Complete Guide about What is Clutch in CODM 2022?

Clutch In CODM: Want to know what is Clutch in Call of Duty Mobile? This article will describe exactly what a clutch is and give an overview on CODM 2022.

Today in this article, we would provide you with all the details on the how to clutch in Call of Duty Mobile game.

I am a gamer and a blogger, I have been playing this game since it was released and therefore I am explaining you about how to pull off a clutch in tense moments in CODM 2022.

How to Clutch in CODM?

Clutch is one of moments that every gamer wants to achieve in life and if the gamer pull it off than it will the moment of his life.

Clutch in CODM is commonly used word among the gamers to describe the situation when all of your squad member have died and you are the only one remaining along with other enemy squads.

But you have defeated the enemy squads and become the last man standing and hence performed a clutch in CODM.

In simple words clutch is defeating all the remaining enemies while you are the only one remaining.

Pulling off a clutch is the most difficult thing in COD Mobile because you have to take on other squad single handedly but not impossible.

Here we are giving you some tips and strategies to perform clutch in Call of Duty:

Go Stealth Mode

  • If you ever find yourself in a clutch situation than at first remember to locate your enemies and try to find out a vintage point.
  • If your analysis is over and you are sure of the position of your enemies than try picking easy targets at first and finish them off one by one without getting killed.
  • After you knock down your first enemy, remember if the enemy has not died but have only been knocked down than don’t kill the enemy, wait for the other members of the enemy squad to make a move to save him and at that moment you will get the opportunity to finish off the whole squad.
  • Simultaneously pick the remaining enemies from your safe point and finish them off to secure your victory.
  • Remember to shift your position constantly as remaining in the same position may make your enemies doubtful and in turn reveal your position. Therefore it is safe to constantly move across the safe zone without getting spotted. 

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Killing Spree

The other method to perform the clutch in CODM is by going in a killing spree.

In this method, you would need to approach your enemy before they get to you and finish them off.

After knocking one of them, remember to finish him off before approaching the other members because if you leave him alive the other members would have the opportunity to revive him. 

This method is one of the difficult process to pull off a clutch as you would not find a shelter to take a breath as you are out in open but if you have the ability and skill to perform the killing spree, you should try this method and go on a killing spree. 

To achieve a Clutch in COD Mobile, you need to have a look on the following points before going out to play the Battle Royale in the CODM 2022:

  • At first before starting your game kindly verify the equipment you are loaded with. As having the correct set of weapons will provide you an additional advantage over your enemy as in the clutch situation, a slight advantage is also counted.
  • You must remember to constantly check your ammunition as you should not be running out of bullets otherwise you would get yourself killed. 
  • You should keep your medic supplies in check so that you could heal yourself at a faster rate as you would not be the only who would be firing. Therefore medic is one of the most important element to collect.
  • Also, collect different types of grenades such as Smoke, Flash, and Frag as it will come in handy at pivotal situation and you may use it to distract your enemies. 

Final Words

Call of Duty Mobile game is one of the oldest and the most popular battleground games in the mobile gaming arena.

It was developed by TIMI Studio group in the year 2019.

Soon it took over the gaming zone by fire.

The most amazing aspect of the game is its graphic and it’s BGM.

In this article we have explained about the clutch slang used in Call of Duty mobile game and also about different tips and strategies so as to overcome the clutch in CODM.

Therefore we hope that this tricks and strategies will help you to grasp you the clutch moment in your game.

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How can I Download the Call of Duty game in my mobile?

You can download the call of duty game in your android mobile phone as well as your IPhone. To download the game in your android phone, you may search the game in the Play Store. To download the game in your Iphone you may search the game in the Apple Store.

Which mode in Call of Duty mobile game gives more XP?

You can get XP by constantly killing your enemies. Therefore you need to be more aggressive and get more killings in order to increase your XP. Camping is not a good idea if you wish to increase your XP in the game.

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