How to YouTube video download on desktop browsers 2022? | YouTube Download

How to YouTube video downloads on desktop browsers 2022? | YouTube Download: YouTube was just seen testing out a brand new feature for their application that helps users with YouTube download videos right on the Web browser of their desktop.

This latest functionality had been offered as an experimental feature only to those users who have subscribed to the YouTube Premium plan.

Paid YouTube members on Android, as well as iOS, currently were offered the feature to save YouTube videos for offline viewing.

This feature could only work on appliances running the most recent versions of Chrome, Opera, or Edge.

Users who are interested in YouTube download can go to the Try experimental new features of the official website of youtube, which outlines the tests that are available to Premium subscribers.

When you go to a YouTube video, you will be able to see a Download button next to the options of like and share only if you are an eligible user.

It is worth mentioning that the experimental feature was only made available till 19th October 2021.

As of now, however, don’t you worry because YouTube is expected to officially roll out the new feature anytime soon.

If you wish to know more about YouTube download, here’s what we have to tell you.

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  1. What Is YouTube Offline Video Download Feature?
    • Step By Step Guide for YouTube Download Offline On Desktop Browsers
  2. Caveats to YouTube Desktop Download
  3. Desktop Software
  4. Other alternatives for Youtube download
  5. Final Words

What Is YouTube Offline Video Download Feature?

The offline YouTube download feature allows viewers to download YouTube videos to their devices so that they will be able to watch them later.

All of the videos, however, will not be available for YouTube desktop download.

In case the video you are trying to download is not private or if the video’s producer allows YouTube to video download, only then an individual will be able to execute their YouTube video download for offline watching.

To assure the video quality of your Youtube download, the user will have the choice to download YouTube videos in a variety of resolutions from the Settings menu, wherein the highest option is the full-HD (1080p).

There are other options for High (720p), Medium (480p), as well as Low (144p).

To clear up some space, you can also choose to erase all local Youtube downloads out of the browser cache simply with a single click.

In addition, if you wish to learn how to save YouTube videos for offline watching on the Web browser of your device using the official Youtube desktop download method, you can follow these steps.

Step By Step Guide for YouTube Download Offline On Desktop Browsers

As mentioned earlier, the new Google Youtube download feature has only been made available for devices with recent editions of Chrome, Opera, and Edge browsers.

To download YouTube videos on your device, here’s how to do it:

  • First and foremost, launch YouTube on whatever browser has been installed on your device. Keep in mind to use your browser only on its latest version.
  • Head to the Youtube video that you want to choose for your offline Youtube desktop download.
  • Once opened, tap on the three-dot menu that you must be able to see at the bottom of the YouTube video. Choose the option of Download.
  • Once the Google YouTube video has been successfully downloaded, you will be able to locate it in the hamburger menu on the left side of your screen, in the Downloads section.
  • To choose the quality of your Youtube, go to the Settings section and click on Downloads.
  • All the Premium users of Youtube will be able to download up to full-HD video quality of 1080p.

However, you must keep in mind that there are also a few worth-noting caveats to the Youtube download feature. Let’s have a look:

Caveats to YouTube Desktop Download

How to YouTube video downloads on desktop browsers YouTube Download

This was an experimental Google Youtube feature and Google intends to make it officially available only until 19th October 2021.

However, YouTube is expected to make the feature officially available very soon.

All the YouTube to video downloads are limited maximum to 1080p quality, or lower.

There is no 4K video quality available for YouTube download.

However, we must mention that the most significant caveat of the YouTube video download feature is that it isn’t going to truly download YouTube videos to watch later on your device forever.

This becomes very much inferior as compared to the downloads on other video apps such as Netflix or Hulu wherein downloads stay forever while consuming the local storage of your device.

You can get access to your download by heading to the hamburger menu on YouTube and then choosing the option of Downloads.

After that, you will be able to see the list of all that you have grabbed until now with the browser.

The page will notify you with a text telling you that the downloads are going to remain available only until you are connected to an active Internet at least once every month.

Probably this one is not exactly what you might be looking for in your download when you want to save YouTube videos for later.

Therefore, below we have mentioned a few tools that work to deliver exactly that.

Desktop Software

Third-party software is a way to get considerable control over Youtube desktop downloads to save youtube videos for later.

Generally, you will be required to copy and paste the URL link for whatever YouTube video that you wish to save into your program, and it is going to download it in its highest quality version possible.

For videos in the High Definition (HD) or 1080p format, that’s normally an MP4 format file. For any higher video quality that is 4K or 8K, the format of the file is typically going to be MKV.

The fool-proof method for playing these MKV files is by using the VLC Media Player on your Windows, which is going to play everything.

You can read more about it below: 

VLC Media Player

Pricing: Free

Available on: Windows, macOS, Linux

As we mentioned above, VLC Media Player is an excellent choice for Windows users as it works to playback almost any media ever produced.

It can also help the users in downloading YouTube videos, however, the method is rather convoluted.

In case you end up running into any kind of crisis with it, you will most likely be required to perform a complete reinstallation of the application as well as clear the app cache to be able to make it work.

How to download youtube video from VLC Media Player

  • Copy the URL link of the YouTube video that you wish to convert from YouTube to video.
  • After that, launch VLC Media Player and go to the Media Menu.
  • There, click on Open Network Stream which you can also open by the combination of Ctrl+N. Here, paste the link that you just copied.
  • Once the YouTube video starts playing, just go to Tools and click on the option of Codec Information.
  • There, you will be able to see a box right at the bottom of your screen named “Source”.
  • Simply copy the URL link that you see in that box.

Other alternatives for Youtube download

Apart from a couple of methods mentioned above, you can also choose from some other effective alternatives for your Youtube download that are available on the internet.

1. SaveFromNet

2. VDownloader

3. ClipConverter

4. Yout

5. ByClick Downloader

6. BitDownloader

7. deturl


9. Yoo Download

10. Y2mate

11. Video Download Capture

12. Freemake

13. 2conv

Final Words

That was all about Youtube download for offline watching wherein users will be able to download Youtube videos of their choice on their desktop browsers.

Not only this but users will also be offered various resolutions to choose from to download Youtube clip videos on their device.

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