League of Pantheons Best Guide 2022 | How to Summon Mighty Heroes and Outsmart Your Enemies 

Are you having a tough time figuring out the League of Pantheons game? If yes, our League of Pantheons Beginner’s Guide will help you learn the basic gameplay of how to summon mighty heroes and outsmart your enemies in this popular RPG. 

League of Pantheons is a recent addition to the list of idle role-playing games.

Players in this game have to assemble all their favourite heroes and build up a squad for themselves.

The infinite series of PVE, as well as PVP modes, await you all! The game is available for players from all around the world to stave off evil forces. 

If you are thinking of getting started with League of Pantheons, you can expect a range of exciting challenges, several story missions, and tons of bosses to defeat in the game.

To be able to do so, you will need to assemble as many heroes as possible to build a super-powerful team for yourself! 

Nonetheless, nothing comes easy in RPG and League of Pantheons is no different. As you will keep unlocking new challenges, the difficulty level will keep rising.

Moreover, it is also pretty much a task to fetch the best heroes for yourself.  Lucky for you, our exclusive League of Pantheons Beginner’s Guide is here for your rescue!

If you are new to the League of Pantheons game and wish to figure out the basics, as well as some effective strategies for the game, you are just at the right place. 

Below, we have mentioned some very helpful and proven League of Pantheons Tips, Tricks and Strategies that will enlighten you on how to summon mighty heroes and outsmart your enemies in the game. 

So without any further ado, let’s begin. 

League of Pantheons Beginner’s Guide

Basics of Heroes 

Heroes are the primary and the most crucial aspect of the League of Pantheons. Players will need them throughout to be able to endure any challenges in their both.

Originating from special events, every hero in this game has a unique ability to offer to you.

Moreover, you will be able to assemble as many heroes as possible. 

The following are different elements that will enlighten you on Hero Basics. 

How To Get More Heroes

League of Pantheons, just like the majority of other role-playing games, makes use of the gacha technique when it comes to rolling out a fresh set of characters.

If you wish to assemble heroes, you will come across three ways to do so in the game: 

  1. Basic Summoning: The first method is Basic Summoning and for that, you will need a special set of special scrolls called Basic Summon Scrolls. You can purchase Basic Summon Scrolls by spending your gold in the in-game Elf Shop.
  2. Having said that, you can’t expect to receive anything extraordinary through this gatcha. Basic Summoning offers heroes ranking from one star to five stars.
  3. In simple words, on paper, you will read how you can receive elite heroes through Basic Summoning. However, in reality, most of these heroes feature a low rarity. 
  4. Grand Summoning, also known as Advanced Summoning: The second type of Summoning is the Grand or Advanced type of Summoning.
  5. It makes use of the unique Advanced Summon scrolls which are pretty rare in the game. Luckily, there is also a second option of Gems for fetching heroes from a relatively narrow pool.
  6. It is worth mentioning that this narrow pool is quite decent. Through Advance Summoning, you will be able to gain access to heroes from 3-5 star ranking only. 
  7. Friend Summons: Friend Summons make use of friend points for pulling out heroes from a 2-5 star ranking.
  8. With reasonable rates, you will be able to pull a generous amount of 3-star characters through Friend Summons. These characters may not be the best but will certainly help you get through the game and earn more resources. 

Hero Shards

Players will be able to use Hero Shards in League of Pantheons for crafting more heroes. These come in two ways: specific hero shards as well random shards.

Hero shards, on one hand, will provide you with the exact hero displayed on the icon. However, random shards will help you attain a random character in the game by rolling. 

For crafting a hero, click on the Bag option that you will find on the bottom info panel. From here, head to Hero Shards. 

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Hero Skills

All the heroes in League of Pantheons feature some unique skills that come in handy during the fight. These skills will also often specify the role of a player in the team composition. 

League of Pantheons makes use of a turn-based system during combat so the cooldowns for these skills are also calculated in turns.

Apart from this, you will also find a trigger that specifies the turn in which they will use the skill.

This is a critical element of our League of Pantheons Tips, Tricks and Strategies guide. You can decide the turns and strategize your gameplay in that manner. 

Hero Stats

Once you are done spending all your resources or simply wish to stop the process because there aren’t any 5-star characters available, it’s time to check out the existing ones and redefine them! 

In League of Pantheons, every hero features four simple stats that you will find on the info panel. These are as follows: 

  1. Attack: specifies the attack damage of the hero (sword icon) 
  2. Health: specifies the level of damage that the hero can deal with (heart icon) 
  3. Defense: specifies the incoming deduction of damage (shield icon) 
  4. Speed: specifies the order of turns in the fight (boot icon) 

Apart from these, you will find a few more extensive hero stats as well.

You can access them simply by clicking on the question mark icon (?) on the hero stats panel itself.

These include crit res, hit, dodge, DMG bonus, and so on. 


Every hero in League of Pantheons features a specific Element. All the respective elements have different weaknesses.

It receives 25% greater damage and is also 20% simpler to defeat through the weakness.

There are two different categories in the weakness table: 

  1. Fire is weak to water, water is weak to wind, and lastly, the wind is weak to fire. 
  2. Dark and light are both weak to one another. 

How To Make Your Heroes Stronger  

Now that you are well-acquainted with the Hero Basics in League of Pantheons, it is time to learn how to make them more powerful for combat.

Before you expect them to overcome all the upcoming challenges, it is important that you also prepare them for the same. 


Adding equipment to the overall outfit of your hero also offers a significant boost to the core stats of the hero.

The good thing is that all your heroes will be using a similar kind of equipment.

You will be able to provide your hero with the best equipment by simply clicking on the option of “Equip All”.

It is worth mentioning that the rarity of the equipment has a significant role to play in the performance of the equipment. 

