Best Guide How to Play Lost in Blue As Beginner’s Player 2022 

Lost in Blue is an incredibly amazing game developed and released by Volcano Force. For all those users looking to spice up their journey in action survival mobile games, Lost in Blue is the perfect title for you! 

Ever since its inception, the game has managed to fetch considerable amounts of downloads and positive reviews and well, the reason is obvious!

The game is packed with some of the most extraordinary elements combined with the traditional gameplay style.

Volcano Force created the game with the idea of depicting an absolute deserted island wherein the players will realise the struggle for survival.

The PVP along with PVE game modes make this one even more adventurous.

You are also going to come across the most premium graphics ever! All-in-all, players are assured to enjoy every bit of this feature-rich game

However, if you are new to the Lost in Blue game and this genre, you may feel a little baffled by the abundance of elements that the game provides you with.

As such, we are here with our Lost in Blue Beginner’s Guide which provides you with some proven strategies to survive on the mysterious desert island. 

By following our Lost in Blue Tips & Tricks, you will be able to make the most of your island experience whilst in the game! 

Let’s begin. 

Lost in Blue Beginner’s Guide

Before you step into the game, we must beware you that no player would last very long if they fail to defend themselves.

You will need to blend your mind, skill, and technique to be able to enrich your gaming journey in Lost in Blue. 

Fighting in Lost In Blue

Battling in the Lost in Blue game is quite easy.

You will be able to see a large button in the lower section of your screen toward your right.

This button is featured with the weapon that you are equipped with.

As you click on it, a standard attack will be executed at the point you have targeted.

Players must keep in mind that different kinds of weapons in the Lost in Blue game feature some distinct pros and cons. 

As you look at the upper section of your screen, you will be able to view the title of your target.

Their health, as well as their value of HP, will be depicted in the form of a red bar and a digit respectively.

Just like that, if you wish to check your value of HP, you can do so in the top section of your screen on your left.

The green coloured bar depicts the amount of health that your character is left with. 

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Kinds of Weapons and Weapon Skills

Players will be provided with six unique kinds of weapons in the game. 

For some general protection, you can go with shields as well as swords.

On the other hand, if you wish to get your hands on some weapons that will help your offensive mechanism, you can pick up spears.

They are decent enough to safely engage from afar.

Some other weapons of the large blunt kind are good for dealing a considerable amount of damage to shock your opponents.

Bows, as well as slings, help you in shipping out your opponents without any concern for retaliation. 

All the weapons mentioned above feature a distinct attack speed of their own. A heavy weapon implies a slow hit.

Moreover, every weapon also comes with some unique skills that you need to select for yourself. 

You will be able to choose three skills wherein the third slot of skills unlocks at the 18th level.

Apart from this, you will also be able to upgrade your skills by using your hard-earned island coins.

For those who don’t know, Island coins are your primary currency in the Lost in Blue game.

It is worth mentioning that when you upgrade your skills, it is going to manifest in the form of high numbers.

So we recommend that you don’t miss out on this step. 

In case you missed out on training any skill or changed your kind of weapon, you can utilize the option of a fast upgrade for matching your level of skill with your level of character.

Make sure that your level of skill never exceeds the level of your character. 

Upgrading and Transforming The Equipment

You can also upgrade your equipment in the game for enhancing its stats.

For upgrading a component, you will be required to possess some specific items with you which are generally similar to the ones that you used for building that item initially.

After that, you can click on the option of upgrade. 

You can upgrade a piece of equipment up to five times after which it attains five stars.

It is worth noting that you must nonetheless continue to tech up the equipment whenever you can. 

Moreover, apart from weapons, you can also upgrade your armour in the game.

If you see yourself failing miserably during a stage, an upgrade could be all that you need! 

There are also modifications available for your equipment in the Lost in Blue game.

You can do so with the help of the in-game blueprints.

This will help you in attaining the best performance from your equipment while creating some personalised builds to aid you in all sorts of circumstances. 

As mentioned earlier, you will be required to have blueprints if you wish to modify a piece of equipment.

Blueprints in the game will be obtained from the exchange of camp medals.

For that, you will first need to go to the in-game Camp Store. 

Stealth Mode

In case you don’t feel confident enough to use your fighting skills or if you wish to deal hefty damage to an opponent, you must use the feature of stealth mode in the game. 

To be able to use this game mode, you will need to click on a crouching button located on your bottom right-hand side.

This option will make your hero lower down a bit and move around quietly.

During this mode, your opponents have decreased aggro radii. 

Get Yourself Some Companions

One of the most notable elements of the Lost in Blue game is that you don’t have to feel alone here, ever.

As you move forward in the game, you will get access to a special tab of Companions. 

Here in this tab, you will be able to meet and recruit some new buddies as well as allies who prove to be considerable assistance during the combat.

Although in the start, you can only recruit a single companion but as one moves forward in the game, four additional slots for companions will open up. 

These companions are going to come with you while you travel in the game and you don’t have to worry about any opponent initially because they will cover for you.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that you will also be able to upgrade your companions in the Lost in Blue game.

You can do either by simply boosting their level or enhancing their rank of stars. The former option is certainly easier. 

Now that you have been made well-acquainted with some general elements of the game, let’s take a look at some quick Lost in Blue Tips & Tricks to help you dominate the game effectively. 

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Lost in Blue Guide, Tips & Tricks 2022

  • The first tip is Gearing Yourself Up. You must never miss out on taking care of yourself when it comes to playing the Lost in Blue game.
  • You will need to make the best use of your skill and mind so it is important that you stay prepared.
  • Provide your character with adequate food to eat so that they stay nourished and hydrated. 
  • Collect as many experience points or EXP as you can.
  • This will help you in leveling up much more quickly in the game. 
  • Don’t miss out on the free stuff. Lost in Blue provides you with a generous amount of ways to collect complimentary rewards in the game so make sure you attain it all! 
  • You can also try out the offline game experience while you are in the game.
  • It is worth mentioning that Lost in Blue saves up your gaming experience while you are not logged into the game. 
  • Lastly, you must generate all the necessary stuff carefully which will help you survive for longer in the game.
  • Make sure that you accumulate a substantial amount of resources which are going to come in truly handy later in the game. 

Final Words 

Lost in Blue is an intuitive game that provides you with tons of amazing features. There will barely be any minute that you will feel jaded while playing this game.

Given the variety of elements, the game can also get a bit complex sometimes.

Especially if you are new to the game, you are most probably going to feel very overwhelmed in your initial phases. 

However, by following our Lost in Blue Tips & Tricks, you are promised to discover and grasp the essential elements of the game much more quickly.

These are some of the most effective strategies to survive on the mysterious desert island with much greater ease. 

And with that, we wrap our Lost in Blue Beginner’s Guide up.

We hope that you now feel much more confident to start your journey on the deserted island of Lost in Blue.

In case you have any suggestions to drop, feel free to do so in the comment section down below. 

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