Twitchearnings Top highest Payout 2023 List

Twitchearnings is something being looked up to since its data leak in 2023. The earnings of the video game broadcasters have left everyone in awe.

It is clear by now that the scope of the gaming industry is evolving tremendously in an unprecedented way.

Content creation and streaming are overtaking the monopoly enjoyed by the TV stations in terms of distribution of content.

Twitch has been added to the list of top online media sources, alongside YouTube and many other such services. 

There’s a chance for everyone to create any content on the platform Twitch. There are numerous channels streamed for distinct likes and styles.

Twitch has become quite competitive as it has been challenged by many platforms and individuals but none could overpower as it has become a global hub for streaming making it hard for any newcomer to overtake its position. 

Does Twitch and Twitch earnings also concern you? Let’s dig deeper and know all the whereabouts of Twitch! 

About Twitch

Twitch has become the top online media streaming platform. Twitch is a platform for game broadcasting & people can also view their favourite players and can donate money to them. 

Twitch was bought by the company ‘Amazon’ in 2014. The games are broadcasted by the players while playing along with the audio commentary.

The audience is also connected through a chatbox. People can donate money through Amazon as well as Paypal. 

Recently, it fell prey to a huge data leak. Its confidential files were revealed which also included the data of top earners of Twitch.

According to the data revealed, a famous streamer can earn an amount up to $5 million annually by streaming video games on Twitch. 

How can you access Twitch?

If one wants to view video games on Twitch, then that doesn’t require him/her to first register.

Though in case they wish to broadcast the game and chat with the viewers then there’s a need to do registration which is for free. 

Certain features of Twitch like active chatting make it a real interactive experience in the gaming world.

Through the live chatting interaction, broadcasters can personally connect with their viewers.

There’s also an option of archiving the videos that can be viewed later on by the audience.

Why are Twitch Earnings gaining popularity?

Through the major data leak of Twitch, the top earners on the streaming network are no more a secret to the public.

Data was revealed from the torrent file of 128MB. As per the data, CriticalRole has earned millions since 2019, the figure is more than $9.6 million.

81 % of earners have earned an amount that is above one million dollars.

It is assumed that the streamers whose profits have been disclosed had paid the required tax to the concerned authorities. 

People have been notified to change their settings and passwords so that any further information leaks can be avoided.

Moreover, attempting to access the Twitch website is inaccessible. 

Though to access the earning a yearly study is conducted by the SavingSpot which is an analytical blog.

The study shows top earners on Twitch.

The data mainly contains the statistics of subscription that is acquired from TwitchTracker and the estimation of donation is taken from TwitchStats.

Combining these two data a rough estimation is done about the earnings of streamers who are earning from Twitch.

If streamers have a sponsorship deal then that data is excluded since these deals are generally not disclosed. 

Know the Highest Payout Twitch Streamer List 2023 

Factors that make one earn money through broadcasting is that first, some channels manage to be on top and rise above the others.

There’s a competition among the countless channels available on Twitch. Second, it’s the number of viewers one has, the more the viewers, the more donations one may get.

These two factors determine the earnings of the streamers. Though many other contributory factors make one’s channels to be on top. 

Those streamers who always receive a good amount of donations often interact with their audience and thank them for their support. 

The leak surfaced on every social media network.

There are a lot of websites that have compiled a lot of data that was revealed about the famous Twitch Streamers and their revenue. 

Before this, the earnings of streamers on this gaming platform were never acknowledged by Twitch.

Now with this information that is already out, users have a chance to check the ranking as well as earnings of all the popular streamers. 

A list of Top 10 Twitch Streamers and their earnings since September 2019 is provided below.

Notably, the revenue stated below was acquired as per the 2023 leak.

1. Critical Role

Critical role tops the list as it has earned revenue of $9,626,712.16 in the last two years. 

While it only streams on Twitch not very frequently like only for a few hours annually, something that other streamers do in one month,  the payouts are huge presumably due to large subscriptions. 

Critical Role has its channel set up where the audience can view VODs. Subscribers can view the videos only once they have paid for them.

The channel’s subs are not huge, the count is 13,440, according to the data available on Twitch Tracker.

Though its top subscription count has reached 57,765. 

There are individual deals by the partnered channels with Twitch. Based on these deals some part of their proceeds of subscriptions is shared.

