Why does Spotify keep pausing & How to Fix it 2023?

With more than 300 million user base from all around the world, we don’t reckon that the well-known Spotify application needs any kind of introduction.

With such tremendous popularity as well as downloads, it gets truly frustrating when Spotify keep pausing frequently on your device.

You may mainly come across this issue while you get a notification telling you that Spotify has stopped working, followed by the crashing of the application and coming back to the home screen of the device that you are using.

Alternatively, Spotify may also perhaps freeze and the application stops playing songs or podcasts randomly or brings you back to the main menu of the app with no notifications.

Moreover, you may even notice that many times, the application stops playing your songs when the device’s screen is off.

If you have been coming across any of these problems of Spotify keeps stopping, you finally have good news!

You don’t need to look any further because, in this article, we are going to provide you with all the tips that you will need to get the Spotify app on your device to function smoothly, be it your smartphone or desktop. It’s finally time to say goodbye to the ‘Spotify keeps pausing’ issue.

Let’s first look at all the answers to the question that must be popping up in your head for a long while now: Why does Spotify keep pausing?

Why does Spotify keep Pausing

why does Spotify keep pausing & How to Fix it
Spotify keep pausing

After careful reviews and complaints, the following is the list of all the reasons that we have found that causes the Spotify app to stop on your device:

  • You may notice that Spotify keeps pausing on your device in case you use one same Spotify account on many devices in your house without logging out of any.
  • If you’re on a poor or unstable network, then you are most likely to experience that Spotify keeps stopping music because of network buffering.
  • In case you kept the features of data restriction or battery saves mode on in your device, it might be a possible reason why the Spotify app keeps pausing the playback.
  • If there are a lot of applications running background on the device, then also Spotify keeps stopping many times.
  • Your device may have gotten burdened due to an excessive amount of cache and/or temp files, and that can be a good reason for the issue of why does Spotify keep pausing.

How To Fix Spotify Keeps Pausing Issue

why does Spotify keep pausing & How to Fix it
Spotify keep pausing

When Spotify keeps pausing on your device oftentimes, it may eventually turn the application excessively slow.

However, there are a lot of methods that one can follow in case Spotify keeps stopping on their device while they are trying to play some music.

Let’s address the issue in two different segments for better convenience: – smartphones and desktops.

For Smartphones

If you’re someone annoyed with the fact that Spotify keeps stopping on your smartphone, here is an immediate action that you can and probably should take before anything else.

So, first and foremost, you must try restarting your device and relaunching the Spotify application.

When the Spotify app randomly stops playing on your device repeatedly, you must try to switch your smartphone off for a while and then restart it.

To do so, simply long-press the specified ‘Power’ button on your smartphone. Then select out of all the options of either shutting off your phone or restarting.

One major reason this can work for you is that many times there are just a lot of processes that are running in the background on our devices together with multiple applications that we keep changing course between throughout the day.

When you restart your smartphone device, it will help you in clearing all of this, and thereby free up all the memory on your device that might have been obstructed.

This is the primary step that can make your mobile device run very smoothly along with the Spotify app.

However, in case you are still facing the same issue even after restarting, the following are a few special way-outs that you can use for your smartphone:

1. Turn down the ‘Battery saving mode:

Turning on the feature of battery saver mode may be one of the reasons why Spotify keeps stopping on your smartphone.

Thus, try to turn down this battery saver mode on your device and solve this problem by simply following all steps mentioned below:

Step-1: First and foremost, you need to head to the Settings menu on your smartphone. There, you will be able to see the desired setting under the title of ‘Battery’, or ‘Battery & performance”.

Step-2: Within the sub-menu of Battery, choose the option of battery saver mode turn on/off.

Step-3: Simply click on the option of ‘Turn off now’, and that’s it! You’re done.

2. Turn off the ‘Background Data Restriction’ setting:

A lot of times, many of us prefer restricting background internet data on our devices to save internet usage.

However, we must tell you that this is likely to cause an opposing consequence that Spotify keeps stopping during playback.

You can try to solve the problem by following all the steps mentioned below:

Step-1: First of all, head to the settings menu on your smartphone and just search for any sub-menus named ‘App settings’, ‘Apps’, or “Apps & notifications”.

Step-2: Once you have reached the option of app settings, simply look for the icon of Spotify to be able to access the settings of the app on your smartphone device.

Step-3: Click on the option of mobile data & Wi-Fi. Here, you will be able to see options of toggle on/off for background internet data for the application.

Step-4: Toggle on the option of background internet data, and make sure to also toggle on the option of unrestricted data usage.

3. Sign Out From Anywhere Your Spotify Account is Logged On:

The third method on our list talks about solving the issue by simply logging out from the Spotify account from all the devices that you have ever been active on.

