Dawncaster Guide & Best Tips How to Become Pro Player

If you have been looking for Dawncaster guide, you are at the right place because this article is not only going to give you a proper beginner’s guide for the game but also a lot of other information that you need to know.

One of the most important aspects that should be available in the game is the fact that this is a very simple Deck-building RPG game.

The game is available for both Android as well as iOS devices.

Whether you go to the Google Play Store or the App Store, in order to download it, you would have to pay $4.99 to buy the game.

Since it is a paid game and not a free game, the number of votes is less.

On the other hand, it has a 4.5 rating which is very good and goes to say that people really felt that the game is value for money.

No matter from where you heard about this game, buying and downloading is something that you would not regret because this is as good as any deck building Game can get.

More information about the game and beginner’s guide is given in the article below.

After having read this article, you would not find yourself needing to read another.

The reason behind this is the fact that all the things that you all need to know about the game as beginners are given in the article below with a fair attempt at not missing any important point.

This is a card game that will require you to build strategies and offer you six playable classes which makes the game one of a kind.

A Dark Fantasy world will be available to you after you open the game and you need to join forces in order to defeat the Evil.

Sounds very simple, doesn’t it? It is also affectionately called a mobile RPG cardventure.

The experience that you are going to get from this deck building game is definitely going to be different than any other because of the amazing graphics it offers as well as the storyline.

Dawncaster Strategies to Build Powerful Decks and Save the World is something that you should focus on from the very beginning and that is what is required to progress in the game.

I am a blogger and youtuber who has been working with the gaming niche for a long time now.

Finding important strategies and gameplay mechanics for different games around the world is something that I enjoy doing.

This is just a piece that is supposed to give you a proper pathway on how to begin since the game has 285 cards and it can get overwhelming.

Below in the article are all the things you need to know about Dawncaster.

Dawncaster Beginner’s Guide: Tips & Tricks

As you already have an idea, this game is all about picking the right cards.

It may sound a little not-so-impressive but according to the card you choose, you will get closer to victory or death.

Dawncaster Beginner’s Guide: Tips & Tricks are pretty simple. Leveling up is one of the most important things that you need to do in the game.

When you take part in Battles and learn from them you will gain experience points in the game.

Once there are enough experience points with you, you will be able to level up.

On leveling up, three randomly picked talents will be in front of you among which you have to pick a talent that you want to add to that particular character/card.

This is a very interesting process, nevertheless and strategizing which talent to pick for which character is a task to do.

If you haven’t played the game even once yet, you would love to know about the things that matter in a particular card.

Two of the main things are stats and energy.

When you tap on a particular character from the character sheet, you will be able to see the attributes that particular character has.

Strength, intellect and dexterity are also really important for you to keep a track of.

All of these depend upon your stats which can increase with leveling up a particular character but there is yellow divine energy as well which is not dependent on your stats at all.

This is the 4th type of energy and something that you can acquire through special means only.

Energy that remains on spent after a turn carries over to the next turn.

This is the reason why you should conserve your energy in the beginning and not play unnecessary cards because the more energy you waste in the beginning, the less is the chance to capitalize at the end.

These are all the tips and tricks that you needed to know as a beginner and we should move on to the strategies.

Dawncaster Strategies to Build Powerful Decks and Save the World

A Dawncaster Guide would not really be complete before discussing the card types available in the game as well as classes.

For the time being, you need to know that any particular card in the game has several classifications but one of the most important card types happens to be “Actions”.

This is a category that can further be subdivided into Melee, Ranged or Magic Actions and more.

Coming to the second type of card, “Enchantments” are the one and they give you passive support throughout a particular combat which can prove extremely beneficial to you in the battles.

These also have a very hefty cost and it is completely understandable considering what it offers.

Last but not the least, there are “Corruptions” as a card type.

This can be further divided into two categories being “playable” and “unplayable”.

The playable cards can actually offer you power but at a particular price and the unplayable ones are not of much use.

They will only ever eat up space in your deck and when you indeed draw them, would prove to be disadvantageous to your situation.

With that being said, we can now discuss the many classes that are available in the game of Dawncaster.

You can play any card as any class but you should be aware of your strategy.

