Dr. Driving Best Beginner’s Guide 2022 

For all those driving buffs out there, we are here with our Dr. Driving Beginner’s Guide 2022!  In this article, we are going to provide you with the most effective strategies to drive like a pro in the Dr. Driving game. 

Dr. Driving, a remarkable game by SUD Inc., provides the players with various sorts of challenges during their drive.

These challenges can be related to your speed, fuel efficiencies, and much more. The primary objective of the player is to gain a victory against all these challenges.

Apart from this, they will also need to work their way up to boost their driver level as well as obtain better vehicles in the game

It is worth mentioning that the game initially provided you with a KOS van to start your journey.

Attaining new cars will help you in getting rid of the obnoxious van as early as possible. 

Ever since its grand launch in 2013, the game has managed to fetch over a hundred million downloads on the Android app store alone.

Over the years, Dr. Driving has continued to maintain a decent rank on the list of top mobile games.

Besides, the majority of reviews have always been quite positive.

While the game in the true sense is listed under the category of car racing genre, it also features elements of simulation as you play.

This is especially owed to the numerous challenges that the game presents to the players. 

If you are new to Dr. Driving or the genre altogether, our Dr. Driving Beginner’s Guide 2022 is all that you need.

It is always a good idea to plan out things a bit in advance before you go on to start your journey in the game. 

We have mentioned below some of the most effective strategies to drive like a pro in this OG game! So without any further ado, let’s begin. 

Dr. Driving Beginner’s Guide 2022

Just when you start your journey in the Dr. Driving game, you will notice that there is no tutorial provided to the players.

This is because the majority of the challenges in the game are pretty direct and you will be able to achieve them with much ease. 

To start with, the game provides you with some single-player missions that you can continuously play and practice in.

This will help you in improving your racing skills in Dr. Driving to a great extent.

Moreover, it’s a win-win situation as you will also earn more coins to enrich your experience.

Whilst in a virtual game, you will also be able to play against your buddies or even random users from across the world

With the help of the coins that you earn in the game, you will be able to get access to many new cars to unlock for yourself.

You can also use these coins for repairing the existing cars as well that you’re currently using in the game. 

In the true sense, the user interface of the Dr. Driving game looks a bit complicated when you first look at it.

Nonetheless, it’s no rocket science and in just a little amount of time, you will be able to grasp it considerably.

We must also mention that it doesn’t quite matter even if you don’t possess any experience in racing mobile games at all.

Dr. Driving is a game that may not be too simple but it’s also not very hard for anyone to play.

If you are willing to put in some amount of time and effort, you will be close to mastering the game in no time! 

Feeling tempted, right? Well, wait no more.

In this Dr. Driving Beginner’s Guide 2022, we are now going to take a look at various strategies to drive like a pro in this game. Read carefully. 

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Dr. Driving Strategies To Drive Like A Pro

The following are some crucial tips, tricks, and strategies to drive like a pro in the Dr. Driving game. Let’s have a look: 

Focus on Completing All The Challenges First 

Players will come across nine different challenges as they start their journey in the Dr. Driving game.

These challenges are available in the game in the form of a single-player mode.

You will be able to start an online game and challenge other players as soon as you start your journey in Dr. Driving. 

However, we strongly recommend that you first consider working on your racing skills a bit before you do so.

Having said that, the game provides you with enough challenges that will help you in honing these techniques. 

A record is going to get lodged every time you finish off a stage which will reflect the specific score that you need to surpass in every coming challenge.

However, to start with, your only objective should be to try and complete all these challenges with utmost care. 

As mentioned earlier,  there are nine challenges that you will encounter in the game. These include Lane, Speed, Highway, Drift, Fuel, VIP Escort, Parking, Broken Brake, as well as Trunk. 

Play Around With Game Settings

The default settings in the game are decently optimized in Dr. Driving, however, it is worth noting that it will not necessarily suit everyone.

Especially for racing games, various elements play a crucial role in the game including layout options, sensitivity levels, etc. 

Players will be able to go for a couple of short rides for decent fuel from the default settings.

However, you must make sure that you try to make a few modifications to these controls as there’s a lot that you may experience with different alterations.

You can switch things up and see what suits you the best. 

You will be able to change your perspective on the racing camera by clicking on the icon of the camera which is located on the top left-hand side of your screen.

As you tap on it, you will be cycling through three distinct view modes and the last option is going to remain with you in the session.

The other available alternatives will be accessed from the icon of the gear which is located in the bottom area of your screen. 

You will be able to switch on/off your in-game background music as well as sound if you may wish to.

Nonetheless, it’s some other choices that will play a much more crucial role in affecting your performance in the game.

For setting up the controls, you will find a brake as well as gas pedal towards your left whereas the option of a steering wheel is located towards your right. 

The next choice is to revamp the control format and switch your steering wheel towards your left while the gas pedal will be shifted towards your right.

One alternative may be more reasonable for you depending on the region you live in. 

The game provides you with another control choice as well which is similar to the majority of other games that you play.

Through this third choice, you will be able to steer the vehicle as you tilt the mobile phone right or left.

This one is going to appear with an accelerator button which is located on the lower right-hand side of the screen.

You will be able to access the brake controls on your left. 

In our opinion, it is probably the most efficient and convenient way to go about your journey in the game.

