Last Fortress Truck Upgrade Guide 2023 Win More Battles With Superior Truck Modification

Last Fortress Truck Upgrade game has become more interesting after the Last Fortress truck upgrade which was done recently.

Therefore you can use the heroes and vehicle to its full potential and win against other opponents. Let us look into the upgrades that you should do to win.

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Weapon In Last Fortress Truck Upgrade

Weapon in last fortress truck upgrade

The three weapon parts are High Speed Turret, Portable Missile Launcher and Flamethrower.

However Flamethrower is less effective compared to others as both High Speed Turret and Portable Missile Launcher.

The other two can launch attacks until the end of the battle but Flamethrower can cause blows only for two attacks.

Portable Missile

Portable Missile

Therefore both High Speed Turret and Portable Missile Launcher can cause more damage to the enemies in a battle.

The benefit of a portable missile launcher is that it can induce damage at an increasing rate. It induces 40% of weapon damage to every hero and it increases 20% by the next attack.

It turns out that the subsequent attack is 48% damage instead of 60%. Also the weapon damage of the weapon is equal to the highest weapon attack of your heroes.

High speed turret

High speed turret

High speed turret is the most useful weapon as it can attack in every round but Portable Missile can attack once every three rounds.

Although it can only attack a single target but 60% of weapon damage is significant when the opponent’s front row heroes are gone.

It saves us from losing a battle when all the DPS heroes dies, you would love it.

Armor Parts in last fortress truck upgrade

Armor Parts in last fortress truck upgrade

There are three armor parts in the last fortress truck upgrade which are Fence Puncher, Alloy Bumper and Thorn Barrier.

However Fence Puncher and Alloy Bumper are not that useful. Fence Puncher increases the attack by 6% but this can lasts for only 1 round.

Fence Puncher

It does not do much by increasing the attack for the first round of regular attacks.

Alloy Bumper

The disadvantage of Alloy Bumper is that even though it increases damage mitigation and reduces 50 LUK. LUK is very important during the battle as it affects the attack order.

Reducing 50 LUK will cause your opponent to attack first and have higher chance of killing your DPS before they can inflict any damage.

Thorn Barrier

However Thorn Barrier is the best to use as it does not deduct any stat and the effect is permanent in the battle. It increases the heroes’ defence by 5% and attack by 2%.

Accessories of last fortress truck upgrade

Accessories of last fortress truck upgrade

The three accessories parts are Car First Aid Kit. Jet System and Blocking and Interfering system.

Car First Aid Kit

Car First Aid Kit

It does increase LUK by 15 but it lasts only for 2 rounds. Therefore having higher LUK in only round 1 and 2 does not help much in the battle. Thus this effect is not at all useful.

Jet System

Jet System is however considered to less useful.

Blocking and Interfering system

Blocking and Interfering system could also be a good option. It reduces the damage bonus by -10% of a random enemy hero for every two rounds.

The best accessory to use is the Car First Aid Kit as it can heal right before the heroes can cast their skills. Sometimes this healing comes at the right time and save your hero from dying.

Although this effect takes place only in the third, sixth and ninth round but it will be enough for you to kill the opponent’s back row heroes.

Engine of last fortress truck upgrade

Engine of last fortress truck upgrade

As you know engine is the heart of a truck as it provides energy to fuel all parts. When the energy consumption exceeds the upper energy limit, all parts loaded will cease to operate.

Therefore having a high level engine is vital for holding all parts.

The three engine parts are the V-Shape Engine, Air-Cooled Engine and Super-Exhaust Engine. All of these engines are very good and the selection will depend on the situation.

V-Shape Engine

V-Shape Engines are good when your engine part level is higher than the other parts. Let’s say a level 6 Engine with a level 5 weapon, armor and accessory.

You will be left with 280 unutilized energy. For every 50 energy left, you will receive 1 LUK point for every hero in your line up.

Therefore, you will get a 5 LUK increment for every hero line up. This is a good deal because LUK is crucial in the battle.

However the drawback of this engine is that you must have unutilised energy, the more, the better. You have to sacrifice other part levels to support this effect.

