Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List & Best Characters 2022

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List: How to find Fire Emblem Heroes Best Characters? To help you get a good understanding of the same, here is the best Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List! 

There are plenty of game genres available online, ranging from action-adventure to strategy.

However, Role-Playing games, also known as RPGs, are one of the most popular ones today, especially for smartphones.

Fire Emblem Heroes is one such game that features strategy RPG and it is no wonder that the game has already created a huge and devoted fan base worldwide. 

In this game, players are required to gather units, also known as heroes for using them in different strategic fights.

And well, here comes the tricky part. The fact is that all heroes are not created the same in Fire Emblem Heroes.

This means that all these heroes feature unique qualities and abilities in FEH and each one of these has a distinct chance of helping you gain a victory in the battle.

Thus, finding Fire Emblem Heroes Best Characters becomes important. 

It may be a huge task to navigate through the list of more than 500 characters in the FEH game and find the best one for yourself.

This is why we have curated our special Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List for all the enthusiastic FEH players which will help you in finding Fire Emblem Heroes Best Characters. 

So without any further ado, let’s dive right into the best FEH Tier List

How to use the Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List?

The Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List is broadly categorized into three different color-coded decks:

  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Grey

Red characters are the ones who are powerful against grey characters.

Blue characters are powerful against red characters.

And lastly, grey characters are powerful against blue characters. 

So, for instance, in case a player chooses to use a grey character, he must focus on prioritizing to bring down red characters rather than grey or blue.

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List

Our Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List is divided into six different tiers, namely S, A, B, C, D, and F.

Here, S is the strongest tier with the most powerful FEH characters and F is the weakest with the worst FEH characters. 

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List: S-Tier

First tier in our Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List is the S-tier and characters mentioned under this category are regarded as the best ones in the game.

If you have these, you would require no other. They are considered to be FEH beasts. 

The following is the list of all the Fire Emblem Heroes best characters along with their colors. 

  • Brave Hector: Red
  • Brave Dimitri: Red
  • Brave Ephraim: Blue
  • Legendary Azura: Red
  • Brave Edelgard: Blue
  • Winter Sothis: Blue
  • Brave Ike: Blue
  • Bridal Micaiah: Grey
  • Valentine’s Rudolf: Red
  • Young Palla: Red
  • Young Merric: Blue
  • Thrasir: Blue
  • Winter Marth: Grey
  • Halloween Tiki (Young): Red
  • Legendary Chrom: Red
  • Legendary Leif: Grey
  • Legendary Corrin (F): Grey
  • New Year Alfonse: Red
  • Legendary Dimitri: Red
  • Legendary Edelgard: Blue
  • Valentine’s Alm: Blue

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List: A-Tier

It has been observed that in case you have the below-mentioned characters from A-tier, they can push you through the game with great ease.

They may not be as strong as S-Tier characters, but they feature a great performance. 

The following is the list of all characters in the A-Tier of the Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List along with their colors. 

  • Duo Ephraim: Red
  • Kris (F): Red
  • Legendary Celica: Blue
  • New Year Peony: Blue
  • Ninja Lyn: Grey
  • Forsyth: Red
  • Bridal Nailah: Blue
  • Shamir: Blue
  • Fallen Tiki    : Grey
  • Summer Ingrid: Red
  • Brave Lucina: Red
  • Surtr: Blue
  • Freyja: Blue
  • Bramimond: Grey
  • Legendary Alm: Grey
  • Legendary Julia: Red
  • Pirate Tibarn: Grey
  • Veronica: Grey
  • Mamori: Blue
  • Valentine’s Faye    : Grey
  • Fallen Corrin: Red
  • Opehelia: Red
  • Legendary Tiki : Red

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List: B-Tier

The heroes in B-Tier of our FEH Tier List are nice enough for players through this RPG game in case they wish to use these.

They may not be the best options available in the game to you, nonetheless, they are decent enough for letting you finish off the game.

To dominate your game using these heroes players will have to team them up with other FEH characters from higher Tiers.

The following is the list of all characters in the B-Tier of the Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List along with their colors. 

