How to Play Prison Break Stickman Adventure 2022 and Beat All Levels?

Prison Break Stickman Adventure: An Android game that is mostly RPG but there is not much you can do except for making the right choices from level to level is what sums up Prison Break Stickman Adventure precisely.

As already mentioned, this game is only available for android platforms, be it a smartphone or an Android tablet.

The game is described in a very mysterious manner on Google Play Store, from where you can exclusively download Prison Break Stickman Adventure.

It’s said that the game makes you be Lupin 19th who happens to be a thief and a prison escape artist.

The challenges are described as the player would have to introduce skills and uniqueness in order to make out of the prisons that Lupin is locked in as every level progresses.

The gameplay, however, is quite simpler.

All one has to do is make the right choices and sometimes when the choice seems right, you would be flabbergasted by something unusual.

The wild adventure is definitely something to try out if you are an Android user or even a desktop user.

This game is not directly available for Windows or Mac but there are a lot of emulators, as options you can try to play on a desktop. 

Prison Break: Stickman Adventure Guide 2022, discussed in this article would be a complete guide to beat all levels.

Yes, it is true that it gets frustrating once the permutations and combinations do not match with the gameplay mechanics and you end up in a place from where you have to retaliate.

This is also exactly the reason that Prison Break: Stickman Adventure Guide 2022 is what you should look for, while playing the game in order to get a complete guide to beat all levels.

Here will be a list of all the levels that you have to pass through and enjoy the different scenarios you are put in while playing the game. 

For a complete guide to beat all levels, you need to firstly know that every level either has 1 correct option out of 3 or it maybe a combination of choices one has to make, in order to follow a complete guide to beat all levels with proper conviction.

The list contains all the correct choices and knowing these would make your Prison Break: Stickman Adventure Guide 2022 experience, quite good.

Also, this list is in the correct order as well, which is definitely a good thing for you to follow through with full attention.

Prison Break: Stickman Adventure Guide 2022 list contains a descriptive part of the level and then the correct option/combination.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Complete Prison Break Stickman Adventure

There are huge chances that if you have been looking for the Prison Break Stickman Adventure guide, you must be interested in completing the game sooner or are very well stuck in a level that is indeed quite tricky.

Difficulty in this game progresses towards the end and completing few of the first stages can give you a demo of how interesting this game would be to play.

Eventually, you would go on to make a lot of memories with the game as the levels keep becoming more and more interesting with time. 

1. Use your Hands

For the first stage, the main character of the game, Lupin is stuck in a prison but he could luckily find a crack on the wall.

There are 3 options for him to choose between in the first level of Prison Break Stickman Adventure.

The first option is to crack the wall further with his head, the second option is to use the metal food tray while the third option is to use your fist.

It clearly shows on the thumbnail of the options that your hand would be injured if you do so, but that is the right choice to make.

It happens to be that if you use your head, you would be hurt really badly and that is just not the right idea.

On the other hand, if the metal food tray is used for the first level of Prison Break Stickman Adventure, the prison guards would hear the sound, be alerted and eventually catch you from escaping.

So, using the fist is the right option for the 1st level.

2. Throw the Bone

A guard dog appears, thus hindering the prison escape for Lupin.

There are 3 things that you can possibly make a choice between.

There’s a bone for the first option (the right one), bread and slice of meat.

When you choose the among the last 2 options, you would be able to distract the dog for a little while but that’s not too beneficial.

On choosing bone (the right option), Lupin would be throwing it far away, thus making the dog go out of sight.

He can proceed in his quest of Prison Break Stickman Adventure.

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3. Use the Ladder

Among the options given to you on the 3rd level, you are supposed to choose ladder, since it is steady and walking on one isn’t too difficult.

The other 2 options are a wooden plank and a rope.

The wooden plank is not at all dependable upon while Lupin’s skills of tightrope walking isn’t that impressive.

Hence, ladder is the right choice in the 3rd story of the 1st chapter in Prison Break Stickman Adventure for the particular game to progress.

4. Hide under dirty laundry and then, jump over the electric fence

Between all the choices given for the 4th level of Prison Break Stickman Adventure, you are supposed to choose hiding under the dirty laundry because if you choose to hide inside the washing machine, the prison guard can still trace you and will keep staring at you until the level is declared incomplete.

Secondly, if you choose to hide behind the laundry cart, that is not the right place to hide for it is so open and unprotected that the guard will catch you in no time.

