How to Check Fortnite Players Stats Graph & Age 2022 

Keeping a track of Fortnite Players Stats helps to improve your performance. If you are in a team, knowing the tracks of each player amplifies the urge for competitiveness.

After a hard day of fighting and surviving in the game, you must be able to know how well or badly you did.

Fortnite gives you a list of all the information you need from your recent gaming sessions.

You can even check how many games you have managed to win. Fortnite can easily be called one of the biggest survival games on the market.

Fighting for the winner’s position with 99 other players to stay on top is not easy. So what you can do to improve your game is using a tool to track the Fortnite stats.

It provides you with all the vital information so that you can figure out the areas you are good at and the areas where you need to improve to become the ultimate survivor. 

How can you check Fortnite Players Stats with Fortnite Tracker com? 

Along with Fortnite stats, with this Fortnite Travker, you can check the Leaderboards.

When you enter your Epic Game name, your stats will show up immediately.

If you keep the page open on Fortnite Travker, it will keep refreshing automatically to record all the Fortnite matches you have been playing.

Fortnite tracker com claims to be tracking the most number of Fortnite players stats as compared to other sites.

Currently, they have 124,088,252 players on board whose track record is noted by Fortnitw tracker.

You also get to know about Fortnite challenges and events like World Cup from this website, along with a daily update of Fortnite item shop. 

Fortnitw tracker has made customer service its top priority.

It is able to keep a record of your Wins, Skills and Tops, which you can show off anytime to other players.

They also present you with TRN Rating to keep a record of your Fortnite skill level.

Fortnitw tracker has mentioned in their bio that it chalks out the most comprehensive stats.

Apart from keeping a track of lifetime Fortnite accounts stats, they also come up with season stats, classifying the best streaks, games with highest kills, and Fortnite player stats graph over months or years.

How to check Fortnite Players Stats? 

There is also a way to check Fortnite stats directly from the game just with a few easy steps. 

1. Log into your game on whichever device you are using. 

2. Go to the Career tab which you find on the top of the screen on your right side. 

3. On the next page you will see a Profile button at the bottom, click on that. 

4. A new page will open which will refresh your update every 15 minutes. You will be able to check the Match Type you are playing, Wins, Top 10, Top 25, Eliminations, and Matches Played. 

Types of Fortnite Players Stats 

Average Fortnite Player Stats 

There are hundreds of players trying to survive till the last and win the title which means that you will be eager to pull the trigger and go on a full shootout, to rank up your stats in the process.

But the downside of this is that there are plenty of chances to die in the process as your enemies can also decide to open fire.

The more experienced players can fire sniper headshots right in your face.

It is a good idea to track all these heart-wrenching actions for future reference. 

When you put your Fortnite username in any tracker you find your current season’s progress.

You get an idea of the weekly performance rate from which you need to find out the K:D ratio and check if it is dropping or going up.

When you get to see the average score per game you will understand your forte and whether you are better off playing Solo, Duo, or in Squad. 

Solo, Duo, or Squad Rankings 

This is only available for Fortnite Battle Royale where you can play in different groups.

The rankings will help you understand whether you play best alone or with a trusted partner, or a team that turns out to be the example of Squad Goals.

There are websites like Player Auctions that record the progress of each composition on three individual screens to give you a clear model.

Once you figure out the dynamics of the varying mode you will be able to understand which Fortnite players stats work for you.

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Overall Ranking

Even though you learn about your own numbers, as this is a multiplayer game, you have to be better than other Fortnite accounts.

Your concern should be how you stand against the world.

The Fortnite trackers give you an overview and rank you against the world according to your score, wins, win%, KDR, and Kills.

There is an option to filter your rank in different game modes and by platform, so that you will also be able to see whether you play best on Xbox, PC, or PS4.

The best part is if you have a particular user or a friend who you want to specifically compete against, then you can check your average Fortnite player stats against that player.

Make sure you don’t turn out to have the worst Fortnite players stats.

Fortnite Player Age Stats

The demographics show Fortnite player age stats to be between 18 to 54. 

Age Group    Percentage of Players

18-24                            62.7%

25-34                            22.5%

35-44                            12.7%

45-54                                  2%

Final Words 

Fortnite players stats are very useful to determine whether you are a good player or not.

You can analyze the areas you are lacking in and the areas you excel at.

If you want to take additional help from third-party software to track the stats of enemies, you will be able to decide which ones to kill first, and you can turn out to be the only player surviving till the last.

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