Top 10 Best Hero For Solo Ranked Mobile Legends 2023 Season 27

Mobile Legends Ranks have been just reset and with this comes the new era of Meta Heroes of the New Season 27.

Many of Players are still confused on the Meta Heroes, How to Pick, and which Hero is to be banned for this new season.

Well now you can relax and refer this article as it is made on the Official Data given by the game itself and relief your queries.

This is the statistics based on the Day 1 of the New Season 27 and all the data is obtained from the players who have reached Legend and Mythic Rank on the Day 1.

We will be looking at their Top Most Picked Heroes, Top Most Ban Heroes and the Heroes with the Highest Win Rate.

This statistic helps us in knowing which Hero is preferred most for the New Season 27.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other MLBB heroes like Kaja, Hanzo, Nana, Clint, Hanabi, Badang, Alpha, Johnson, Beatrix, Argus, Zhask, Yve, Paquito, Balmond, Gatotkaca, Valir, Mobile Legends Tier List.

So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Best Hero For Solo Ranked Mobile Legends.

Top 10 Best Hero For Solo Ranked Mobile Legends 2023 Season 27

Mobile Legends Top Most Picked Heroes

10. Claude

Top 10 Best Hero For Solo Ranked Mobile Legends 2021 Season 20

Claude has become once again everyone’s favourite for this new Season.

With the introduction of new Type of Jungle, Claude has much easier time in farming and getting his Core Item, i.e., Demon Hunter Sword and Golden Staff in just 5 – 7 mins.

9. Benedetta

Mobile Legends

Benedetta is one of the Most Broken Hero right now in the Assassin Category. She is so versatile that she can fulfil many roles when played properly.

She can easily Offlane, Hyper or even be a Support. Although she is little tough to play but she has the ability to carry your whole team to the victory.

8. Jawhead

Mobile Legends

Everyone’s Favourite Troll Hero Jawhead is at the 8th position in this list. Jawhead received a small nerf on his Shield but it doesn’t stop this cute little robot to wreak havoc in the game.

Jawhead can be played for all types of role, let it be Offlane, Hyper, Tank, and even Support.

Jawhead has so much sustain and at the same time High Damage which makes your enemy cry. He is Best Hero For Solo Ranked Mobile Legends in the game.

7. Yi Sun-shin

Mobile Legends

Yi Sun-shin or YSS is also picked for mainly his Hyper Carry Role. He has an amazing set of Skills which when played properly can help in dealing continuous Critical Damage.

His Skill 1 is the most useful skill which allows him to be Immune to many Crowd Control Effects.

This High-Power Packed Hero with the ability to Immune Crowd Control makes him one of the most Perfect Heroes for Hyper Role.

6. Ling

Mobile Legends

Ling is one of the deadliest Assassin as he can literally roam the whole map and can cover almost all ganks without any fail.

Just be a little patient in your timing to join the fight, and then you can easily kill all the enemies in one go.

Ling can be easily countered if his Blue Buff is stolen so make sure to always have his Blue Buff with him and then join the fights.

5. Lunox

Mobile Legends

Lunox is personally one of my favourite heroes in the mage and I always look for the opportunity to play her.

She has such an amazing set of Skills which makes one of the Perfect Mages after Kagura. Lunox has insane Damage when it is combined with Calamity Reaper.

She has a skill which allows her to heal, and the heal is more with more enemies around her. She can also check bushes without any risk of getting ganked.

Just make sure to always keep Light Mode on at 1 stack, this way you can easily swap between her Light Form and Dark Form.

Keeping Light Form on always is also preferred by many players as her Light Form Ultimate makes her Immortal for 5 seconds which makes it very easy for her to escape any kind of Danger.

She is Best Hero For Solo Ranked Mobile Legends in the game.

4. Selena

Mobile Legends

Selena is one of the most annoying supports in the game. She can easily stun any enemy with her perfect aim and make sure that they die due to stun.

Her stun duration increases with the distance between Selena and Target. Farther the target, more is the stun duration.

3. Chou

Mobile Legends

At the 3rd most picked hero is everyone’s favourite China Boy Chou. Chou has always managed to stay in the Meta Hero List since the day of his release.

