Mobile Legends Best Hero for Solo Push Rank in 2023 | Best Hero to Push Rank in 2023

Hey Guys new season is here Many Players are still in epic, I will share you how to play solo to reach Mythic in MLBB. I will show you the best heroes which helped you in reaching that goal.

The List am gonna present is of easiest & very strong heroes if played right, you can easily carry if you played then right.

So Start with Descending numbers.

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Mobile Legends Best Hero 2023


You need to be flexible in order to win solo, not everyone is willing to tank. Hylos is that tank, he got a massive HP bar & good damage with his skill 2.

If MM’s or Mage doesn’t have enough life steal, he can easily kill them.

So, Hylos is at No. 7 in our list best hero for solo ranked mobile legends 2023.


Gusion can burst down any MM or Mage with his Combo. That means he can easily take down enemy’s damage dealer.

Mobile Legends Gusion Buff trick

If enemy has good life steal, make sure to make Necklace of durance. Other than damage, he has good skills to escape if enemy ganks on him best hero to push rank.

These days many players are playing Gusion in-side lane, if you ally picks hero for Mid, take Gusion & go side lane. For side lane, I recommend Purify spell.


With good burst damage, & fast movement speed, Harley is at No 5. Harley is pretty good against backline heroes, 1 combo & back and enemy dead.

Also heroes who can escape at very low HP. With Harley, you can rotate fast keep dealing damage even after your skills hero push rank solo 2023.

Most important thing, unlike Gusion Harley doesn’t need an initiation. He can initiate & finish target by himself.


Khaleed is a Great Fighter, with very high early game damage & sustainability. Furthermore, he can regen his HP anywhere on HP.

While playing Khaleed don’t use your 2nd skill before enemy’s CC skill. Wait for them to use CC then regen your HP best hero to reach mythic 2023.

Mobile Legends Khaleed

Khaleed deals a huge damage with his 1st skill, so try to get all three hits. When playing Khaleed play aggressive & pressure your enemy.

Keep saying “Another One” while playing Khaleed.

One more important thing, don’t use Assassin Emblem with him. I would suggest use Fighter Emblem with Festival of Blood Talent.


Miya revamp is really awesome with 2 items you can really dominate.

In early game just focus on farming & play safe. After getting 1 or 2 items, gank with your team & dominate further.

If there’s a fighter going for Gold lane, try to convince him else change lanes. There is nothing in fighting, you’ll just lose farm best push hero mobile legends.

Mobile Legends Revamped Miya Guide 2020 & Best Build thumbnail

Use Miya 2nd skill on damage dealers so that you can deal more damage to them.

If enemies are ganking on you & you can’t save the lane, use ulti and run. It’s better to give up the tower than giving up on your life.


Chang’e is really OP hero, just stay back & keeps spamming your ulti.

Mostly Chang’e is being used as a support so there is no need to fight for buff. You can even steal enemy’s buff using your ulti best hero in mobile legends 2022.

Chang’e gets movement boost with which you can easily escape enemies too. Chang’e can also be played without depending upon tank.


Pharsa is really OP hero these days, OP damage & it’s hard to reach her.

That’s why she tops this list, her range is massive & with a way to escape. With Pharsa target enemy’s carry, with her damage you can easily kill them best hero to push rank mobile legends.

Even if your main damage dealer isn’t able to deal damage, you surly can kill them. Her ultimate CD is very low & you can keep spamming it again & again best solo hero mobile legends.

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This Concludes my list if you have any doubt, make sure to ask them in comment section. Thanks for reading hope you like it.

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