Last Fortress Underground: How to Get 1962 Elite Hero Medals for Free 2023

Hero medals are crucial to level up hero skills and you will need 185 medals to max one skill. To max all skill of an advance Elite Hero you will need 925 Elite Hero Medals.

If you cannot upgrade all skill then prioritize the first and the fourth skills. You can also level up all the skills up to level 4 which will cost 325 Elite medals.

In this article we will cover the elite medal which is the purple medal. We will cover the free methods to get the medals in this article.

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Last Fortress Underground Radar
Last Fortress Underground Radar

You will get a purple medal per radar scan and you can do two scans daily. Please note that the purple medals from the radar scan is specifically for the combat heroes and you can’t use them on production heroes. By this method you could get 60 medals per month.

Personal Armament Race

Last Fortress Underground Personal Armament Race
Last Fortress Underground Personal Armament Race

You have to unlock three chest to get the elite medal by this method. There will be 2 races that prove Elite medals daily and provide 20 medals in total.

You can complete the race with 105 hours of speed up. If the race is a trade tycoon purchase power with coal and other items with trade center.

It helps you unlock some of the chest. It is better to use speed up for Tuesday, research for Wednesday and troops for Friday.

Make sure to complete every alliance duel because they provide tons of free speed up for the next day’s duel.

Strongest Alliance Tournament

Last Fortress Underground Strongest Alliance Tournament
Last Fortress Underground Strongest Alliance Tournament

Winning and ranking higher in the tournament are helpful for every member. The top 1 alliance in the diamond group receives the best rewards which amounts to 50 elite medals.

VIP Privilege Shop

VIP Privilege ShopVIP Privilege Shop
VIP Privilege Shop

It is the best way to get elite medals. VIP level start from 1 and ends at 15. Once you pass level 15, you will unlock the new VIP level which is called as SVIP.

Once you reach level 13, you will unlock VIP 13 privilege items. Most of the time you can buy 50 elite medals weekly.

It will cost around 5000 diamonds in total. If you reach SVIP 1, you will unlock SVIP 1 privilege items.

It gives you 50 elite medals and costs around 4000 diamonds in total. Therefore you need to save diamonds so as to spend on them.

Night Before the War

Night Before the War
Night Before the War

This event starts at the end of every season before entering the new season. There is a progress bar at the bottom and you will need to fill the bar with Intel points to get Gotoan chest.

It provides tons of rewards including 210 elite medals in S4 and S5. You can exchange Intel points with resources. Joining an active alliance is beneficial because you could get more resource chests.

Trade Center

You can buy elite medals with dog tags from the trade center. Acquire 6 tags daily by completing the arena. It will be difficult for low spenders or player with a weak line up. You can get up to 30 elite medal monthly using tags.

City Capture

City Capture
City Capture

City’s first capture gives you a great chest and elite medals. It would help if you take advantage of them. A level 1 city offers 5 elite medals and level 2 city offers 8 elite medals and rest offers 10 elite medals.

Every member would receive the first capture bonus successfully when your alliance successfully captures a neutral city for the first time before other alliances captures the city. Therefore you have or get as many first captures as possible.

Player Perspectives

From a player Perspective, you must join a good alliance with good management on the map.

Some may say top alliance would not accept them but instead of complaining it would be helpful if you made yourself valuable to the alliance and you will get million points for every duel. Moreover top alliance will not accept non active members.

Alliance Perspectives

From the alliance Perspectives, the management has to make deals and decisions before the season starts.

First we need to make deal with every alliance on the map and hope to get a peaceful city distribution agreement.

When the season begins every one has to relocate to the agreed first city as per the plan. We can capture only 8 cities per day.


How to Get 1962 Elite Hero Medals for Free Last Fortress
Elite Hero Medals

Here are some tips starting with unwanted cities that you would want to abandon later. If you took the holding city first, you would have trouble taking first capture cities.

You will be Strick and have to abandon the city. Therefore set timers and makers for every city capture so that every member get double the rewards.

Final Words

In this article we have explained how to get the elite medal in the Last Fortress Underground which will help you to acquire more elite medals.

The above mentioned methods are easy to follow and if followed correctly you can easy acquire the medals.

Hope you liked our article. Comment using our comment box if you know about any other methods to get the elite medals.

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