Hide under the laundry and move along just for Lupin to find himself held back by barbed wires on top of long walls, in the first place.

The 3 choices that appear are climbing the fence, going through the gate or just jumping over it.

Once you try to climb the fence is when you would know that the fence is an electric one and that’d be an immediate regret.

If you go by opening the gate normally, you’d land up in a hostile warzone, eventually getting killed.

Hence, the right choice is to jump over it, no matter how bizarre it may seem.

One of the best games in the world Prison Break Stickman Adventure becomes even more interesting with the stages getting too exciting as you have not one choice to make all the time.

Sometimes, you have to follow through a combination of choices in order to get through.

Prison Break Stickman Adventure is indeed a very interesting game to play without hard gameplay mechanics that requires certain sense of attention from your mind.

This episodic game is entertaining for almost all ages but kids tend to love it more, mainly because of the easy gameplay that gets you through stages/levels.

5. Choose Mobile phone and the remote controller consecutively

You meet a stronger and bigger prisoner on your way to the escape that you have to get past.

Firstly, the choices are to get in a fist fight, use your mobile phone or offer him a cigarette.

Even though offering a cigarette seems like the act that can get you past that prisoner but it turns out to be that he is a non-smoker and offering him a cigarette would just infuriate him even more.

Similarly, you cannot charge in to take him down as he is really strong and will have no mercy.

The correct option, then, is to just hand him your cell phone and walk away without any concern.

On the 2nd part of this level, there are options for you to choose between switch, remote control or a bell.

The right option to use the remote control and turn the tv on.

Most of the gameplay of Prison Break Stickman Adventure is pretty much similar.

You have to choose among 3 options in every episode of the level and a single level can even be more than 3 episodes long.

Choosing the right options will progress you in the game and the mechanics are as simple as they can get.

This is a quest towards freedom and if you want to know all the things to do henceforth, in Prison Break Stickman Adventure, just know the patterns and do accordingly.

You can intentionally make mistakes just to see what happens but this, right here, is the complete guide.

6. Choose the “red cross clinic” to get a doctor sitting on the computer.

Use “chloroform” on him and then “cheese” to get the rat you encounter, out of the way.

7. Play “music” for the first sub-part of the level and then “throw papers” in front of the guard’s eyes to distract him and get away. Topple the vase, next.

8. Lupin lands up in a scenario where he has to free a fellow prisoner. You have to use the “hands” option first to free him, which is the obvious choice.

He’ll be able to bend it with his own hands, surprisingly.

When a female prison guard arrives, you have to choose “cockroach” to scare her and move her out of your way, which she was hindering.

Lastly, choose the “yellow card” because the other 2 options will lead you in trouble.

9. Kick through the door, followed by teasing the spider that comes in your way and eventually, use the shovel to dig down the floor instead of taking the obvious route.

10. This is the level in Prison Break Stickman Adventure where a total of 4 episodes’ sequence continues.

Every time you complete 5 levels in Prison Break Stickman Adventure, you will get a level which has 4 episodes to cross.

Anyway, for this one, the first choice to make should be fireflies trapped in a jar.

The 2nd choice is “dog” while the third is to cut the “black wire”.

At last, distract the guard that comes in your way by throwing stones

11. Teasing Face (1), Blow whistle (2), Blue card is the key (3).

12. “Do the dance moves” when a fellow prisoner arrives first.

Secondly, “press the blue button” when an old man shows up in the level.

For the last one, sing a song when the female prisoner arrives.

13. Get in the fight (1), Light up fire (2), Use the mop (3).

14. “The wooden plank” is the first best choice.

The obvious choice which is to “travel through a wire” to get past the crocodiles is the right one and that sums up the 2nd episode of level 14 in Prison Break Stickman Adventure. “Run” in the 3rd level to get past the crabs that appear in your way.

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15. Choose the “brown door” instead of blue door and window.

Because the brown door would lead to you being caught by 2 guards and escaping through the window is not the right option for it is not a real window.

It is just a sticker to trick you and eventually, you get to nowhere.

For the second episode in this level of Prison Break Stickman Adventure, you are supposed to “turn the faucet” on and wait for the guard to come and slip on it.

For the third sub-part of the level, “run”. The last episode will put you in a room where water continues to pour in and drown you.

The right choice here, is the unusual one but after you choose it, it kind of makes a little sense.

“The bulb” looks small but it turns out to be gigantic enough to evaporate the water that you are trying to avoid, since you are stuck in a closed room. 

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