Roblox MM2 Value List Updated 2024

Murder Mystery 2 (MM2), a popular game on Roblox, has captivated millions with its intriguing gameplay and trading system.

Understanding MM2 values is crucial for players looking to trade effectively and maximize their gaming experience.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of MM2 values, offering insights into the latest updates, trading strategies, and scam prevention.

What are MM2 Values?

Roblox MM2 Value List

Definition and Significance

MM2 values refer to the estimated worth of in-game items used for trading. These values are pivotal in ensuring fair trades and enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Evolution of MM2 Values

Initially, MM2 values were determined informally by the community. Over time, they have become more structured, with regular updates reflecting the game’s dynamics.

Latest MM2 Values Update* 2024

The latest update has introduced significant changes, including new items and adjustments in existing item values. Keeping abreast of these updates is essential for successful trading.

MM2 item value list in Roblox 2024

Ancient items in MM2

Niks Scythe150,00010
Swirly Axe9505
Elderwood Scythe1552
Log Chopper1252
Ice Wing602

Unique items in MM2

All Gold Trophies150,00010
All Silver Trophies125,00010
All Bronze Trophies100,00010
Top 100 Trophies15,00010

Godly items in MM2

Chroma Tier

Chroma Swirlygun15,00010
Chroma Candleflame9503
Chroma Lightbringer2451
Chroma Darkbringer2451
Chroma Luger2051
Chroma Gemstone1851
Chroma Heat1801
Chroma Laser1751
Chroma Fang1501
Chroma Tides1401
Chroma Shark1351
Chroma DeathShard1201
Chroma Slasher1151
Chroma Seer1001
Chroma Boneblade981
Chroma Saw951
Chroma Gingerblade901

Tier 3

Eternal Cane1302
Lugar Cane1252
Elderwood Revolver1202
Eternal IV1152
Red Luger1103

Tier 2

Green Luger1252
Old Glory903
Hallows Edge833
Ginger Luger803
Eternal III653
Eternal II572
Battle Axe II452

Comprehensive MM2 Value Categories

MM2 items are categorized based on rarity and demand. Here’s a breakdown:

AncientExtremely rare, high-value items
UniqueItems with unique features
VintageOlder items, often high in value
GodlyHighly sought-after items
LegendaryRare items with considerable value
RareLess common items
UncommonFairly common, lower value
CommonEasily found, lowest value

Examples of Items and Their Values List

  • Ancient
  • Example: Ancient Sword – 2500 Value Points
  • Unique
  • Example: Unique Unicorn – 1500 Value Points
  • Vintage
  • Example: Vintage Gun – 800 Value Points
  • Godly
  • Example: Godly Knife – 600 Value Points
  • Legendary
  • Example: Legendary Blade – 300 Value Points
  • Rare
  • Example: Rare Crystal – 150 Value Points
  • Uncommon
  • Example: Uncommon Gem – 50 Value Points
  • Common
  • Example: Common Dagger – 10 Value Points

How to Use MM2 Values for Trading

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Identify Item Category: Determine the category of your item.
  2. Check Current Value: Refer to the latest value list.
  3. Evaluate Trade Offers: Compare the values of offered items.

Tips for Fair Trading

  • Always cross-check with the latest value list.
  • Be open to negotiation, considering item demand and rarity.

MM2 Trading Strategies and Tips

  • Understand Market Trends: Keep an eye on how values change over time.
  • Diversify Your Inventory: Aim for a mix of item categories.

Scam Prevention in MM2 Trading

Common Scams

  • Fake Item Value Claims: Always verify values from reliable sources.
  • Phishing Attempts: Never share your login credentials.

Scam Prevention Tips

  • Use secure trade windows in the game.
  • Report suspicious behavior to game moderators.

Special Events and Their Impact on MM2 Values

Events like the Thanksgiving Event introduce exclusive items, often causing temporary fluctuations in values. For instance, the ‘Turkey Leg Godly’ item saw a spike in value during the event.

Tools and Resources for MM2 Trading

List Maker and Trade Checker

These tools help players keep track of their inventory and evaluate potential trades.

MM2 Community and Support

Engaging with the MM2 community through Discord servers and forums can provide additional support and insights into trading strategies.

FAQs about MM2 Values

Who Owns Nik’s Scythe?

Nik’s Scythe is a unique item in MM2, owned by the game’s creator, Nikilis. It’s not available for regular players through normal gameplay or trading.

What Happens If You Reach Level 100 in MM2?

Reaching level 100 in MM2 is a significant achievement. Players receive a special badge and recognition in the game, but no unique gameplay advantages.

How Do I Claim My MM2 Code on My Phone?

To claim an MM2 code on your phone, open the game in Roblox, go to the inventory screen, and enter the code in the “EnterCode” box. Ensure you’re logged into the correct account.

How to Get 10 Godly Metal in MM2?

Earning 10 Godly Metal in MM2 typically involves completing specific in-game tasks or events. Keep an eye on official updates for opportunities to earn these rare items.


Understanding MM2.values is key to enhancing your experience in Murder Mystery 2. Stay informed, engage with the community, and enjoy the dynamic world of MM2 trading.

Roblox MM2 Value List: Hooked up to the Roblox games that are dominating the game world?

Murder Mystery 2 is one such game that we are sure has everyone hooked to it, what with how extensively and intricately it’s developed.

Released in 2014 by a roblox user Nikilis, this game is, as suggested by the name, primarily a game based on murdering the opponents with as many weapons as you have in your arsenal and become potentially high ranked Murderers.

There are three roles any player can choose to play as, a Sheriff, an Innocent or a Murderer.

The Murderer tries to kill the innocents, with his acquired weapons, which can, by the way be earned through MM2 Value, and the Innocents and Sheriff team up together to find the Murderer with their acquired treasures. 