  • New Year Plumeria: Grey
  • Eleonora: Grey
  • Winter Ephraim: Red
  • Brave Eliwood: Red
  • Ninja Navarre: Red
  • Winter Bernadetta: Blue
  • Halloween Robin (F): Blue
  • Picnic Lukas: Red
  • Hel: Blue
  • Fallen Robin (M): Blue
  • Caineghis: Grey
  • Leila: Grey
  • Seiros: Red
  • Duessel: Red
  • Fallen Corrin (F): Grey
  • Mila    : Grey
  • Guinivere: Red
  • Gatrie: Red
  • Peony: Red
  • Dieck: Blue
  • Triandra: Blue
  • Nagi    : Blue
  • Reyson: Blue
  • Summer Selena: Blue
  • Brave Camilla: Grey
  • Summer Mia: Grey
  • Peony: Red
  • Lilith: Red
  • Gatrie: Red
  • Fallen Lyon    : Blue
  • Picnic Felicia: Blue
  • Ninja Laevatein: Blue
  • Shinon: Grey
  • Sara    : Grey
  • Bernadetta: Grey
  • Brave Claude: Grey
  • Flayn: Grey
  • Brave Lyn: Grey
  • Tsubasa: Red
  • Plegian Katarina: Red
  • Reinhardt: Red
  • Rinkah: Blue
  • Yarne: Blue
  • Jill: Blue
  • Pirate Veronica: Blue
  • New Year Lethe: Blue
  • Soiree Reinhardt: Blue
  • Azura (Young): Blue
  • Performing Azura: Blue
  • Soiree Berkut: Red
  • Deirdre: Blue
  • New Year Keaton: Blue
  • Plegian Tharja: Blue
  • Bridal Fjorm: Grey
  • Julian: Grey
  • Masquerade Ethlyn: Grey
  • Petrine: Red
  • Ronan: Red
  • Selena: Red
  • Legendary Lucina: Red
  • Myrrh: Blue
  • Ninja Hana: Blue
  • Young Minerva: Blue
  • Winter Cecilia: Grey
  • Dozla: Grey
  • Winter Sephiran: Grey
  • Masquerade Eldigan: Red
  • Apotheosis Anna    : Red
  • Hardin: Red
  • Summer Laegjarn: Red
  • Winter Fae: Blue
  • Ced: Blue
  • Winter Jaffer: Blue
  • New Year Selkie: Grey
  • Eir: Grey
  • Claude: Grey
  • Melady: Red
  • Dimitri: Red
  • Legendary Ephraim: Red
  • Yune    : Blue
  • Gerik: Blue
  • Hilda: Blue
  • Osian: Blue
  • Nailah: Red
  • Winter Nino    : Red
  • Naesala: Red
  • New Year Velouria: Red
  • Jorge: Red
  • Nils    : Red
  • Halloween Ilyana: Red
  • Winter Felix: Red
  • Duma    : Grey
  • Halloween Jakob: Grey
  • Soiree Nepheneee: Grey
  • Summer Lyn: Red
  • Perceval: Red
  • Naga    : Red
  • Masquerade Quan    : Red
  • Spring Est: Red
  • Sirius: Red
  • Spring Fir: Blue
  • Masquerade Lachesis: Blue
  • Brave Micaiah: Blue
  • Fae: Blue
  • Kaden: Blue
  • Winter Hilda: Red
  • Legendary Hector: Blue
  • Edelgard: Blue
  • Valentine’s Hector: Blue
  • Julia: Blue
  • Annette: Blue
  • Asbel: Blue
  • Flame Emperor: Blue

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List: C-Tier

The characters in C-Tier of our Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List are considered to be average characters and it has been found that these heroes sometimes find it hard to clear the game content towards the end.

Players will find them good enough for finishing off a specific duration of game with these heroes, however, it is suggested that in case you have a chance to change them and choose other units, you must do so. 

The following is the list of all characters in the C-Tier of the Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List along with their colors. 

