Last Fortress Underground: Gear Quality & Levels Guide 2023

Welcome to our article of Last Fortress Underground – Gear Quality and Levels. We have explained about the great quality and levels.

Even though it looks small but it will dramatically effect the hero’s power. If you do it right, you will definitely dominate the competition.

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Gear Quality

Gear Quality
Gear Quality

Firstly gear quality is represented by colour and they are easy to distinguish. There are five levels of gear quality – Elite, Master, Rare, Epic and Uncommon.

The top quality gear is the newly introduced Red gear and it will unlock after particular season. After which Orange gear is the top.

Master Quality

Therefore we should at least get the orange gear for the heroes of our front line. Otherwise you can temporarily go with the Purple gear.

Green and Blue gears are used as Materials to turn up the gear levels.

We don’t usually put the gears on our heroes rather we would turn on the auto disassembly feature for green and blue gear and they will automatically turn into tin when you receive them. The difference between orange, red and purple are superficial.

The first difference is the number of random attributes. Purple has one, orange has two and red has three. The additional attributes makes a huge difference and can easily overpower in a fight.

However the attributes is just one method to power up your heroes. There are many other methods like truck parts, solari heroes, policy cards, line-up etc

Other then attributes Orange has better stats then purple at the same level which is about 18% boost in the stats.

Comparing to Red gear, orange gear has less then 25% reduced stats. However red gear does not come from the chest directly.

We have to refine a level 20 orange gear with a gear modifier to turn it into red. Gear modifier is rare and it cost 100$ to buy. If you have the budget you cam consider buying it.

free Method Deep Sea Meteorite

Otherwise we can get it for free for some limited period time events like deep sea meteorite lucky draw events providing the gear modifier. This event is fantastic because it comes with 50 lucky points.

The higher the points, the higher possibility of getting the top points. You are guaranteed to get the top prizes after 50 draws. You can buy or get the meteorite for free after killing mutated zombies.

Deep Sea Meteorite
Deep Sea Meteorite

When the top prizes don’t contain the gear save them for gear modifier draws. We can save up to 50 meteorite and guarantee to get one of the top prizes.

Gear Levels

Gear Levels
Gear Levels

The max levels differs for red, orange and purple gear. We can level up the purple gear up to 15… orange to 20 and red to 30. Level 15 unlocks the first random attribute, level 20 unlocks the second and level 30 unlocks the third random attribute.

As mentioned earlier, higher level provides higher stats. A level 30 gear will have 25% more stats then that of the level 20. It will make a huge difference and you can easily crush your opponent who does not have it.

Level up Gear

Levelling up gear from 0 to 15 is quite easy and it only require tins. Levelling up gear from 15 to 20 would require tins as well as 24 electric superchargers. For 20 to 30, you would require 100 electric superchargers.

Last Fortress Underground: Gear Quality & Levels Video Guide

Final Words

Overpowering is an excellent way to beat your opponent and we should take advantage of it. We have given the gear quality and level guide.

We hope you would now have better understanding of the game and it would gradually help you to defeat your opponent.

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