How to Change Time in ARK Survival Evolved 2022?

Change Time in ARK: ARK survival evolved is an action based survival game developed by Studio Wildcard. The players will have to survive in the game against many fictional demons, dinosaurs and many other prehistoric creatures while being stranded on a landscape.

There are a few maps for the players to choose from to begin their adventure.

It is an ideal game for all those players who choose to play strategic games without internet connected to your device.

One of the most common queries related to the survival game is ‘how to change time in ARK?

Many programs have a lot of commands which makes the program adapt to the needs of the players.

Just like that ARK survival Evolved also have commands which helps the players to change the inside the game from day to night or vise versa.

It’s quite easy and simple if one knows exactly what to do.

So here in this article we will be showing all the details to change time in ARK so that players can choose to have a survival come adventure at day or night as they please at the ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK Survival Evolved How to Change Time 

It is quite easy to change time in ARK. All you have to do is enter the cheat code settimeofday00:00:00 in the command bar.

The zeros are to be filled in the manner hours, minutes and seconds format and just note that the game is not case sensitive, so caps or not does not matter, all your concern just need to be the spelling and spacing.

But fellow gamers have to keep one thing in mind before jumping into the procedure and codes and all.

The command or cheat code is going to be effective on your game if and only if you activate the Admin Registration Option while creating the new game itself and you have to activate the option before you enter any commands.

All we hope it is clear about what to enter in the command bar, but how to open the cheat command bar is still in question. 

So to open the command bar just following up on the article

  1. For those who use PC for gaming all you need to do is click on the tab button to open the cheat command bar.
  2. For all those Xbox players out there you have to press the buttons LB, RB, X and Y to get to the cheat command bar. 
  3. And lastly and definitely not the least, for those PS players, you guys will have to press on L1, R1, square and triangle buttons which will get you the cheat command bar.

So here’s a few things to keep in mind after getting your gaming tool to open the command bar. 

  • Once you get to open the command bar, it will require you to enter the cheat code, which is to be done manually. So type in settimeofday(required time in HH:mm:ss format) .
  • The game is case sensitive so just be careful about the spacing between the time and spelling and format of time. 
  • If by any chance this option does not change time in ARK just make sure whether your admin registration option is activated or not. Even after activating the option the code does not work, just try optimizing your pc. 
  • If you want to change the time into morning or night or afternoon please do set the time according to the 24 hours clock. For an example, settimeofday16:22 for evening, SETTIMEOFDAY13:30:12 for noon and so on. 
  • After entering the cheat code correctly the time within the game will change to the required time. But just keep in mind that the code just changes the atmosphere around. It does not fast forward the game to the time you entered. So the game will not change or process of the game will not change by using this cheat code. So if you are waiting for some contingency and you are planning to fast forward the time required for such contingency it is not going to work.

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What is the use of changing time in ARK?

Basically what all the steps and procedures we have shown above will do is change time in ARK.

It does not take the whole progress of game into the future time which you changed the whole open environment into.

So by changing the game time, you can have the same progress in any time of the day as you prefer. 

So if you wish to change time in ARK wishing that your waiting time for some gain or advantage will be reduced there’s no use in spending your penny for those thoughts.

The major advantage of the option to change time is that sometimes at some stage of the game it will be daytime more optimal, like if you are constructing something the daylight is definite to be a better option to work more easily since things will be more clear. 

In the same manner at times there will be situations were night will be suitable like a sneak attack.

In some events in the game it be best to change time in ARK to avail some particular benefits which can only be done in either day or night.

So knowing how to change the time in the game might help you get more benefits and rewards in the game.

Final Words

It is cool to know how to change time in ARK Survival Evolved. This game is available on play store.

Sometimes it might be beneficial to the game progresses and at times it might be just cool to know things and control something in the game you just enjoy so much.

Some players might just like to make their gaming experience by putting the game difficulty a notch up and sometimes change of time from day to night or vise versa might help in that too.

So that is all about how and why change the time in ARK. 

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