Ultimate Guide how to escape prison in bitlife 2023

Escape Prison In Bitlife: Bitlife seems to have been gaining popularity in 2023. If you are either wondering what Bitlife is, why it is gaining fame these days or wondering how to master the game then the following article will surely be worth reading. 

Mini-games are very intriguing and thus can make people stuck for hours.

Bitlife is one of them that has created various challenges including escaping the prison that one ends up in due to some wrong decision taken. 

About Bitlife

Bitlife is a mini-game that is mobile-friendly. It is a Life-simulator play.

The game is based on the resolution of the players. When players make wrong decisions then they go inside a prison as punishment.

They are sentenced to 50 to 100 years.

After entering the jail, Players would have to either complete their punishment or they can escape the prison. 

Usually, players go with the second option just to take up a challenge to add thrill to the game.

The decision that players have to make is regarding escaping the jail in many different grid-styles of the layout.

The layout of the prison will be determined by the severity level of the crime by the player.

The game is well-developed and has a user-friendly system.

Another excellent feature is that the opportunities are almost endless and one can freely choose to live the life from the birth of the character till its death.

The repercussions of all the decisions will have to be faced by the character whether good or bad decision. A wrong decision ends one in jail. 

After being familiar with the game one must be wondering now how to escape the prison in bitlife.

Players already familiar with the game will be knowing the difficulty level to escape prison in bitlife.

Therefore, it is commonly asked by many people out there about the way to escape the prison and dodge the guard. 

Types of Prison 

To escape the prison in bitlife, it is important to know the 3 of its types. First is Minimum, after that is Medium, and the last one is Maximum.

The prison map for each of these is different. If one is caught in minimum or the second one, that is medium prisons then escaping them is not a daunting task.

But if caught in Maximum prisons then one would have to play smart otherwise it would be very difficult to escape from there. 

One must note that if he is caught while escaping the prison in Bitlife then one is in trouble as a couple of few years will get added up to the punishment due to the detection of “Attempted escape”.

So it is wise to attempt escape only when one is fully prepared. 

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Escaping from the Prison

Though the task of escaping the prison in Bitlife is not easy at all, there are certainly many ways to do that.

There’s a brief about a few tricks one can try out.

One must note that at every move made by the player, the guard would move twice. one should be wise before making any movement. 

The guard moves horizontally initially, one can note this weak point and use this in his strategy. One should block the police against the walls of the jail.

Irrespective of the Police officers around the player, he can swiftly move either to left or right, as the guard will walk horizontally. 

The guard will catch the player if there’s a wall above him as he only walks horizontally. This is a very convenient way to escape the prison in Bitlife.

Some sites also provide a cheat paper for different maps and video explanations are also available. 

Everything you need to know about the Ribbons and how to fetch them

Ribbons are a special kind of award that can be collected by the players.

These are given based on the decision they have taken in their life. The game has around 23 distinct types of them.

Suppose, one wants the ribbon of Barbie girl, one should then have to choose to get around 4 types of Plastic surgeries done throughout his life.

Then there is one Addict Ribbon, which is given to the player on the consumption of drugs at least once.

These ribbons will be received by the players once they have died.

To escape the prison in bitlife one needs to get multiple ribbons. Some of the ribbons that one needs to escape the prison safely are Deadly, Houdini, Cunning, Jailbird, and Scandalous. 

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1. Jailbird

To fetch Jailbird Ribbon one needs to simply enter the prison and escape from there.

This should be done a minimum of 3-4 times. After that one needs to sit in his cell and wait to age until one is dead. Once done, the player will automatically acquire this ribbon. 

2. Houdini 

For Houdini Ribbon also one needs to get into the prison and escape it a few times without being caught.

Once done, one should level up and age at least up to sixties.

After one has done all the mentioned things he should then rob the houses and get caught for doing the burglary.

One will be put in jail for this, then he should try to escape safely from there. Finally, one is eligible to get a Houdini Ribbon. 

3. Scandalous 

One way to get this one is to fight. One should miss no chance to fight. Just take that chance.

Fighting is a good way to acquire a Scandalous Ribbon, so one should always choose to show hostility in any event. 

The way to achieve other ribbons that would help to escape the prison is to get into the jail for committing a crime and then escaping it safely, the different ways of getting into the prison make the ribbon differ as well. 

Final words

BitLife was introduced in 2018. The game has been enjoyed by people for so long and has gained popularity because of its intriguing features.

The game developer Candywriter introduced a new feature last year through which one can live a virtual life depending on some parameters.

Some say the new challenges introduced in Bitlife last year were quite easy as compared to older ones.

A few of the challenges other than escaping the prison are the Ferris Bueller challenge, pride challenge, gambler challenge, among others. 

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