  • Kana (M): Red
  • Valentine’s Greil: Blue
  • Flying Nino    : Blue
  • Nino    : Blue
  • Leanne: Grey
  • Legendary Robin (F): Grey
  • Velouria: Grey
  • Ishtar: Red
  • Rinea: Red
  • Altena: Red
  • Seteth: Red
  • Valentine’s Lyn: Red
  • Python: Blue
  • Groom Hinata: Blue
  • Sue: Blue
  • Winter Eirika: Grey
  • Halloween Mia: Grey
  • Rolf    : Grey
  • Geese: Red
  • Brunnya: Red
  • Ferdinand: Red
  • Robin (F): Blue
  • Green Tome Olwen: Blue
  • Rhajat: Blue
  • Hoshidan Summer Xander: Grey
  • Norne: Grey
  • Lousie: Grey
  • Fjorm: Red
  • Ilyana: Red
  • Gwendolyn: Red
  • Flegian Kris (M): Blue
  • Hostile Springs Hinoka: Blue
  • New Year Fjorm: Blue
  • Kronya: Grey
  • Elsie: Grey
  • Larum: Grey
  • Summer Dorothea: Grey
  • Loki    : Grey
  • Fallen Delthea: Red
  • Spring Narcian: Red
  • Clair: Red
  • Summer Camilla: Red
  • Fallen Berkut: Red
  • Camus: Red
  • Cherche: Blue
  • Spring Veronica: Blue
  • Cecilia: Blue
  • Valentine’s Eliwood: Red
  • Kjelle: Red
  • Est: Red
  • Corrin (F): Red
  • Adrift Corrrin (M): Red
  • Cordelia: Red
  • Sheena: Blue
  • Ranulf: Blue
  • Amelia: Blue
  • Boey    : Blue
  • New Year Azura: Blue
  • Barst: Blue
  • Klein: Grey
  • Gordin: Grey
  • Bow Hinoka: Grey
  • Mirabelle: Grey
  • Dorcas: Blue
  • Wolt    : Blue
  • Adrift Corrin (F): Blue
  • Panne: Red
  • Petra: Red
  • Summer Lute    : Red
  • Fiora: Red
  • Hoshidan Summer Ryoma: Red
  • Robin (M): Red
  • Gunnthra: Blue
  • Hoshidan Summer Elincia: Blue
  • Echidna: Blue
  • Summer Laevatein: Blue
  • Ross    : Blue
  • Hector: Blue
  • Bridal Ninian: Red
  • Selkie: Red
  • Nowi    : Red
  • Micaiah: Red
  • Halloween Niles: Red
  • Rafiel: Red
  • Halloween Kagero: Blue
  • Halloween Henry: Blue
  • Kana (F): Blue
  • Lewyn: Blue
  • Legion: Blue
  • Summer Sylvain: Blue

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List: D-Tier

Heroes in D-tier of our Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List have a less chance of granting you success in a variety of aspects of the FEH game in comparison to other heroes mentioned above in the FEH tier list.

You can go with these heroes only when you are left with no other choice.

The following is the list of all characters in the D-Tier of the Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List along with their colors. 

  • A’Arachel: Red
  • Lukas: Red
  • Mae: Red
  • Linde: Red
  • Lute    : Red
  • Halloween L’Arachel: Blue
  • Minerva: Blue
  • Caellach: Blue
  • Lugh    : Blue
  • Michalis: Blue
  • Nina    : Grey
  • Silque: Grey
  • Natasha: Grey
  • Niles: Grey
  • Nanna: Grey
  • Florina: Red
  • Hinoka: Red
  • Kliff: Red
  • Cormag: Red
  • Death Knight: Red
  • Arthur: Blue
  • Bridal Sanaki: Blue
  • Valentine’s Mist    : Blue
  • Anna    : Blue
  • Raven: Blue
  • Valentine’s Roy: Grey
  • Priscilla: Grey
  • Performing Olivia: Grey
  • Hostile Springs Sakura: Grey
  • Hostile Springs Camilla: Grey
  • Ephraim: Red
  • Cynthia: Red
  • Abel    : Red
  • Galle: Red
  • Finn    : Red
  • Soren: Blue
  • Beruka: Blue
  • Spring Sharena: Blue
  • Bartre: Blue
  • Sonya: Blue
  • Picnic Genny: Grey
  • Halloween Sakura: Grey
  • Lena    : Grey
  • Saizo: Grey
  • Thethys: Grey
  • Ylgr    : Red
  • Delthea: Red
  • Effie: Red
  • Donnel: Red
  • Sigrun: Red
  • Titania: Blue
  • Spring Camilla: Blue
  • Haar    : Blue
  • Camilla: Blue
  • Winter Sothis: Blue
  • Sothe: Grey
  • New Year Laevatein: Grey
  • Summer Rhys    : Grey
  • Setsuna: Grey
  • Mercedes: Grey
  • Ursula: Red
  • Valter: Red
  • Summer Corrin (F): Red
  • Summer Cordelia: Red
  • Tanith: Red
  • Spring Alfonse: Blue
  • Summer Elsie: Blue
  • Walhart: Blue
  • Halloween Dorcas: Blue
  • F: Rederick: Blue
  • New Year Takumi: Grey
  • Spring Loki    : Grey
  • Spring Bruno: Grey
  • Fallen Takumi: Grey
  • Summer Takumi: Grey
  • Tailtiu: Red
  • Spring Catria: Red
  • Pent    : Red
  • Tana    : Red
  • Catria: Red
  • Performing Inigo: Blue
  • Hawkeye: Blue
  • Gerome: Blue
  • Summer Ylgr    : Blue
  • Helbindi: Blue
  • Bridal Cordelia: Grey
  • Summer Ursula: Grey
  • Emmeryn: Grey
  • Clarine: Grey
  • Clarisse: Grey
  • Shiro: Red
  • Berkut: Red
  • Spring Marisa: Red
  • Sumia: Red
  • Silas: Red
  • Sharena: Red
  • Performing: Red
  • Azura: Red
  • Shigure: Red
  • New Year Laegjarn: Red
  • Valentine’s Lilina: Blue
  • Mustafa: Blue
  • Summer Innes: Blue
  • Darros: Blue
  • Libra: Blue
  • Ethlyn: Grey
  • Merlinus: Grey
  • New Year Corrin (M): Grey
  • Chad    : Grey
  • Tanya: Grey
  • Summer Gunnthra: Grey
  • Gaius: Grey
  • Faye    : Grey
  • Felicia: Grey
  • Forrest: Grey
  • Heath: Red
  • Mordecai: Red
  • Shanna: Red
  • Hostile Springs Ryoma:: Red
  • Saias: Red
  • Peri    : Red
  • Travant: Red