Depending on the number that CriticalRole has among other streamers, the channel gets a part of revenue earned from advertisements and subscriptions, the division is done as per the agreement. 

2. xQc

xQc has earned $8,454,427.17 since Sept. 2019. 

Félix Lengyel is a young Canadian streamer born in November 1995 also known as xQc. He is a famous internet personality, and also a former player of Overwatch.

Felix had earlier also played for the Dallas Fuel in the league of the game Overwatch in the inaugural season, which was much before it was released as many controversies were raised and it also faced suspensions.

He was also there in the World Cup of Overwatch, he played for Team Canada for three years.

Currently, he is a full-time streamer on Twitch. He is a part of the esports organization of Canada called Luminosity Gaming.

3. Summit1g

His earnings have been $5,847,541.17

Jaryd Russell, also known as summit1g on the online platform. He is from America. He is a popular Twitch streamer. He used to play Counter-Strike.

He is a retired player now who used to play formerly for the esports team which was quite professional, Mythic and A51.

After retirement, Jaryd has become a famous Twitch streamer. He streams WarZ and CS: GO games.

4. Tfue

His earnings have been $5,295,582.44

Tfue, known as Turner Tenney in the real world, was born on  January 2 in 1998.

He is an American Twitch streamer. He is also a professional esports player, popularly known as a pro player of Fortnite.

5. Nickmercs

His earnings amount to approx $5,096,642.12

Nicholas Kolcheff is the real name of Nickmercs, a popular personality in the gaming world. He is from America born on 21st November 1990.

Besides being a Twitch streamer, he is a famous YouTuber and also a partner of the owner of FaZe Clan.

They are known for playing games like ‘Call of Duty’, Apex Legends, and Fortnite Battle Royale. 

6. Ludwig Ahgren

The figure for Ludwig Ahgren is $3,290,777.55

The player is from America, born on July 6, 1995. He is a YouTuber as well as hosting game shows and working as a commentator on esports.

He is commonly known for streaming on Twitch. He broadcasts content that is related to video games besides, some contests, gambling, and game shows are also streamed. 

He has become one of the popular streamers on Twitch since he started full-time streaming from February 16, 2019, onwards. 

7. TimTheTatman 

He falls 7th in the list as his earnings have been around 3.2 million dollars but fall short of that of Ludwig. 

8. Altoar

His earnings are around $3,053,839.94

9. Auronplay

According to the data revealed just a few dollars make him stand at 9th position.

His earnings fall short of only 500 dollars from the 8th one. 

10. Lirik

He closes the list of the top 10 earners with the amount of $2,984,653.70

Other streamers like Amouranth earning approx $1.4m as well as Sonic the Hedgehog player earn equal to Ninja that is $1.4m they fall in the list of the top 50. 

Thus we can conclude through the leak, that Summit1G and xQc have made their place among the highest-paid streamers after Critical role earning up to $8 million. 

The data revealed that around 81% of the total players have acquired around $1 million just within 3 years.

Moreover, approximately 262 streamers have managed to earn around half a million.

Though it must be noted that the data is only of the direct earnings that are from advt. revenue or from the channel subscriptions. 

If the complete data was accessible then streamers like Auronplay, Ninja, and many others would be at the top.

Dwarf Mamba is somewhere at the bottom among the 10,000 video game streamers on Twitch

How to Access the earnings of Twitch Streamers? 

The reason for gaining a lot of traffic is that it shows the Twitchearnings Leaderboard. 

There are several users who searched Twitchearnings. com to view payouts of Twitch game streamers.

It was also reported that the website could be seen anymore, maybe because Google has taken it down or the developer is responsible for this. 

Many users were also urged to visit the website ‘’.

This site is user-friendly as one is shown a complete list of the video game streamers along with their earnings and user IDs as well.

There’s also a search option to look for a specific streamer and his earnings. 

There are a lot of broadcasters who earn indirectly via merchandise partnerships & sponsorships.

They earn a lot more than from direct subscriptions and donations. 

Final Word

It has been made very clear by now that Twitch streamers can earn millions and become the top earners.

Many earn through direct subscriptions and others through advertisement and sponsorships.

The leaked data revealed that the huge fan following can make one a millionaire just by streaming video games, though this virtual world is equally competitive.

Besides this, the streamers also upload their streams on other platforms like Youtube. 

Though the list does not reveal the earnings of all the streamers; it only tells about the revenue which streamers have earned directly through donations on Twitch.

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