Who is Cottontailva Twitch? Cottontailva Twitch Face Reveal 2023

The streamer CottontailVA is very popular in the world of internet and there are huge chances that you have heard of CottontailVA Twitch.

The streaming community and the Twitch users were so active, and the talk of the hour was about the CottontailVA Twitch Face Reveal.

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Starting from Cottontailva Twitch real name to Cottontailva Twitch face reveal details, this article will get you updated.

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I am a blogger and a YouTuber who has been working upon the niche of games and that is the reason why famous twitch streamers are also people that I have culture about.

Twitch being the most popular game streaming platform is something that all gamers are aware of and that is the reason why this article brings to you one of those Twitch streamers’ bio. 

CottontailVA Twitch Real Name & Bio

She is a streamer that is not only popular on Twitch but also on YouTube.

On Twitch, she has more than 178k followers and on YouTube, she has more than 183k subscribers.

Making content on a niche that is very popular on youtube already is something that this Twitch streamer has already figured out.

This is the reason why vlogs and 10-minute NSFW storytelling videos are available.

On Twitch streams, she talks about her personality as well and that is reason why many people have figured out that she returns to be somebody else, just as a part of the storytelling but is actually 4’11” with bratty energy.

People who are anime/hentai fans mostly watch her streams and videos.

People have also come to know that she has ADHD and that is why she changes topics rapidly on streams which is slightly exciting.

CottontailVA Net Worth & Twitch Voice Actor CottontailVA Age is given below.

To be very precise, Twitch Voice Actor CottontailVA Age is not known to the people, but we can assume that she is between the ages of 25 and 30.

Her real name is not known to the people as well and so is not the location.

There are only presumptions and since she is an NSFW voice actor, nobody really knows her real identity except for a few people that have posted pictures with her on Twitter, hiding her face. You can check one of those pictures out by clicking here.

CottontailVA Net Worth

The estimated CottontailVA Net Worth is $280,000 which is a good amount for a Twitch streamer.

Describing herself as high energy bunny queen, a lot of people are interested in her streams.


Is CottontailVA famous?

CottontailVA has almost 150k followers on Twitch and over 180k subscribers on YouTube.

Why does CottontailVA use all-caps β€œVA”?

Many think that the reason behind it is the fact that she is from Virginia, USA but that’s not confirmed. It could just be a way to make the spelling of the anonymous identity look cooler for Twitch audience to relate to it.


The woman behind CottontailVA likes to remain mysterious and does not like to disclose a lot of things.

Speculations have been made but none of the information can really be confirmed until she agrees to disclose it.

Maintaining the privacy that the creator wants to maintain for herself is something that should not be harmed, and it is the audience that enjoys her content that should maintain the privacy until she is comfortable disclosing. Hope you enjoyed reading the article.

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