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List: F-Tier

All the heroes included in the F-Tier of our Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List are considered to be extremely poor in the game.

It would only be safe for you to stay away from these heroes and not raise them as the resources as well as amount of time you are going to use is not going to be worth it at all.

The following is the list of all characters in the F-Tier of the Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List along with their colors. 

  • Spring Kagero: Grey
  • Ninian: Red
  • Valentine’s Soren: Red
  • Oscar: Red
  • Olwen: Red
  • Oboro: Red
  • Summer Linde: Grey
  • Roderick: Red
  • Winter Robin: Red
  • Quan    : Red
  • Groom Marth: Blue
  • Winter Lissa: Blue
  • Linus: Blue
  • Legendary Lyn: Blue
  • Valentine’s Slique: Grey
  • Kagero: Grey
  • Jaffar: Grey
  • Eremiya: Grey
  • Legault: Grey
  • Gangrel: Grey
  • Kaze    : Grey
  • Morgan (F): Red
  • Thea    : Red
  • Conrad: Red
  • Nephenee: Red
  • Valbar: Red
  • Mikoto: Grey
  • Summer Noise: Grey
  • Sakura: Grey
  • Rebecca: Grey
  • Mist    : Grey
  • Spring Chorm: Blue
  • Picnic Leo: Blue
  • Merric: Blue
  • Narcian: Blue
  • Summer Tiki (Adult): Blue
  • Clive: Red
  • Jagen: Red
  • Mathilda: Red
  • Spring Lucina: Red
  • Spring Xander: Red
  • Gunter: Blue
  • Summer Xander: Blue
  • Wrys    : Grey
  • Takumi: Grey
  • Serra: Grey
  • Azama: Grey
  • Virion: Grey
  • Innes: Grey
  • Summer Gaius: Grey
  • Brady: Grey
  • Summer F: Rederick: Grey
  • Genny: Grey
  • Summer Robin (F): Red
  • Subaki: Red
  • Bridal Charlotte: Red
  • Sully: Red
  • Bridal Caeda: Red
  • Leon    : Grey
  • Jeorge: Grey
  • Jakob: Grey
  • Jamke: Grey
  • Lachesis: Grey
  • Odin    : Red
  • Oliver: Red
  • Matthew: Grey
  • Bridal Lyn: Grey
  • Lissa: Grey
  • Lucius: Grey
  • Maria: Grey

Who is the best character in Fire Emblem Heroes? 

Brave Hector is considered to be the most powerful among all other Fire Emblem Heroes Best Characters.

This is why we ranked him on the top of our Ultimate Fire Emblem Heroes Hero Tier List as well. 

Brave Hector features an even stronger edition of Distant Counter, the one to provide him buffs.

Owing to the weapon refinement of this character, he earns an assured follow-up attack, staves off opponent follow-ups, as well as make sure to avoid any armor-effective attack or penalties. 

Wrapping Up

The Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List is an extremely beneficial tool that helps players to determine which units or heroes in the game are worthy of farming and who they can count on for a powerful fight.

Players mainly use this Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List for prioritizing which heroes are the strongest for finalizing quests in the FEH game and exactly what sort of characters they should use in distinct circumstances.

With the help of our Ultimate Fire Emblem Heroes hero Tier List mentioned above, players will be able to make the best of their game resources without having to waste a considerable amount of time on those FEH characters who are not even going to contribute a lot to their all-around strategy.

In simple words, certain characters don’t bring much value to the players in the game. 

We hope that our Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List was successful in helping you narrow down the best characters in FEH that you must hold on to and bring up for building the most powerful team. 

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