How to Play Tamashi Rise of Yokai 2022? Working Promo Codes 

The newest MMO role playing game in market, Tamashi Rise of Yokai, will have you swooning with its beautiful and vivid graphics.

This game is a perfect start to your gaming journeys if you are into mystical lands and 3D anime like characters fighting your adventures as you! Seems interesting isn’t it? 

Tamashi Rise of Yokai starts at the fantasy mystical land of Glamland with the players getting the role of the saviour of the said adventure town as the new emerging demon slayer with the yokais, demon spirits, jumping at you at every corner of the game after ending up in the mind controlling clutches of the evil demon king by teaming up against the said evil king with the gods and good yokai by your side.

The Tamashi Rise of Yokai gameplay is easy enough to navigate like any other RPG with a fantasy land to protect and adventures to clear by making a team of friends. 

Promo Gift Codes for Tamashi Rise of Yokai

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Tamashi Rise of Yokai characters

While this MMORPG game is an absolute dream to play with given its anime-esque type of designing and how, despite all its fanciness, has a very user friendly interface.

The Tamashi Rise of Yokai characters are generally split up or fractionated in three different classes and are to be selected according to the requirements and stages the player is at.

Though to everyone’s relief, there isn’t a long list of classes that one has to select their Tamashi Rise of Yokai characters from but just three. 

The three classes of characters in the Tamashi Rise of Yokai gameplay are given below to help you get a general overview about them to help you choose the most suitable class for you to begin your Glamland adventure with. 

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The class who’s first speciality in itself is survival is prone to be the most popular and obvious choice for beginners to start their Tamashi Rise of Yokai journey with.

This class is the most beginner friendly and is also recommended by almost every Tamashi Rise of Yokai guide to begin the game with.

Samurai might not have as lethal a damage output as the other two in this game but the survival ability and sheer defensive power makes them an invincible force quite literally.

These Samurai class characters also have excellent AoE characteristics and features to obliterate the enemies for dead on the ground and to leave the battlefield relatively better and unscathed.

So if you are wondering which class to start your journey of gaming, you might want to go for the Samurai class, if not for anything then for it being beginner friendly and a very high rate of survival ability compared to the other two. 


The second class of characters that is going to be talked about in this Tamashi Rise of Yokai guide is the class called Onmyoji.

If the class talked before is lauded for its survival skills then this one is prized for it’s immense damage output which can be definitely considered lethal on the battlefield.

The Tamashi Rise of Yokai has magical elements in its gaming arena and Onmyoji comes right there due to the fact that they are dubbed as the caster in this game.

These characters in the Tamashi Rise of Yokai gameplay can cast a plethora of lethal spells which can render the enemies absolutely defence less and dead.

The only slight drawback to this class is that its not as effective as the Samurai when it comes to survival what with the Onmyoji being really vulnerable after the firing of it’s spell, which usually leaves this character a little defenceless.

If you are to follow this guide for Tamashi Rise of Yokai then go for this character if you know how to work around the lower survival ability that comes with this lethal spell caster. 


The last group of class to adorn this list is the Cannoneer, that as the name suggests, has the advantage of speed and agility on their side though with a little less damage output and a little less survival skills as well.

The Cannoneer might be a class with some skills with slightly less power but definitely makes up for more than lethal agility and brutal skill speed which more than often meets the mark,that is the head of the enemy.

This class can also be considered as beginner friendly as well given the fact it allows you the power of speed and out powering the enemy with the said speed and agility as the Cannoneer hits the mark and that too with extreme precision and accuracy and leave the battlefield before getting hit in return as well.

If you want to completely baffle your enemies then definitely go for this speedy trickster. 

Now that you know your characters and classes, it would help you to learn a couple of tricks and tips to play the Tamashi Rise of Yokai seamlessly without too much difficulties. 

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Quick Tips and Tricks to play Tamashi Rise of Yokai

Always try to select a class that suits your gaming experience and/or your gaming style.

This makes half the game easier in itself and since there are only three classes, you just need to know the basics of these characters to ace your choice. 

Automation in MMORPGs can quite literally be your best friend in these sort of games and Tamashi Rise of Yokai is no different, this game more so than the other due to the fact that Tamashi Rise of Yokai is acutely automated in its entirety making this feature really helpful. 

Completion of daily targets must be a mantra by now for the players specifying in role playing games.

You might want to focus on the daily targets as well to make your game progress like a dream. 

Upgrading all your weapons and the characters you have selected to move forward with will only help you complete targets and missions as seamlessly as possible.

Also a point to be mentioned is that if not as frequently and not all your weapons, try to regularly upgrade your most used weapons and your artifacts to gain a steady momentum in the game

Make use of codes to move forward in the game without losing your own rewards (the promo gift codes for Tamashi Rise of Yokai are given at the beginning of the article) along with that clearing quests by teaming up with other clans might be helpful as well. 

Concluding remarks 

Here ends the comprehensive Tamashi Rise of Yokai review for this enigmatic storyline game.

Hope you were able to find this article helpful to begin your journey for this game and do keep this article bookmarked for future updates, new working promo gift codes and developments in this game. 

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