The option of a starting weapon and weapon power is something that you should consider keeping a check on because that is what is going to serve as a beautiful foundation for building up your deck.

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Here are the different classes of cards you should have you should have an idea about:

  • The Arcanist: They have 2 intellect at the beginning which basically means that they can generate two blue energies every single time it is their turn. The default weapon for Arcanists is the Forcewand weapon which isn’t too bad, neither is too good. It deals with minor damage but increases their chain count while doing so. Undoubtedly, this is perfect for staying healthy during fights.
  • The Hunter: Starting with Hatchets as the default weapon that hits for a couple of damage points, this is a class of card that will not only help you to survive but also impose a lot of damage. Using the hunters will allow you to get a very early advantage and that is something that is something you do not want to miss on.
  • The Knight: This is a fighter that likes to play defensively. It has a hybrid energy which is not only supposed to allow them to play strong melee attacks, but also dabble in magic. Whenever you want a perfect balance in your attack, you can always choose the Knight. The starting weapon for the Knight is the longsword weapon.
  • The Rogue: Using stealth and the two dexterity points, from the very beginning you get access to the Green Card pool of the opponent’s deck. This is a thing that has proven to be beneficial in a lot of different places. The default weapon for this particular class is the Daggers. When the Ambush effect for the daggers is triggered, the damage that it can deal with becomes very impressive. Daggers on its own can only deal 2 damage. The ability to deal with damage is directly proportional to the base weapon power and that is all you need to know about this particular class of cards. Having the rogue in your deck is really beneficial, nevertheless.
  • The Seeker: One of the most important characteristics of this particular class of card is that it can access foes from even a distance. With 1 dexterity and 1 intellect in the beginning, Melee combat is what it avoids but powerful skills and useful magical tricks can easily be used by the Seeker. The default weapon is the Longbow for the seekers which acts as an offense as well as a defense. Having them in the beginning of the battle is really going to help you have an upper-hand in the game, henceforth.
  • The Warrior: If you have been looking for the most attacking class of cards, this is exactly the one for you. As fearless as it can get, the Warrior can help you damage your opponent faster. If you have a defensive card in your deck, you must very well consider to have an attacking one and for that, you would have required a card that starts with 2 strength. This is where the warrior comes into play because it indeed has a couple of strength points which makes the card very straightforward to play anyway. The default weapon that the Warrior starts off with is the Warmace. This class of card does not really have any defensive tools and that is the reason why the weapon power is what keeps them healthy. To be precise with this calculation, for every single Melee action, the weapon power can heal them for one health power which is arguably low but the purpose that you would add this card in your deck for, would be served really well.
  • The Scion: This is a unique character which gives you customisation abilities like no other in the list. What it basically means is that you can select The Scion with any particular starting weapon, card and weapon power. With this much on the table, it would not be a surprise that this is a rare card but if you have access to it, you must very well go for it and create builds according to your preferences. One of the most important things that you need to remember about the Scion is that it can never gain mastery, which all the other cards in the list can and is also a very important action to do in the game.

These were all the classes of cards that you would come across in the game.

If you want more information, especially newer ones about Dawncaster, you may very well consider visiting the Wiki page which has a lot of information about the game already and new information is updated as soon as it is known. Click on the hyperlink to land on the fandom wiki page.


Can I play Dawncaster on PC?

Yes, you can play smartphone games on PC. All you would require is an Android emulator on your Windows desktop or even your Mac desktop. After having downloaded the emulator and installed it on your personal computer, you will be able to access the Google Play Store and that is where you can get Dawncaster from. You would have to pay the price, regardless.

How does matchmaking in Dawncaster work?

You would be matched against an opponent which would be of the same level as you. A little higher or a little lower can definitely be expected.


Dawncaster is an experience of its own kind. Playing the game will test your strategy and also take you on a journey of a storyline that is unique and intriguing.

Even though the game only requires you to create perfect decks for battles, the immersive graphics and easy gameplay is something that you would not get enough of, at least in the very beginning.

The people that have bought and played the game have rated highly which goes to show the caliber of the game.

Hope you enjoy playing the game and you are able to learn a thing or two from this article.

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