Air-Cooled Engine

It is less suitable to use with a chariot because it has a support an additional part. It would be better to use it with Air-Cooled engine on the chariot because it provides 10% extra energy.

It is sufficient to power up all the parts in the chariot with the same level. It also improves the weapon skill equipped on the truck by 15%.

The effect of a super exhaust engine is relatively simple. For every 50 of the energy consumed, it increases the armor skill by 1%.

The plunderer with all the level 6 parts consumes 1900 energy, increasing the armor skill by 38%. It is useful when dealing with a stronger enemy, such as Crimson Reaper and Exploration.

How to use the Parts of the Plunderer

How to use Last Fortress Parts of the Plunderer

If you pick the Air-Cooled Engine to fuel the plunderer as it can provide sufficient energy.

High speed Turret for the weapon slot as it can attack in every round at 60% weapon damage. Thorn barrier for the armor slot increases the hero defence by 5% and attack by 2%.

The car First Aid kit in the accessory slot provides healing to the heroes in the 3rd, 6th and 9th round in case you do not unlock the Armed Chariot and the Iron Fist.

If you have unlocked them then use t except the engine part. You should choose the super exhaust engine for Iron Fist to enhance the defence further.  However you change as per the current situation.

Part Installation of last fortress truck upgrade

It is very easy to install a part as you should at first call back your truck to install or remove parts. However if your truck is out for gathering or attacking, you can’t modify them.

The top section allows you to choose which workshop you want to modify. If you have fourth truck unlocked, therefore you four workshops.

After selecting the workshop, you can pick the truck for the workshop. If you pick the plunderer for the first workshop and the standard truck for the rest.

Then install the best parts on the first truck. Install parts for the rest. Install parts for the rest.

Make sure you fill up all the slots because they significantly increases your hero stats

Part Leveling of last fortress truck upgrade

Part Leveling of last fortress truck upgrade

Part leveling is very important to improve the stat of your heroes. Each stat is directly added onto the hero in the line-up during the battle.

Having a higher level part means you can be ahead of your opponent.

Let’s now talk about the leveling procedure. It works similarly to ascend heroes. You can only level up a part with the materials from the same slot.

Therefore you cannot use armor to level up a weapon and vice-versa. There are seven levels with the same color sequence as the hero.

It starts with gray, blue, purple, orange, red and gold. To level up a part, you will need another three same color parts as the ascending materials.

You can use the mass upgrade feature to ascend the parts quickly. But it ascends randomly and could be levelling up a useless part.

I would prefer the manual ascend for the level 5 and above parts to ensure the upgrade to your need. You should level up at least once per week.

How to get parts in last fortress truck upgrade

There are three ways to get parts, infinity arena, trade center and packs. Packs for part are rare and you should seldom see them for sale and buying them is the fastest way.

Infinity arena is the free method of getting parts and mortal coins. Mortal coins are way to buy parts in the desperado shop.

It would help if you try your best to clear the daily infinity arena stages. Clearing the stages is tough sometimes when you don’t have good heroes in faction.

Trick in picking heroes in last fortress truck upgrade

Picking back row targeting heroes are the best way to win the battle. In the infinity areas, all heroes were temporarily leveled up to 100 which makes the tanker harder to kill.

If you are using weak front row targeting heroes, you will have a hard time winning the battle.

Therefore picking a strong back row targeting heroes such as Benson, Heytex, Blanche, Buccaneer, Marlen, Elaine, Laurel, Galanade and Kelly will increase your chance of winning.

Ascend them to three golden stars whenever possible. Bind them with a hero contract and temporarily ascend them to mystic two stars.

If you cannot get them on three golden stars, you can still bind them with hero contract for a higher quality hero.

Put the best gear on them and upgrade their skills to level 4. There is no shortcut to winning the infinity arena. It would help if you built up every faction piece by piece.

Final Words

Even if you cannot win all the battles but you would be able to win more with the above given methods and instructions if followed correctly.

Thanks to skip button, you can quickly complete the arena. You can also get extra parts from the Desperado shop using mortal coins and diamonds and also from infinity battles.

Hope you would be able to win more last fortress truck upgrade after reading this article.

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