Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List 2022 & Best Ranked List of Cookies

Memorizing Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List is a great way to defend your beautifully baked Town from the cake monsters.

It is surprising how each cookie has a different part in 250+ battlefields that this mobile RPG has, but of course, some are more useful than others.

So, before you spend your gems on the newest cookies, take a look at our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List so that you do not invest in the next cookie you see exiting the oven. 

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List 2022

In this list you will find the top-tier cookies aka Cookie Run Kingdom characters, so that you can create your own PvE and PvP game modes.

Best Cookie Run Kingdom Characters 

SEclair, Cotton, Frost Queen, Pumpkin Pie, Dark Choco, Pure Vanilla, Sea Fairy, Licorice, Hollyberry
ATea Knight, Herb, Mala Sauce, Twizzly Gummy, Raspberry, Strawberry Crepe, Black Raisin, Vampire, Rye Parfait, Moon Rabbit
BCocoa, Sonic, Tails, Latte, Almond, Sorbet Shark, Mango, Mint Choco, Poison Mushroom, Pastry, Tiger Lily
CPomegranate, Milk, Purple Yam, Espresso, Red Velvet, Sparkling, Squid Ink
DMadeleine, Chili Pepper, Lilac, Cream Puff, Fig, Snow Sugar, Kumiho, Werewolf

Cookie Run Tier List for PVP

The Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List becomes a little different when you move to the Arena PVP because you can only fight these battles in manual mode.

But in this manual mode you won’t be able to activate the abilities or treasures to get the maximum effect.

So this is the point when the synergy of your team will be tested and you will need to create a great focus. 

We have created the list that talks about the best PVP Cookies. 

Cookie Run Tier List for PVP 

  • Eclair 
  • Cotton
  • Tea Knight
  • Red Velvet
  • Frost Queen
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Cocoa
  • Sea Fairy

When are the Next Cookie Run Kingdom Characters Releasing? 

Fans were overjoyed when the game’s official Twitter account had tweeted that they will be releasing two new cookies, the Dark Cacao Cookie and Affogato Cookie on February 24, 2022.

We don’t know what roles they will play or any other details but it’s exciting to have two more additions. 

How the Cookie Run Kingdom Characters help you? 

Eclair Cookie 

Players often describe Eclair cookie with many names like broken, cheese, unfair and even pure evil.

If you have dealt with Raspberry cookie in her boss fight form, imagine Eclair to be crazier than that.

It serves you with a lot of amazing characteristics like near-magic cookie level ATK, makes a priority target based on who in the enemy team has the highest ATK, has a threatening high damage percentage on their skill, and comes with a stackable debuff that makes the victim take more damage from everyone else (in case they didn’t die from the first hit).

Cotton Cookie

Cotton Cookie is known as an aggressive healer. It made to the Cookie Run Kingdom Tier list because of its incredible skills.

You will find that the Cotton Cookie is warm-hearted but inedible. It has more similarities with Licorice cookie than other Supports.

One of her major skills is an AOE stun attack that calls upon the mob of very cute sheep to work as cannon fodder.

But now you will find that she comes with a heal over time.

While she is healing her sheep take care of the front, just like others Support cookies to make sure that your cookies get out of there safely. 

Almond Cookie Cookie Run 

Detective Almond Cookie Cookie Run has a very unique skill and is very different from other Support cookies because he is defensive and does not get affected by the miserable ATK stat.

His power is to use magical almond handcuffs which will tie several enemies to one single enemy who will have the lowest Max HP in the group.

If the single enemy to whom the others are tied to gets hit, then the major portion of the damage (70% at skill level 1) will be also distributed to other enemies who are chained together.

Almond Cookie Cookie Run pairs very well with Rye as both of them are strict law enforcers. 

Pomegranate Cookie Run

You cannot call Pomegranate Cookie Run a good healer.

The main reason for this is as you know she falls under one of the older Supports, so, in the idle time when she should be healing other cookies, she wastes her time attacking enemies using her fairly poor ATK stat.

Even her actual skill does not work much in healing.

You will find her giving a big fat 20% ATK buff to everyone present at the party, even herself, which is her major stunt.

You can provide her with some Swift Chocolates so that she goes first during a fight and sets up a wave cleaning barrage. 

If you really want Pomegranate cookie run to be a dedicated healer you have to partner her with an actual healer like Herb or Custard cookie III.

She has fallen a tier down since she got removed from the PVP meta category.

This happened because the new Supports have emerged with superior healing and deadlier abilities (like Cotton Cookie and Cream Puff Cookie) but when it comes to PVE, Pomegranate cookie run is still very useful. 

Tea Knight Cookie

Tea Knight Cookie is one of the hardest cookies to use in the Cookie Run Kingdom Tier list.

It has a higher percentage of damage and hits a single target, while also buffing the Crit of two of your crit reliant cookies, and the ATK of 2 of your ATK reliant cookies only by a small amount. 

His basic attack is great as every time a cookie on your team gets attacked and dies, he gets a huge buff added to his ATK and ATK SPD about 50% and 20% for each stat respectively.

This will keep stacking up to four times and when he reaches the fourth stack he will be able to produce 100% extra attack and 150% attack speed, for a total of 250% and 210% respectively. 

Final Words 

Along with the cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom Tier list, toppings play a big part.

As this is a team-building gacha RPG, how you customize your units will dictate how useful they can be in your team.

The top-tier units perform well if you put in a little extra effort.

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