A Look at the Best Games Inspired by Adventure Movies

Video games have had a complicated rise in the world of entertainment.

From a time when they were considered niche, in the late 80s, gaming would go on to become an industry worth billions, even outpacing the film box office.

Along the way, gaming would see a constant need for inspiration, drawing from themes both original and borrowed from existing properties.

Taking a look at three standouts from the adventure movie genre, we want to explore why these proved some of the biggest breakout hits, and why this angle is only likely to grow more popular as time goes on.

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The Jumanji Slot

Existing in a related parallel industry, iGaming has evolved alongside traditional video games to reshape the way we enjoy digital entertainment.

Since the games on these casino websites tend to be smaller than traditional video games, they exist in great volume and are thus in constant need of new ideas.

This is where Jumanji comes in, as a reflection of both need and the changing state of the film series itself.

The original Jumanji released back in 1995 was a smash hit, bringing in more than $260 million at the box office. As an older movie, however, the formula needed to evolve.

This is exactly what happened with the 2017 release, and it’s what happened for the slot game.

As one of the many video slots on desktop and mobile devices, the Jumanji slot was developed for a new generation, bringing with it cutting-edge graphics, sound, and UX design.

It’s an unusual case of synergy and one which hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Tomb Raider (Series)

First released in 1996, the first Tomb Raider game was a revelation in adventure and design.

As one of the first titles to leverage the (then) powerful PS1, Tomb Raider involved exploration, treasure hunting, and, of course, dinosaurs.

Tomb Raider made a household name out of protagonist Lara Croft, but as far as the game went, it couldn’t escape the shadow of its influence – Indiana Jones.

Like Indy, Lara wasn’t as much about the particulars of her job as she was about the action, and getting herself in and out of horrible situations.

Taking inspiration from all three (at the time) films in the Indiana Jones trilogy, Lara was a fantastic shot, a wrecker of classic architecture, and never lacked a witty comment, even in the heat of battle.

Reimagined and rebooted, this series is still going strong.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

For a more direct level of influence in video games, there are few representations of movies making a jump as successfully as Star Wars did with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

This has been so successful it is being ported to next-generation consoles too if you can manage to get ahold of one.

Not building off of any one film directly, Fallen Order took inspiration from the greater world of Star Wars, exploring famous settings and concepts and concentrating them into an extremely well-received package.

Fallen Order places the player in the shoes of a Jedi forced into hiding, who then has to fight to protect the remains of his people.

Taking inspiration from Dark Souls in the gaming realm, Fallen Order was a rare gem among many less well-received modern Star Wars games, and we can’t wait to see what developer Respawn Entertainment does with the property next.

Of course, the full extent of the influence that adventures have had on video games is impossible to track.

So close is this relationship, so ingrained is it within our zeitgeist, that in many ways the video games and movie realms are inseparable. As fans of both sides of the spectrum, we’ve got a lot to look forward to.

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