Chou and his skills make him a perfect hero for every Meta. Just like Jawhead, Chou can also play all types of role, i.e., Tank, Offlane, Support and Hyper.

2. Chang’e

Mobile Legends

At the 2nd position is the cute little mage on the moon Chang’e. Chang’e has an amazing Passive which allows her to deal insane Damage to any enemy, including Tanks.

Chang’e just needs to be wary about her position and viola she will be very hard to kill.

Although Chang’e can be easily countered very easily with the introduction of the New Defence Item Radiant Armor which makes it tough for Chang’e to deal Damage but it can be countered with a deadly combination of Holy Crystal, Divine Glaive and Genius Wand.

1. Granger

Mobile Legends

Granger is the most picked Hero and it was quite obvious. Granger has High Damage, High Mobility, and is very easy to be played.

Granger can be either played in the Hyper Role or in the Offlane Role, both works very well for him mlbb best hero for solo rank 2023.

Note: Least Picked Heroes are Carmilla, Terizla and Vexana.

Mobile Legends Top Most Banned Heroes 2023

10. Paquito

Mobile Legends

Paquito is always banned due to his high damage and high mobility. Paquito if given even a little chance, then he can easily push turrets.

Paquito is very hard to counter and one of the heroes to counter him is X.Borg.

X.Borg can easily spam his True Damage on Paquito and also maintain his safe 6 feet Distance from him. Make sure to not get caught in Paquito’s Crowd Control Effects.

9. Selena

Mobile Legends

Selena comes again but in the Ban List. As you might have already known about her insane stun which makes it very difficult to counter in the game unless you have Purify or Purify like Skill.

Wanwan is one the heroes who can counter Selena by intentionally baiting Selena to stun and charge, where Wanwan can just use her Skill 2 and give her a Big Surprise.

Selena can provide vision to her whole team by placing down her traps with skill 1.

This is extremely useful to knowing enemy’s position and one of the best things about these traps is that it is invisible to enemy after a few seconds of placing it.

8. Lunox

Mobile Legends

Lunox appears on the List again.

Lunox was already a broken Hero but she received a very good Buff which make her one of the best supports in the game right after Yve best mage in mobile legends 2023.

7. Jawhead

Mobile Legends

Jawhead is banned because of his versatility and annoying Crowd Control effect.

Jawhead can easily single out an enemy in a fight and make sure that the Target dies by his Hand or by his Allies best hero for solo rank 2023.

6. Chang’e

Mobile Legends

Chang’e is still banned even after the coming of the new Item Radiant Armor as she can just aim her ultimate towards the Enemy Hyper and escape with her skill 2.

Chang’e needs to be patient with her Ultimate.

5. Popol and Kupa

Mobile Legends

Popol is often picked for only One role and that is Tank Role. Yes, Popol can easily Tank for his team because he has a Wolf, named Kupa, which accompanies him throughout the game.

Kupa takes Damage, does Damage and also applies Crowd Control Effects on enemies for Popol. This makes it very easy for Popol to survive and allow the Wolf to do all the things.

Popol can also provide vision to his whole team by placing down traps which is quite advantageous & best hero for solo ranked mobile legends 2023.

4. Diggie

Mobile Legends
best hero for solo ranked mobile legends

Diggie has always been the most annoying hero in the game.

Diggie can easily disrupt Enemy farm, provide vision throughout the game and even immune all of the Crowd Control Effects with his perfect Ultimate.

This makes Diggie one of the most annoying hero to be dealt.

3. Alice

Mobile Legends

Alice, the Queen of the Underworld has made sure that she is to be banned for almost every game after her Revamp.

Alice is very Tanky and doesn’t die easily even when the whole Enemy Team ganks her.

Alice can be countered only by those heroes which deals continuous True Damage, i.e., X.Borg, Thamuz and Alpha.

To counter Alice always makes sure to get one of these Hero and deal True Damage. War Axe helps these fighters to dominate against Alice.

2. Mathilda

Mobile Legends

Mathilda is often banned due to her High Mobility and High Damage in the early game which makes it very hard for the enemies to counter her.

Mathilda can easily escape any tricky situation which her Ultimate and Skill 2 combo with a successful Kill.

Mathilda can be countered by Burst Type heroes like Zilong, Chou, Benedetta.

