decent damage and mobility.

But still there is one thing you must remember, There are two kind of hero category. One is early game damage dealer, another is Mid-Late game.

While playing an early game damage dealer like Gusion you will have a lots of advantage in the early game.

But at the same time you will face difficulties in the late game. So try to finish the game as soon as possible.

Just like that, while playing a Mid-Late game hero you will not get enough damage in the early game.

So try to play passive game-play and keep Farming & Rotating. And also try to minimize your death rate for Higher advantage, i.e., Don’t feed.


Lastly, I’ll recommend you guys to have a proper Communication with your team while playing mid lane hero mobile legends.

Without proper communication you just can’t coordinate with your team. So try to use in-game voice or try to use the quick chats.

Because most of the time you need to direct your team, when to Attack / Retreat. And other should follow your command, because you are the main damage dealer in the team.

If you are not ready then your team can’t Start a fight. So always to follow each other’s command.

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That’s all for this How to Play Perfect Mid Lane hero in Mobile Legends, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.

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