Levelling + Advancing

Probably the simplest way to strengthen up your heroes in League of Pantheons is levelling plus advancing.

You will be able to level your heroes by providing them with Hero Exp. For those who don’t know, Hero Exp is a bottled green item that is constantly invading the inventory.

You can simply head to the Heroes tab and click on the Hero Exp icon to level your heroes up in League of Pantheons 

These heroes also feature an unusual level cap. However, you will be able to overcome it through advancement.

You will need gold as well as Adept Stones for Advancement.

But it is all worth it as it not only provides a raise for the hero’s level cap but also boosts their Hero Stats significantly! So it’s a win-win. 

Hero Stars

You should always focus on improving the number of hero stars for your available characters.

This provides a considerable upgrade to the hero stats and also powers their abilities up to a great extent.

However, the hero will require a replica of himself to be able to improve his rating of stars.

Apart from this, this also often requires a sacrifice from another hero. You should thoroughly think before going with this method as the cost is a bit heavy.

Nonetheless, it is one of the most amazing ways to make your heroes more powerful in League of Pantheons. 


You will be activating different bonuses when you gain a particular number of characters in your squad from a specific element.

These include Verdant Power (wind heroes), Ocean Power (water heroes), Everflame Power (fire heroes), Light Power (light heroes), Dark Power (dark heroes), as well as Fusion Power.

Fusion Power is activated when you are successful in gaining one hero of each kind. 


Artifacts in League of Pantheons are essentially party members. They act as associates during combat by activating their unique skills and staying immune to any kind of damage at the same time.

As you can expect, Artifacts will not only provide you with great help during combat but also help you in gaining some gems! 

To head to these Artifacts, you must click on the big icon located on the top left-hand side of your screen from the Fight tab.

Alternatively, you will also be able to access it by simply clicking on the Artifact option located in the bottom info panel. 


Have you also tried moving your characters around and fell flat? Well, this happens because the vacant positions in the party are relying on the specific formation that you choose. 

As you keep unlocking more levels in League of Pantheons, you will also get access to some unique formations.

These play a crucial role in changing the way of opponents target. 

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Once you have sorted everything related to the heroes, it is time to collect some resources for yourself.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways in League of Pantheons through which you can grab some exciting free stuff! Let’s have a look: 


It may come as a surprise to some but League of Pantheons is one such game that provides you with free gold simply for playing!

To collect your free reward, all you have to do is check out the top info panel and click on the plus (+) option near the gold.

This gold will keep on refreshing every so often! So every time you find the exclamation point here, you would know your gold is ready! 


You will be able to access Quests in League of Pantheons through the Fight tab.

Quests in this game are classified into different categories including daily quests, weekly quests, main story quests, as well as advanced trial ones. 

All of these will provide you with some free resources for your game.

Apart from this, the main story ones are also likely to provide you with some crucial items like summon scrolls, a substantial number of Gems, and much more! 

The good thing is that these quests also fill your activity meter up every time you finish off a daily or weekly quest.

Once it gets filled up completely, you will be able to redeem an extra reward through it!Hence, you must never miss out on any quest. 


You will find plenty of promos going on simultaneously in League of Pantheons. Players must keep a close eye on this option to get the most out of it.

Moreover, many of these promos are quite generous when it comes to bombarding you with free items!

You will be able to find this panel in town. It is placed in the top section of your screen. 

Apart from these, there are also some more ways of earning free resources in the League of Pantheons.

These include Timed Rewards, Trials, Voyages, Rebirth, and Blitzing. 

Additionally, there is also a passive generation source of these resources for the time when you aren’t even playing the game!

You must keep a close eye on all these regularly so that you can acquire as many free resources as possible!

After all, resources make a crucial element of the game and when you have the opportunity of gaining them for free, why would you want to miss it? 

League of Pantheons Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Finally here is some League of Pantheons Tips, Tricks and Strategies that will help you enhance your gaming experience to another level! 

Let’s have a look: 

Make use of Scrolls & Diamonds in the early stages of the game 

As soon as you finish off your game tutorial, you are going to receive a bunch of exciting rewards in your mailbox.

This will be filled with plenty of diamonds as well as advanced scrolls. First and foremost, you would wish to use them for attaining 5-star heroes.

Always keep in mind to go for a set of ten as that will boost the odds of getting a hero with a 5-star rank. 

Play the game religiously during the first few days   

The first week is very crucial when you are just getting started with the League of Pantheons game.

It is during this time that you will receive lots of rewards and free stuff simply for signing in to the game.

So keep in mind to log in every day so that you can make most of this complimentary stuff and fetch as many rewards as possible. 

Join Guilds

In League of Pantheons, it is very important to join a guild whenever possible.

It will help you in gaining increased hero stats depending upon your class.

Apart from that, the guild will also provide you with some bonus stats every time you win against Guild bosses.

This is why you should always try to beat these bosses along with your available guildmates.  

Keep Striving To Unlock New Levels

The majority of the content, as well as higher functions of the League of Pantheons, is hidden from you until you unlock new levels. , it would be great for your gameplay if you always prioritise unlocking different stages of the game as early as possible. 

Final Words

If you were struggling to learn how to summon mighty heroes and outsmart your enemies in League of Pantheons, we hope we solved that for you. 

League of Pantheons is a simple, feature-rich, and a bit of a tricky game.

Players often have a hard time understanding and choosing different heroes, making them stronger, and there are also times when you are simply stuck on a level.

For all such times, some League of Pantheons Tips, Tricks and Strategies can prove to be truly helpful. 

And with that, we wrap up our League of Pantheons Beginner’s Guide.

If you have any more League of Pantheons Tips, Tricks and Strategies to share of your own, feel free to drop them in the comment section down below.

Have fun playing! 

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