Mlbb Season 26 Top 15+ Best Heroes to Rank up Fast in the game

Want to know about the Mlbb Season 26 Top 15 Best Meta heroes and its characters? If yes, then this article will provide you with all the details on top 15 heroes of MLBB Season 26.

Today in this article, we would provide you with all the details on the gameplay of all the MLBB Season 26 heroes and its skills.

I am a You Tuber since 2012 and a gamer, I have been playing the game Mobile Legends since its release. Therefore, I wanted to guide you regarding the list of top 15 heroes after the present update.

MLBB Season 26 Top 15+ Best Heroes to Push Rank Fast in Mobile Legends

  1. Valentina
  2. Faramis
  3. Wanwan
  4. Beatrix
  5. Julian
  6. Ling
  7. Karina
  8. Fanny
  9. Balmond
  10. Sun
  11. Esmeralda
  12. Masha
  13. Paquito
  14. Thamuz
  15. Akai

Mobile Legends Top Best Meta hero for season 26 to push rank fast

Mlbb Season 26
Mlbb Season 26

This heroes are picked as per their abilities to defeat the enemy in Solo battles as well as to be a reliable pick in almost every matchup.

In this article we are giving out a brief details of every heroes’ ability and strengths. Don’t forget to check out our page so as to know more on a particular hero of MLBB Season 26.


She gets nerfed in every patch but this does not make her to lose the top spot in the MLBB Season 26.


Her most important strength is her flexibility as a mage and therefore she can be used in any of the three lanes and also can be used as a roamer.

Her strong ultimate helps her to counter even bigger enemies with ease.

However her CC ability and more cooldown period makes her vulnerable and certainly gives rooms for mistake.

But this does not take away the fact that she can defeat almost every enemy in a solo attack.


In the higher ranks, Faramis is the king of pick or ban with a world breaking of 91% ban rate. Most of the gamer avoids Faramis due to its Ultimate which is also his game changer.

Moreover his huge nerf does not give away his utility in a team fight strat. He is also a flexible hero as he can be used in both Mid Laner or as a Roamer.

If you want to gain stacks, you may use him as Mid Laner and if you want to protect your damage dealers, you can use him as a Roamer.


Wanwan is comparatively weaker after the new update as she cannot target any enemy hero and therefore making it hard to create a chain reaction while targeting the lowest HP enemies or extend the Ult duration on killing of multiple enemies.

But if you play in the ranks lower than that of Mythic 2, you may ban her as enemies would blindly run in to her and therefore she can gain free ult.

You may note that one powerful Ult from her can change the complexion of the game in your favor.


Damage caused by Beatrix’s shotgun is less but in the late game it can still be deadly. Her sniper is more deadly in this game’s update and it is easier to use because of the larger hitbox.

You can use the sniper in the early game. You can use Nibiru and Bennet as your main gun for last hitting minions and also to poke your enemy away.

You can also use shot gun in the late game to kill all your enemies.


Julian is a very unique member of the Forsaken Light Order in the Mobile Legends game as it does not have any ultimate ability but the character has enhance skills and basic attacks which makes him a very strong hero among the other heroes of the Mobile Legends.

Moreover his cool-down period has been improved by 0.5 seconds. His ability and agility has increased in the MLBB Season 26.


Ling is very dangerous to every low mobility hero. The only difficulty is to control his swords but if you master his sword ability then he can be very agile as his powers come from mobility.

He can jump from wall to wall across the lane pretty easily. Ling can play aggressively when your team is in a winning position.

He can also split push safely while leveling the ground when your team is behind in farm. But you must be careful as if he is countered then he will die easily.


You can use simple combo to instantly kill without any defensive equipment and therefore Karina can act as a perfect executor.

As a tank, she has high survivability skill and can survive for long during team fights. Her speed is also constant while she take down enemies.


Fanny is one of the odd heroes who roam around and kill anyone who shows up in the map. But you may take some time to master his skills compared to other heroes.

But if you master her, you will definitely be a harder opponent to kill.

But you at first confirm that your opponent does not have any hard counters like Ruby, Saber, Akai or Khufra before using her.

Therefore you can use her in the last of the drafting phase so that enemy does not counter you.


He was untouched by the Moonton for a long time and therefore his presence in META has risen a bit and also sometimes he shows up in the MPL scene.

His power to secure the objectives like the Turtle and the Lord is outstanding. If you play solo, you may need him to secure the objectives and he is good in ganks.

But before using him you should at first secure that your opponent does not have any heroes to stop his helicopter move.


Sun is weak in the early game but is as powerful as any top heroes in the late game stage.

He is also very mobile in taking down objectives like Turrets, Turtle and the Lord by using the power of his clones.

He shows no mercy and therefore is a great choice if you want to move out of lower ranks as soon as possible.

Therefore you can play him as a Jungler so as to take down more objectives but also you can use him as XP Laner.


Esmeralda can generate and suck up enemies’ shield and moreover she can sustain for a long time with her good mobility skill which makes her hard to be killed.

At the same time she can do a decent amount of damage which is enough to kill heroes in the backline while flanking them.

She should be your first pick when you go to the XP Lane so that you finish your opponents without any effort. 


Masha is a great hero when it comes to push Turrets and her ability to push the enemies to the back lane make her even scarier.

Here Ultimate can destroy most Marksman and Mages without any difficulty. She can used in the XP Lane or also as a Roamer with dire hit to increase her bust potential.


Paquito is one of the most powerful and popular heroes in the higher ranks but not broken enough to get in to ban list.

He can cause high damage to Squishes by using his skill combo. He can also sustain a lot of damage and also he has insane ability to escape from dangerous situations.

The only thing is that you have to aim his skills correctly in the MLBB Season 26. He can used as both Jungler as well as XP Laner.


Thamuz is a perfect hero as an XP Laner and as an upper hand in one to one battle. He can sustain good amount of damage and is very hard for the opponent to gank and kill.

His ultimate and vengeance combo helps him to sustain a lot of damage and also helps to clear the lane very fast.

Therefore helping to cut the lanes and put pressure on your enemies. He is monstrous during the objective team fight like the Turtle and the Lord.

But due to his lack in mobility most of gamers avoid him.


After the upgrade, Akai has been out of the top 10 ban section and he can used as an usual Roamer to harass enemies and protecting enemies.

He is also very useful in securing objectives as a Jungler. His Ultimate is the game changer and is immune to most of the CC skills.

He can also cast Retribution while spinning therefore it will not matter even if Selena’s arrow hit you or Vale’s tornado knocks you down.

Therefore Akai is good so as to protect the Lord in the MLBB Season 26.

Final Word

Mlbb Season 26
Mlbb Season 26

In this article we have given the detailed description on the top 15 heroes of MLBB Season 26 and their skills. We have mentioned about the best lanes of each of the top 15 heroes.

Therefore you can easily follow the steps mentioned above and defeat your enemies. For getting more information on the other characters of Mobile Legend game, you can also bookmark our article.

If you have any queries regarding the MLBB Season 26, you may ask us by writing in the comment section of the article.


How to Download the Mobile Legends Game?

The game can be downloaded from the official website of the developers or if you have an android smart phone, you can directly download the game from the Play Store.

You can also download the game on you iPhone through the Apple Store.

Who is the hardest hero to master in MLBB?

Hero Fanny is often considered the hardest hero in Mobile Legends to master.

His second skill, Steel Cable often poses a big challenge for players who want to master it in the game.

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