Regardless, in case you aren’t familiar with the tilting controls, you may also try out other options. 

There are also other settings in the game related to the sensitivity of your steering wheel, measuring distance, and others. 

Make Your Purchases Carefully 

In the beginning, Dr. Driving is going to provide you with a KOS van which is the default vehicle to start your game.

However, apart from this, you will come across 27 more cars that you can unlock as well as upgrade in the game.

You will need gold or coins to get access to fifteen of these cars.

To unlock the rest, you can spend your gold and use them on lease for half an hour. 

It is worth noting that every car in the game features a specific level of stats that they start with.

This is what helps you in distinguishing and comparing all these vehicles.

You will be able to upgrade these vehicles by boosting their stats.

Apart from stats, every car also features a unique class.

There are four different classes in the game including S, A, B, as well as C. 

Players must keep in mind that the class of a vehicle has no role in specifying its grade and rarity.

Instead, these factors are determined by the type of the specific vehicle. 

  • Vehicles belonging to the S category are the ones that are the costliest in the game. These largely include sports racing cars that feature incredible speed. 
  • A category of cars includes SUVs or AUVs that feature pretty decent stats and can complete a challenge with an average performance. SH is an example of an A-class car. 
  • Cars featuring B class include AYH which are sedan types. These are great for providing comfort and feature pretty average stats as compared to the last class. 
  • Lastly, there are vehicles belonging to the C category. These include compact vehicles that are quite fuel-efficient but feature an awful performance in almost all other aspects. KOS is a C-class vehicle. 

Now that you are well-acquainted with all the classes of the vehicles, you will need to see for yourself which vehicle suits you the best in the Dr. Driving game.

While you would be waiting to get rid of the nasty KOS, you will need to wait for a while so that you attain a sufficient number of coins that will help you unlock a new car.

You must use this time to evaluate your driving performance in different challenges in the game.

Accordingly, you will be able to find out which vehicle would suit you the best. 

What we mean is that you don’t just go around spending your precious coins aimlessly in the game.

Save them up and spend them on only reasonable choices. 

Speed is Crucial But So Is Accuracy 

As you check out the game on your Android or iOS play store, Dr. Driving comes under the genre of car racing.

However, in the true sense, you won’t come across any sort of challenges that will put the player on the racing track. 

In the game, the player is going to set in the scenario of driving across the town.

Challenges in Dr. Driving are related to a range of driving elements that are more or less the same as in the real world.

Some of these tasks include parking the vehicle, controlling the vehicle amidst traffic, as well as regulating its fuel.

You will need to accomplish all of this while making sure that the comfort of the passengers is never compromised at any point. 

If anything, it would be fair to say that your tasks in the Dr. Driving game are more or less a challenge against the clock.

Players will come across various kinds of time limits at various points in the journey and you will need to achieve your objective within this given time limit.

So in the true sense, timeliness is one of the most vital factors in the game that plays a key role in impacting your all-around gaming performance.

Even if you don’t consider the given time limit in mind, we would simply suggest that you try and complete a challenge as early as possible.

In simple words, you must put all your focus on your speed before anything else.   

The game also has a great tendency to offer you greater points and greater amounts of coins when the player manages to complete a challenge much faster.

However, players must take into account that in this game, accuracy, as well as safety, may carry greater significance. 

It doesn’t quite matter what graph you maintained in any other racing mobile game.

When it comes to Dr. Driving, it will take you a certain amount of time as well as experience to feel confident enough to play the game.

This is significant because the game puts in you a congested traffic scenario where it may be a challenge to even change lanes or make a trivial turn. 

The slightest contact may sometimes lead you to a very tough situation where all you could see around you is a failure.

Even if you don’t manage to finish the challenge, we suggest that you remain there for as long as you can.

It will probably take you a few more attempts to finally get it right.

There’s a lot that you need to master before you ace every challenge in the game.

In essence, Dr. Driving is one of those mobile games that demand the player to be highly patient apart from being skilful and precise. 

Lastly, one final thing that you must keep in mind while playing this game is that you are going to make a few expenses now and then when it comes to repairing your vehicle.

Accidents come unexpectedly and there is hardly any time that you will be able to control them.

Such accidents as well as the speed of your vehicle will eventually have some effect on your vehicle and further your gaming experience. 

For beginners, we would suggest that your repair expenses should stay as low as possible.

This is because you are going to require a lot of coins in the later stages of the game to be able to access more cars.

Apart from this, you will also need to spend coins on any sort of upgrades in Dr. Driving. 

Hence, it is in your best interest to make some economical choices at the start so that you don’t regret your splurge later. 


Dr. Driving is an OG game that has also had his sequel sometime back, known as Dr. Driving 2.

While the sequel was a successful hit on its own, the traditional feel of the original game remains unchallenged.

There’s nothing that can beat the traditional features and nostalgic gameplay.

Or it may be possible that you have played the sequel and probably missed out on the predecessor itself. 

Whatever it may be, we suggest that you do try out Dr. Driving and enjoy the game for yourself.

What’s promised is a lot of fun and an incredible gaming experience. 

We hope that our Dr. Driving Beginner’s Guide 2022 was helpful for you.

If you wish to make the most of your gaming journey, make sure to follow our above-mentioned Strategies to drive like a pro in the game.

Have fun playing! 

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