Best guide How to fix Football Manager 2022 to real name?

Football Manager 2022: The one problem that still persists in Football Manager 2022 is the real name issue.

Although Sports Interactive is trying to make everything right and get as many licences as possible to make Football Manager 2022 more fun and smoother.

There are some FAs who just aren’t ready to give legal rights and that is why you need to fix Football Manager 2022 real name.

Luckily, we have a trick to get around this. With just adding a few mods, you will be able to know about the updated squads. 

How to fix Real Name in Football Manager 2022? FM22 Real Name Fix Mod

  • Visit the website You will see Download option right at the top of the screen, even when you use Football Manager 2022 mobile. 
  • Tap on Download and and there will be .zip folder on your screen. 
  • Inside it, you have to find the 2210 folder. The locations will be the following for different devices:
  1. Steam Windows: \Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2022\data\database\db\2210\
  2. Epic Games Windows:\Program Files\Epic Games\FootballManager2022\data\database\db\2210\
  3. Steam Mac:/Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2022/database/data/db/2210/

Epic Games Mac:/Users/Shared/Epic Games/FootballManager2022/database/data/db/2210/

You have to go to the ‘Inc’ folder and enter the “All” sub-folder.

  • Next step is to delete all the files in this sub-folder. 
  • Now directly extract and move the FM22 Fix and FM22 Club Names by FMScout.Inc to “All” sub-folder. 
  • Go back out for 2 folders (click Back twice) and find the “edt” folder. 
  • Open this folder and find the “permanent” sub-folder. 
  • You have to delete the ‘fake.edt’ file. 
  • Again, you have to go 2 folders back and find the “dbc” folder. 
  • Find the “permanent” sub-folder and delete the following: 
  1. zebra award.dbc
  2. zebra turin fake staff.dbc
  3. brazil_kits.dbc
  4. forbidden names.dbc
  5. Licensing2.dbc
  6. Licensing2_chn.dbc

Now if you open Football Manager 2022, you will see that the real name issue is fixed.

Note: It is important to remember that FM22 real name fix mod is not applicable to Juventus and Brazilian clubs.

For them you have to create a new save.

Often, players try to find a new name fix because Football Manager 2022 Real Name do not always have updated player and club names.

Currently FIFA and PES hold all the licensing rights.

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When does Football Manager 2022 come out? 

People keep asking, “When does Football Manager 2022 come out?”

Well, the good news is it has already launched on November 9, 2021.

You can easily play it now and enjoy your holidays.

Now that you know the Football Manager 2022 release date, you might want to know the cost of it. 

The cost of Football Manager 2022 is $54.99, the cost of the Xbox is $39.99, the cost of Football Manager 2022 Touch is $39.99 and the price of Football Manager 2022 mobile is $9.99. 

You will be able to download the game on your PC or Mac via Epic or Steam.

You can buy it from the Sega Store or Microsoft store.

Features of the new Football Manager 2022 

Last year when Football Manager 2021 was released there were some very new additions like XG data and match analysis.

Even this year they have added some great features:


1. Transfer System

The director of Football Manager Studio has mentioned that the design of the games transfer system is changed to show that the financial realities related to global Covid-19 outbreak can be reflected.

There will be more clubs now that can be started with smaller budgets.

In FM21 you could be a part of the transfer deadline day drama, but in FM22 there is a whole new immersive deadline experience, which is adjusted to replicate the real situation of a particular date in the calendar.

2. Graphics

This is a 3D game and the animation is made more dynamic every year.

There are AI enhancements and features such as dribbling that makes the game more realistic.

You can see players react to situations as they happen. 

Data Hub

After the Football Manager 2022 release date was announced people were expecting some changes in the data hub.

Last year the creator team had introduced data analysis XG features. Now there will be emphasis on statistics. 

The visual representation of the data will be clearer so that the data analysts can predict marginal gains in the future.

There will be staff meetings where you can discuss the development of players so that they can reach their potential. 

Leagues and licensing

The good news is that Football Manager 2022 will have a licensing update.

A major change which many are talking about since Football Manager 2022 release date has been announced is the absence of Manchester United from the game.

This happened because of a trademark dispute between the Premier League club and Sega.

This is why you need Football Manager 2022 real name. You can fix this with FM22 Real Name fix mod.

It will be the first time in the history of the game that the Old Trafford team will be called ‘Manchester UFC’ or ‘Man UFC’ and not their official names.

The game has featured over hundred leagues from 52 different countries coming from 5 continents.

So there are a lot of options, even World Cup 2022 Morocco football manager is included. 

Women’s Football

In 2021, creators had announced that women’s football will soon be introduced in the game.

It will be available in Football Manager 2022 mobile as well.

They have been working on it quietly for over a year. The makers are taking time because they want to do it properly. 

Tina Keech has been appointed to be the game’s lead to the research for women’s football.

They have recently announced that the database required will take your years so unfortunately it will not be available in FM 2022. 

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Final Word

It is very exciting to see the new updates in Football Manager 2022. Players will now have a better experience in playing the game and winning.

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