Match Land Guide 2022 & Best Tips How to Become Pro Player

If you have been looking for a Match Land guide on the internet for making your gameplay better, you would love to know that this article is going to give you just that.

As a beginner, it is very important for you to find out Strategies to make effective matches and Complete More Levels.

This article is going to help you achieve that and also give you a lot of other information that you need to know about the game.

A beginner’s guide is what a lot of people have been looking for for a long amount of time and that is the reason why the guide is one of the most searched terms about this game apart from the name itself obviously.

If you have little to no idea about the game, you will be able to understand on the download page itself that the game is a puzzle RPG game.

Designed for a particular group of age, this game doesn’t fail to serve its purpose because of more reasons than one which is discussed in the article below.

Having read this article, you will not be feeling the need to read another article and that only means that all the information that is necessary for you to know about this game is given in the article below.

This is a well-researched article containing various things about the game that you need to know before beginning with it.

Match Land is very fun to play and in short, the entire gameplay can be explained with a short statement.

All you need to do in the game is have a lot of different 8-bit pixel heroes that form a team and that is going to give you a repertoire for all the battles that are going to come your way in the future.

Overall, the game is not too hard to play and there are huge chances that the easy gameplay is going to make you hooked to the game.

Mainly Strategies to make effective matches and Complete More Levels but many other things are given in the article below and that is the reason why you should keep reading it.

I am a blogger and a youtuber who has been working upon the gaming niche.

This is the reason why this article can be trusted by you and not a single information given in this piece is going to be false.

I also have a tendency of checking the games first-hand so that I have a complete idea about all the things that I mention in the article.

The reason why this is important for me is because none of the articles that are written by me should have any information that is supposed to misguide you.

This game is rising to popularity and a lot of people have been searching for guides and strategies regarding the game.

Match Land Guide, Tips & Tricks

To become a pro player of this game, you would be required to play the game a lot of times and understand how things work.

If you are starting off with the game however you can also try to know a little about it through Match Land Guide, Tips & Tricks which is what this article is exactly about.

As already mentioned in the article before, this game is a match-3 game where you are supposed to solve simple puzzles that are going to allow you to match 3 tiles and you have to do it until you complete the level.

There are a lot of famous titles that have gained popularity and it is completely understandable why.

The main reason behind the success of these kinds of games is the relaxing factor that they offer.

Professional gamers around the world really want to test skills with aiming or driving but this is one of those games that does not require you to do any of the major gameplay mechanics.

All you need to do is work your brain upon finding the perfect matches that will make you reach your momentary goal, the quickest.

There are many titles that are already famous in this genre such as Candy Crush Saga, Bejeweled. etc.

There are various types of heroes that you can choose among.

Here are the types (Must note: the number of characters are obviously more than the number of types):

  • Royal
  • Samurai
  • Winter
  • Undead
  • Nomad

You will keep coming back to this game because of the fact that even though you play the game for a long time, you would not feel as if a brainstorm has hit you.

In fact, the gameplay mechanics are so simple that you keep coming back to the game as soon as your energy is replenished.

How to get more energy or how to make the replenishment procedure faster are different things that need to be discussed later.

At this moment, the most important thing that you should know is that you do not have to do any particular action inside the game in order to replenish your energy.

It is an automatic process that will keep happening even if you have closed the game.

The whole procedure definitely takes time and that’s pretty much all it takes.

It is true that I have mentioned that this genre is very famous generally among smartphone gamers but this particular game has its own perks.

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One of the first differences that you will not miss is the fact that the 8-bit pixel characters as well as the menu and the overall art style are very unique.

This is what separates match land from its competitors but that is not all.

There are a lot of other different things that are mentioned in the paragraph below which makes the game one of a kind.

Strategies to make effective matches and Complete More Levels

You would have to aim towards getting 3 stars in every level and being able to do so takes more than just finding the perfect combinations of 3 in the game.

Character skills as well as combinations are things that are included in this Match 3 game which was never the part of the original games of this genre.

