Top 10 Amazing Discord Role Ideas List 2022

Discord Role Ideas: Adding roles to your discord makes the discord server unique and also very easy to manage and run.

Often times, it is the unique discord role ideas that catches the eyes and having a good set of discord role names would help you be identified easier and not only that, but also can give you a lot of exposure.

There are a few roles that are absolutely for fun and then there are some roles that are administrative and demands professional yet creative discord role names. 

Creative discord role names should be based upon the actual role that any particular person is looking for.

This cannot be entirely out of the blue which is why choosing among the discord roles ideas is more important than choosing among creative discord role names.

This means that you have to understand how this entire thing works and decide which out of these discord roles ideas.

The most useful discord role ideas out of them are listed here and finding one for yourself wouldn’t really be that hard.

Surely, take a look and a lot of the ideas will be clear to you so you can find a good role idea for yourself

Top 10 Amazing Discord Role Ideas List 2022

Discord Role Ideas

1. Discord role ideas by Interest

Most of the servers are based on a particular niche and it is really a creative idea to choose roles according to the interest that is shown in the discord server.

Suppose you have a discord server that is dedicated to a particular fandom such as DC.

The community members are supposed to be assigned by the names of the DC superheroes to make the discord server look even more interesting.

More than that this makes a lot of things easier such as keeping the discord server active with all the news and so on.

You can decide these names according to the personalities that are present in the discord server.

Having roles which demand a lot like staying updated with all the releases or the news and so on.

Cyborg, Aqua Man, Superman and Wonder Woman are a few that are based on interest.

This is undoubtedly one of the best discord role ideas to have been in existence. 

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2. Based on Events

There are a lot of servers that host a lot of these events and these require a role, for sure.

If you are having a server that hosts live events, then there are huge chances that you have a confusion based on which particular members are supposed to be notified about these events.

The people that are interested in that particular live event you are hosting, the week prior, are the ones that are supposed to know that you are live or the event is live on the discord server so they can catch up really easily.

Different roles are assigned to different people and having these discord role ideas makes the process way easier and way more managed. 

3. Automatic Selection on the basis of Reactions

There are ways that do not even require you to assign roles to people all by yourself.

Discord is definitely one of the most revolutionary social apps which is the reason a lot of things are futuristic, if that’s one way to put it.

This is where the automatic assigning of roles come into play and you do not even have to dig deep into discord role ideas list this is what is most convenient to you.

There is a Bot on discord called ‘reaction roles’ bot which just requires you to react to a particular message in a particular way and the role associated with that will be assigned to that particular person who send that message.

Every single message reaction of yours equates to a role that is associated with it. 

4. Using Kaomoji

If you assign a role to somebody on your discord server, you would definitely want it to be unique which is the reason why all of these aesthetics servers use a lot of kaomojis to make the roles look unique.

This can be animal related or even a graphic that represents a mood altogether.

If you are looking for good and creative discord role ideas, this may be the one idea that you would absolutely love.

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5. Organizational names based on the server

If the discord server that you are trying to manage is really professional and you want that vibe to be showcased to all the people that come to visit the server, you may just choose this out of all the discord role ideas.

The administrators of the server can be called the so while the staff can be called as managers.

Similarly, the members become the clients and so on and so forth.

These are as properly termed as they can be and you can take them straight out of this example.

Discord role ideas aren’t that difficult to find after all.

6. Funny Discord Role Ideas

There are a lot of funny role names that you can use, if your server is not aiming to give the professional vibe and you just want people to know that you all are having fun in that server.

Potato, Lemon, Mr_Bean, Toddler and Funky are the few names that you can use make your server look chill.

The entire point of having unique role names is to make your server look appealing when a new visitor comes.

Not only that, but also it is always fun when you are in a social media platform, having fun around.

7. Based on the Server’s Topic

There are servers that are particularly dedicated to an entire topic which demands to be talked about on a frequent basis.

If it is a server of a particular game, you can use character names of that game and use it for assigning roles to members.

This is going to be unique and also associated with the game itself, making it beautifully niche of a thing.

8. Based on Favourites

A discord server that is not really particular about what it has to talk about or is just a general one where a lot of games or a lot of movies are discussed.

In that case, give me just ask the people what their favourite character is and then assign them the role name that they want.

This is one of the coolest discord role ideas because of how versatile and widespread it is, when it comes to possibilities.

Even if it is a discord server where there is no topic whatsoever, you can choose a name that the members want you to choose for them.

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9. Inclusion of Different Fonts

When there are a lot of fonts in the role name that you assigned to a particular person, it looks better, just like with the use of kaomojis.

The entire point of having unique discord role ideas is to make your server stand out and when you include different fonts in those role names, you would be able to convey the message that ‘that’ particular server is not like other servers.

There are you chances that if you are looking for discord role ideas, you already have a server that is booming and you want it to look unique.

Hence, what a better way than to include fonts that make the names look really good.

One does not necessarily have to use different fonts for the same role name, which means that they can choose different fonts for different roles which is not a bad idea either.

10. Inclusion of Emojis

Most of the discord role ideas are for the similar purpose and that is to make them look creative and unique.

When you are planning to add emojis for role names, you are embracing the uniqueness with every single role.

That is definitely a good idea biggest and the possibilities are endless.

The cherry on the cake is the fact that there are a lot of good looking emojis that can be used.

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