1. Yve

Mobile Legends

Yve, the protector of the galaxy is the most banned hero. Yve has an insane damage and also clear minion waves very quickly.

Yve also gains immunity to crowd control effects during her Ultimate and can only be countered by Kaja’s or Franco’s Ultimate.

Yve gains insane amount of shield depending on the number of stacks that she gains before any major fight.

Mobile Legends Top Heroes with Highest Win Rate

10. Yi Sun-shin

Mobile Legends

YSS is at the 10th position of this list as he kind of easy to play and also can easily carry his whole team.

YSS just needs to maintain his position properly and can easily wipe out the whole enemy & best hero for solo ranked mobile legends 2023.

9. Uranus

Mobile Legends
best hero for solo ranked mobile legends

Uranus is mostly picked to gain dominance in his lane by Offlaning. Uranus can focus on pushing enemy towers without much worry due to his Passive.

Uranus gains an insane amount of HP Regeneration every time he receives damage which makes him very difficult to be killed.

8. Barats

Mobile Legends
best hero for solo ranked mobile legends

Barats is just like Chou and Jawhead who is versatile in every role. Barats can easily Tank and at the same deal an insane amount of damage to the enemies.

Just look after his positioning and Barats will take care of everything.

7. Claude

Mobile Legends
best hero for solo ranked mobile legends

Claude helps in winning matches as the new Jungle System works in his favour. Claude easily earns gold for the core items and can start ganking his enemies at a much faster rate.

Claude can also focus more on the Items which also provide Movement Speed, this way Claude will have easier time roaming in the map and also maintain his stacks at 10 throughout the game.

6. Benedetta

Mobile Legends
best hero for solo ranked mobile legends

Benedetta is really the key to victory from the day of her release.

She can abuse her enemy to their death and also escape many tricky situations with her super insane dashes & best hero for solo ranked mobile legends 2023.

5. Ling

Mobile Legends
best hero for solo ranked mobile legends

Ling has much easier time in the Jungle and keep his focus on the getting the core Items as well as ganks on the map.

Ling can push, kill and steal buffs in an instant which makes him a very deadly assassin right now.

4. Popol and Kupa

Mobile Legends
best hero for solo ranked mobile legends

Popol is often picked for his Tank Role as he can survive the whole game with the help of his wolf.

Popol is truly a weird Hero where he has so much potential in the changing game and give an insane comeback to your team.

3. Yve

Mobile Legends
best hero for solo ranked mobile legends

Yve is at the 3rd position of this list as she is seriously the most broken Mage right now.

Yve has everything which makes her a Truly Great Support and can allow her team to fight more easily & best hero for solo ranked mobile legends 2023.

Yve with the items Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon becomes a very deadly mage who can also melt down Tanks in an instant.

2. Mathilda

Mobile Legends
best hero for solo ranked mobile legends

Mathilda is the best support of the Game due to her skills. She can easily charge and also escape at the same time.

Mathilda is truly a force which cannot be reckoned. Her abuse is real and hurts really hard.

1. Lunox

Mobile Legends
best hero for solo ranked mobile legends

Lunox is the best Hero for this Meta if you want a continuous victory. Lunox as I have already mentioned can do many things for the team & best hero for solo ranked mobile legends 2023.

And if you have noticed, then Lunox has appeared third time in the List, making the most prioritised Hero in this Season.

Note: Heroes with the Least Win Rates are Nana, Karina and Natalia.


If you have noticed there were few Heroes which were repeated in these lists. This helps us in deciding which Hero is to be prioritised and which is to be not.

  1. Lunox is the most prioritised Hero in this Season 21, as she is most often Picked, Banned and also gives easy Victory. She is the best Mage in the Current Season.
  2. Mathilda is second most prioritised hero making her one of the Best Tank/Support Role Hero in the Game.
  3. Popol and Kupa are the 3rd most prioritised hero and the best for the Tank Role.
  4. Claude, Yi Sun-shin and Ling are the most prioritised hero for Hyper Carry role.
  5. Jawhead and Benedetta are the most prioritised hero for the Offlane Role.
  6. Selena, Yve and Chang’e are the most prioritised hero for Support Role.

Whenever given the opportunity and you want to fulfil any of the Role make sure to pick these heroes to make your enemy cry.

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