13+ Best Website to Track Spotify Stats 2023

11+ Best Website to Track Spotify Stats: Spotify stats might be the concern of every music lover.

If you want to dive into your most played songs list, or are curious to identify your music taste then you are at the right place.

In this article, we are going to lend you a helping hand in getting some informative and handy insights into music habits by checking out the most innovative & useful websites.

With the help of these well-developed websites, one can easily track Spotify stats, they are also helpful for a comprehensive Spotify analysis.

All your activities on Spotify can be well managed with the help of these unconventional websites especially developed to track your music listening habits on Spotify.

While the famous music streaming application has a track of personal statistics, consolidated into Spotify Wrapped & shared annually via mail, you can get more details with the mentioned websites. 

You might want to know in detail like “When a particular song was added to the playlist?

When was your favorite song released?” “Which genre entices you and which artist falls into your favorite list?”

If all of this interests you, keep reading! The following is a list of 11+ Best websites to help you track Spotify stats.

11+ Best Website To Track Spotify Stats 2023

1. Obscurify

This website helps in the comparison of your music taste with that of other users of Obscurify.

It also gives recommendations about the songs based on your music history. This website is mobile user-friendly.

What is your genre? Your music taste? What’s your type, mainstream type, or niche type?

Obscurify is best recommended for Spotify analysis like analysis of how famous your favorite music artist is, for comparison of scores across the users based in a particular region.

It also shows a list that is ranked of the genre that is most preferred by you.

The cherry on the cake is that this amazing website maintains a playlist of the most repeated/top tracks and those are by default added in the library.

This turns out to be helpful when you have lost inspiration!

2. Skiley

This is a Web app that helps you organize your playlist & dig in for new music.

It has multiple features available but the only flaw is that the search area is missing out which makes it a little hectic to manage the playlist.

A playlist can be ordered based on the name of the album, track name, name of the artist, or BPM. You can also just casually shuffle it.

It can also be normalized. To use the other functions of the site, rights for editing the playlist are not even required.

Functions like splitting the playlist, or filtration of the song based on genre or period vise-like old to a new music playlist, creation of an alike playlist, or even export of the playlist to CSV, CFG, TXT, JSON, or XML.

You can make use of it to find out your music taste. It also has a section for Spotify stats – data is not similar to the one on Last. fm.

Additionally, it is dark mode friendly which adds to the plus point.

Are you still looking for Spotify stats? Do you require some more real help at clearing up your playlists and your favorite songs?

Skiley is a useful web application that consolidates the information of your listening activities; it orders your playlist based on the name of the artists, beats per minute, based on genre or even mood; discovers new songs best suited for you; it also displays other resourceful information like lyrics of the song and even the translations.

This is considered a one-stop website for all the musical hues!

3. Sort your music

As the name suggests, it is one of the most suitable websites that help to sort your playlist based on different factors like an artist, beats per minute, length, etc.

It works like Skiley, but it shows an interactive list of songs from the playlist one has selected.

It is an amazing tool to manage the playlists on parameters like loudness, popularity, popularity, length, and other factors.

There are many acoustic attributes based on which you can sort the playlist. The list is quite interesting and is updated from time to time.

Sort Your Music has proven to be a precious asset for parties or any specific occasion, as playlists can be ordered in advance and enjoyed when the time comes!

4. Run BPM

Using this, playlists can be filtered by parameters like Energy, BPM, and many others.

Excellent visualization that has sliders of different colors.

The only drawback it has is that it doesn’t show the playlist properly. Though it is a web app and therefore Mobile friendly.

5. Musictaste.space

Just like Obscurify, this web application gives the general data of the songs, genres, top artists, BPM & insignificant songs.

It compares the users based on the mood, songs that they listen to.

Musictaste provides more detailed data, like which particular songs sounded with the highest energy or were among the happiest ones, giving an accurate percentage about their intensity.

The main objective of Musictaste is to help in comparison of the likeliness of your taste in music with that of your friend.

This can be done by either sending links or codes through which Musictaste calculates the similarity in your genre, top artists, and common songs with that of your friends.

You can access the common songs of your & your friend’s playlist if the similarity percentage is good, and thereafter discover new songs from the shared playlist!

6. Spotify Charts

It displays Spotify charts daily. It is a mobile-friendly site.

If you need to discover the popular songs, outside your playlist and beyond your Spotify statistics then digging this chart is what you have to do.

This site shows you the popular music, most played tracks on Spotify.

It has a list of Top200 and the list named Viral50. You can check them out and sort the tracks by timeline or region. Data can even be loaded

7. musicScape

MusicScape is quite different from the above-mentioned websites. It creates exclusive landscapes based on your recent Spotify tracks.

Considering the latest songs that you randomly listened to and might have not even noticed, this website will create a beautiful landscape based on the music you listened to.

It reflects the mood of the listener. The color, background, and scenery of your backdrop all are based on different factors of the latest music activities.

Go and dive into the music you listen to and discover if it reflects your mood!

8. Judge My Spotify

How Bad Is Your Music Taste?

This web app gives you a giggling time as it is described as a satirical project by its developer.

It has already been made clear that no artificial intelligence is being used, rather a pretentious artificial intelligence.

It uses the data from Spotify and then creates the fun of your music habits.

The data saved in terms of genre, albums, top artist, and others are traced from your Spotify’s frequently played music and are displayed after the one other in the satirical form and relevant ways.

This site does not save any of the Spotify statistics, which adds to a plus point as online privacy is quite important.

As per the privacy policy,when logged in to the application with Spotify, a one-time password will be created to see your recent playlists and tracks.

9. Discover Quickly

Gridview is a unique feature of this web app. In selecting any playlist, the songs will be displayed in a grid view.

Slide through the song to listen to your favorite part. Click on it to save it or to know its details.

10. Dubolt

It will guide you in finding out new music. You can select an artist and listen to all its tracks or select a song and listen to similar ones.

Results can be adjusted by using filtering based on popularity, energy, tempo, and others.

11. Stats for Spotify

Displays your Top Songs and favorite Artists, helps in comparison from the last visit. Data is not similar to Last.fm.

It is a Mobile-friendly web app. This website shows detailed Spotify statistics related to all your listening activities.

Once logged in, an informative distribution chart is presented featuring the favorite artist with the dedicated time to each one of them.

It has an intriguing section of “quick facts”, which includes the tempo and median length of the favorite tracks with the dates of the songs when they were released.

You can easily keep track of the number of songs that you added per day through the Timeline section, besides there is a Mood section that tells how sad, happy, or even loud, enthusiastic your preferred songs are.

Spotify Statistics, a resourceful website, helps you to know your genre.

12. Moodify.app

Moodify is very much like other web apps where you can select any music you like.

If you are looking for a super energetic song or a low notes romantic tune, or a low beats meditative sound, your search is over as you can get that here.

13. Receiptify

An interesting concept, Receiptify generates a list of top tracks of Spotify.

A list of top 10 tracks from over the past one month, or even past six months, can also be an all-time track.

It’s a creative concept as your top ones will be showcased in a stylish and presentable receipt format, it seems like products from a grocery store.

The background is mesmerizing; it’s like a piece of crumpled sheet and the duration of the song is shown as the price of the items.

It looks cool when posted online,it can also be shared with all your followers & friends.

Don’t wait and start with your receipt here!

Final Words

We searched extensively and then came up with these best Spotify tracker and Spotify stats analysis websites to have a good insight into your stats of Spotify.

These apps and sites are well developed and intuitive as well. They are user-friendly and need negligible technical knowledge.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start the journey to know your magical musical world.

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