Needless to mention, Match 3 is not a genre technically but puzzles that require you to find the best combinations of 3, 4 or 5 have so many games on the Google Play Store as well as the app store that it can very well be considered to be a “type” of game, thus the hyperbolic reference of it as genre.

One of the most important tips and tricks available for beginners in this game can literally be simple information about what to expect from the game as you begin with it.

Getting 3 stars in every level is not impossible and that is the reason why you should know that battle skills as well as leaders skills are very important things to build from the very start.

You would have to think about more things such as currency expenditure, stamina as well as time-limited moves.

Not only these but also you would have to keep a check on the overall attack power as well as individual attack powers of every character that you have chosen.

There are different attack powers for diagonal matching and straight matching and you should consider that as well.

On the first glance, it looks like a game almost similar to maximum match 3 games but you would be completely surprised at how the game unfolds as you keep crossing levels.

The vibe of the game keeps you wanting to play it and that is the reason why it has so many downloads on Google Play Store indeed.

Regardless of whichever smartphone operating system you use, you would be able to play this game as it is developed.

This basically goes to say that the game is also available on the App Store for you to download on your iPhone or iPad.

However, if you want to play this game on your desktop, that’s possible too.

All you would require yourself to do is to download Android Emulator on your Windows desktop or even your Mac desktop and then download the game from the Google Play Store simply.

The process is not half as intimidating as it looks on paper.

When you open the game you would be getting the first main menu as is the progression in any game.

Upon clicking battle mode, it will need you to a stage that will have 5 different levels every time.

A specific reward upon completion of levels will be given to you and you can also collect enemies which is going to enable you to open shops.

Speaking of shops, this is the first feature that the game has.

It should not be confused with the store which allows you to buy currencies in the game using real world currencies.

These are shops that you would have to unlock over the time with a specific amount of things that are available in the game itself.

For example if you have to open the Ratty Pies shop, you would require 6 blue rats in order to do so.

You can earn Evos from these shops and upgrading the latter would allow you to get more of the former.

One thing you must note is the fact that you have to open a shop five times formally in order for it to generate EVO for you.

More about that information is given in the article below as we proceed to the frequently asked questions.


What are EVOs in Match Land?

In order to upgrade characters in the smartphone game Match Land, EVO is the currency that you would have to spend. There are definitely more things that you would need to know about EVOs including the fact that every single kind of shop gives you a different sort of EVO that is required to upgrade characters based on that particular type of EVO. Sometimes, some of the characters even take two or more different kinds of the same currency for upgrading a single character.

Why upgrade shops in Match Land?

This is one of the things that seems unnecessary in the beginning but is not so at all. The reason behind this is the fact that an upgraded shop is going to give you Evo which as you already know is required to upgrade characters. If this does not already seem like a good deal to you, it is also going to increase the gold rewards you get out of the game which is the basic currency of the game anyway. With all these things that you can achieve after just upgrading your shops, hate must not be a very difficult answer for you to understand upon why upgrading these shops are really important. Defeating and collecting enemies allows you to unlock shops in the first place and then you can go on with the process of upgrading it time and again.

When do the bosses appear in Match Land 3?

You already have an idea about how a single stage/chapter has 5 different levels. When you reach the last level of any chapter you will be able to face the main boss of that stage. The gameplay is much more interesting than the basic Match 3 games because of the inclusion of these things.


With over 40,000 votes on the Google Play Store and still having a rating of 4.4 this is one of the most loved Match 3 games of all time.

When you open the game you would completely be startled at how everything in the game looks pleasing to the eyes.

You would expect that this is all the difference that it has from other match 3 games but the gameplay and how the story progresses are also different.

You would have to run a few medieval shops, fight battles and have an adventure in the game like never before.

I have played this game and really enjoyed it and the main reason behind it is the breath of fresh air.

This adventure game that is available for both Android as well as iOS smartphones is rising in fame and rightly so.

A lot of people have said that this game is extremely enjoyable and that is the reason why you should try it as well, if you haven’t already.

If match 3 games are your cup of tea, you would really enjoy this game. Hope you liked reading the article and it was informative.

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