Try out all the steps mentioned below:

Step-1: Firstly, head to the official web page of Spotify on SPOTIFY.

Step-2: Now using your credential, simply login to your Spotify account.

Step-3: The process will be redirecting you to the overview page of your account.

Step-4: Just keep scrolling a bit to the bottom of the webpage and after a little while, you’ll be able to find an option that would sign you out from everywhere.

Step-5: As soon as you tap on this option, you will be finishing off the logout process from all the devices.

Step-6: Now, just try signing in to your Spotify account once again on your smartphone device, and check if the Spotify app still stops while playing music or not.

For Desktops

Just as you do in case the Spotify web player is not functioning properly, just try refreshing the browser page in case Spotify keeps pausing.

In case you are currently using the desktop application, try to relaunch the application.

Sometimes, the application can itself create some glitches and hamper a smooth playback process.

It would be great if you could also restart your desktop before you go on to try any of the tricks mentioned below:

1.Check Your Network Connection:

Your internet connection is possibly not providing up-to-the-mark or required bandwidth to the specific router.

It may be a good reason why Spotify keeps stopping, and buffers while you try for audio playback.

So firstly, just make sure to check your network connection and even try to switch to any other network connection if required.

This action is known to solve the issue most of the time for a lot of people.

2.Use ‘Sign Out Everywhere’ Option:

Since signing in to your Spotify account on a lot of devices may be one of the vital reasons why Spotify keeps pausing on your device, a simple solution to this is to just sign out from all of these devices.

Follow all the below-mentioned steps carefully on a desktop browser:

  • Visit the official website of Spotify and just sign in using your valid username as well as password.
  • After signing in to your account, the browser will straight away bring you to the overview page of your Spotify account.
  • Now, simply scroll down a bit to the bottom of the webpage until you can see the option that will make you sign out of your Spotify account from all devices that you had logged in on.
  • Just click on the option to sign out everywhere, and that’s it! Now you’re good to go.

3.Turn off the ‘Power saver’ mode:

When the battery of your laptop has been set on the in-built power-saving mode, the Spotify app won’t be able to play any songs smoothly for you.

To avoid this problem from arising again and again, simply follow all the steps provided below:

Step-1: First and foremost, head to the settings window on your computer.

Step-2: Next, go to the system settings, where you will be able to see options for the battery and power of your respective device.

Step-3: Once you have reached the section battery and power settings, within this window, simply uncheck the option of ‘Turn battery saver on automatically’.

Step-4: You can also choose to select a custom power mode for the device right from the control panel. Selecting an adequate level of performance will make sure that all the applications on your computer are only giving out the best to you.

What can I do if Spotify keeps stopping over my Bluetooth device

why does Spotify keep pausing & How to Fix it
Spotify keep pausing

While you are having fun enjoying your favorite songs on the Spotify application with any Bluetooth device ( headphones or soundbar), bad Bluetooth connectivity may be a crucial reason why Spotify keeps stopping on your device.

If your Bluetooth keeps getting halted, you must keep an eye out for the Bluetooth connectivity status while the issue is arising.

Just try re-establishing the Bluetooth connection on the device. Moreover, try to have a finished reinstallation of the application in case you can’t seem to notice any development.

Most importantly, make sure to use the latest update of the Spotify application when the Bluetooth keeps halting.

Some more tips

Besides all the methods mentioned above, there are a few more things that you must keep in mind as they have a crucial role to play in the issue of ‘Spotify keeps pausing’ on your device. So let’s have a look:

  • Get rid of all the useless, local cache and/or temp files that are associated with the Spotify app and after that, try logging into your Spotify account again.
  • Always keep an eye out for the latest update of the Spotify app according to your device compatibility.
  • Make sure to check for any storage issues on your device.
  • Remember that every app requires a sufficient amount of storage on your device to be able to function properly.
  • Spotify makes use of this space for saving your music as well as for tracking data to the local cache.
  • Hence, you may need to go through your device’s storage for solving the stopping issue on the app.
  • You may also consider inserting an external SD card for increasing the storage capacity of your device.

Final Words

If you wish to get a kick out of an incredible playback experience on the Spotify app, you must be aware of why the app keeps pausing your songs randomly.

This is essential because once you recognize and understand the causes, it just gets way simpler for you to then enforce the required solutions.

Since there are plenty of features provided by the developers on the Spotify app, many times, the app may function differently.

However, you can easily get rid of this specific pausing issue with the simple techniques that we’ve discussed above in this article.

You must also make sure to keep the application updated at all times and clear all the useless cache at regular periods. This will help you prevent the issue of ‘Spotify keeps pausing’ to a great extent.

So what are you waiting for? Head to the Spotify app and fix your issue and enjoy your seamless Spotify playback experience like before!

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