MM2 Values  are the costs that are acquired through the game to win weapons and ammunitions.

We have curated a list MM2 Value List to help you know what sort of values are available and could be used to attain which weapons by going through this MM2 Value List.

These values may, and sometimes surely, will change with the influx of rarity and demand so make sure to come back to this Murder Mystery 2 Value List to keep a track of what values have changed or what new values have been added to this MM2 Roblox Value List.

You may bookmark this page as well to always stay updated about the MM2 values updated in the game through this MM2 Value List. 

Here’s an extensive and thorough Value List MM2 has and make sure to keep this as a reference before going for MM2 Value hunting. 

MM2 Value List – Ancient Values

These MM2 Values are ancient knives which are very peculiar to look at and most of the times do not have any resemblance or resemble a knife at any point.

They usually have a look of scythes or resemble axes to mostly justify there ancient origin. 

In this Murder Mystery 2 Value List, some of the Ancient Values are Niks Scythe, Harvester, Elderwood Scythe, Log Chopper, Icebreaker, Batwing, Ice Wing and Hallowscythe.

Most of these are trade only values and weapons with a decent amount of value amounts attached to them. Some of these could be bought or won as well. 

MM2 Value List – Uniques

Making the value list MM2 has does have a level significance to placement on the list but in amongst all the values mm2 has unique are the top tier ones to be present in this game beating mm2 ancient values in terms of rarity and power.

The only unique value in this MM2 Roblox Value List that can be traded is the Corrupt Value and the Gold Trophies which is interchangeable to any type of value. 

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MM2 Value List – Godlys

The Seer has a value of 10x T1 Legendary and is one of the most powerful mm2 values in terms of mm2 Godlys.

The rest of mm2 Godlys Values include Chroma Candleflame that has a Value of 4490 and could be traded as well as unboxed.

Other examples of Chroma MM2 Godlys Values are Chroma Lightbringer with a Value of 230, ChromaDarkbringer with a Value of 230.

These were some of the famous and traded values so they were placed a little higher on the list.

Other examples of Chroma MM2 Godlys Values include ChromaLuger, Chroma Gemstone, Chroma Heat, Chroma Laser, Chroma Fang, Chroma Tides, Chroma Shark, ChromaDeathShard, ChromaSlasher, ChromaSeer, Chroma Boneblade, Chroma Saw and ChromaGingerblade. 

Godlys Values from best to worst

These MM2 Godlys are placed in rankings of best to worst as mentioned in the heading and are to be viewed as such.

The personal uses of these varies from user to user so you might find one value better than the other, even if it might be placed higher in the list but still the MM2 value list tried to be as accurate as possible. 

The list goes as the one presented below -:

  • Candleflame
  • Elderwood Revolver 
  • Sugar 
  • Candy 
  • Eternal Cane 
  • Luger Cane 
  • Red Luger 
  • Eternal IV 
  • Amerilaser 
  • Ginger Luger 
  • Jinglegun 
  • Pixel 
  • Green Luger 
  • Old Glory 

This was the MM2 value list as explained. 

MM2 Godlys Values <100

These values are all placed under 100 values that tracked from Godlys Tier 1-3 such as Blaster, Virtual, Clockwork, EternalIII, Iceblaster, Xmas, Hallows Edge, Luger, Eternal II, Minty, Boneblade, Spider,Pumpking, Laser, Lightbringer, Darkbringer, Slasher, Fang, Death Shard, Nebula, BattleAxe, Gingerblade, Night Blade, Winters Edge, Ice Dragon, Red Seer, Blue Seer, Purple Seer, Orange Seer, Yellow Seer, Gemstone, Frostsaber, Snowflake, Ice Shard, Saw, Hallows Blade, Vampires Edge, Ghost Blade, Frostbite, Peppermint, Cookieblade, Heartblade, Eggblade, Prismatic and Bioblade amongst a lot more others are the type of mm2 godlys values that can be traded most of the time along with all those values that can be crafted or unboxed as well. 

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MM2 Value List – Legendary

These values are the legendary mm2 values that have a lot of ranking values attached to and are easily craftable or you can trade these with other players to acquire other weapons of your choice to hackle up the innocents.

These other values that are of legendary types are a bit rare to find but surely are more easily found than the rare values present in the games.

These mm2 values are JD, Ghost Knife, Green Elite, Scratch, Blue Scratch, Cotton Candy, Witched, Blue Elite, 

Tree (gun), Tree (knife), Web, Rupture, Ginger Gun, Cavern Knife, Ghost Gun, Santas Magic, Red Fire, Ripper Knife, Predator (knife), Fusion, Fade, Splash, Universe, Overseer (knife), Predator (gun) , Plasmide, Viper, Emerald, Sparkle, Overseer (gun), Midnight, Ripper Gun, Green Fire, Ginger Knife, Rune, Cavern Gun, Splash Gun, Elite and Shiny.

You might come across these while playing or trading. 

MM2 Value List – Rares

As the name itself suggests that these mm2 values are some of the rarest values in these mm2 roblox value list.

These values include Jack, Mummy, Vampire Gun, Bats, Toxic Gun, Vampire Knife, Aurora knife, Toxic Knife, Cane ( knife), Ginger ( knife), Orange Marble, Green Marble, Icicles Gun, Snakebite Knife, Cane Knife, Magma, Candy, Swirl Gun, Cane ( gun) and Ginger ( gun).

These mm2 values are Trade types mostly and have lower values attached to them though they are quite rare to be found and hence there lower placed value and easily accessible trade facility. 

There are a lot of other values such as ones for pets and catalogue boxes so make sure to keep coming back to this article to find new and enhanced lists and examples. 

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