Top 8 Best Live Cricket Streaming Sites List 2023 To Watch Cricket Online

Around India, the most popular sport that is considered by people of all ages is cricket. India is also one of the strongest teams to ever play the game of Cricket.

The craze for this sport is unmatchable not only in India but around the world.

Many people, these days, really like to be updated with any match of cricket which is why watching cricket from live cricket streaming sites is normalised around the country.

It’s for sure that the hype of this game will never go away. This is the reason why all the live cricket streaming sites that are already available are only gonna be viewed more in the coming years.

Top live streaming websites for cricket broadcast the sport and a lot of these live cricket streaming sites broadcast almost all the series happening around the world.

Some of these are paid while some are free. All you need to access these websites or applications is a good internet connection.

Even the free top live streaming websites would require you to have an Internet connection that is well-capable for streaming videos directly.

There are a lot of websites that provide live commentary in the form of text for you to be updated with the scores.

Not only the scores, but also all the happenings of the match will be right in front of your eyes for you to read.

Some significant websites do not rely on this and instead go for video live streaming. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the live broadcast of the match is watched more widely.

Here are 8 top live streaming websites for cricket:

Top 8 Best Live Cricket Streaming Sites List 2023

Top 8 Best Live Cricket Streaming Sites List

1. Disney+Hotstar

This is the leading platform of India where matches from most of the famous series happening around the world are available. Previously called “Hotstar”, this is the official streaming platform for all the rights owned by Star.

Disney+ collaborated with Hotstar to give the Indian citizens all the content from Disney Plus. This is not a free application and you would actually have to pay to be able to watch cricket live streaming sites list.

The first plan is of Rs. 899 per year called “Super”. This will not be completely ad-free and the maximum quality you can view the contents in is 1080p.

The other plan is of Rs. 1499 per year called “Premium”. If you avail this, you will be able to watch all the movies and shows ad-free.

Not only that, but also the same account can be logged in on 4 different devices. You can watch contents in 4K quality if you take the premium subscription of Disney+ hotstar.

Apart from being one of the live cricket streaming sites, it also has a lot of exclusive shows related to cricket that can help you analyse matches and players, ahead of a game.

Most of the international tournaments are broadcasted here. The most famous T20 tournament around the world, IPL live streaming is also available on this streaming service itself.

2. SonyLiv

This is the streaming service that is owned by the Sony Entertainment Television network.

All the broadcasting rights that Sony has, related to the cricket matches in a year will be available on Sony LIV live.

A lot of sporting events are also available, just like on any other streaming service. A fantastic picture quality at a minimal price is what this application offers.

A lot of videos after the match like highlights, etc. are available on the app as well. This is also considered one of the best sites for live cricket streaming online free since most of the channels are free.

Some of the major games of cricket shall only be available to you after you take the subscription of Sony LIV.

Without the subscription, a lot of ads appear which may not be a hassle-free experience to watch any content on an OTT platform.

3. SkySports

One of the most famous live cricket streaming sites is Sky Sports. It is also famous for streaming a lot of sports that are not quite popular in India.

Most of the International matches of cricket are broadcasted by Sky Sports. The variety of content that it provides to all the people is really commendable.

Sky Sports has a TV guide feature which keeps a sports fan updated with all the important events that are coming in the near future. This way, you can plan your subscriptions as well.

Apart from live streaming of cricket matches, live scores, news etc. are also updated.

The mobile application of Sky Sports can be downloaded on your Android or iOS device by just going to their respective application stores and installing the app called “SkySports”.


The Board of Control of Cricket in India  has a streaming service. The Indian cricket world can be religiously followed by just accessing the BCCI TV site.

All other live cricket streaming sites are not necessarily similar to each other and BCCI TV stands strong alone. Intense happenings from the Indian cricket world will be updated on the site.

When we talk about best sites for live cricket streaming online free, we should never miss this one.

Most of the domestic matches played by India or its states are streamed live and you can also check out the gallery from the last matches (includes videos and photos).

5. Fancode

This is one of the less known live cricket streaming sites which is also fabulous in what it does.

A lot of the International matches are available on the application that can easily be downloaded on your smartphone.

Starting from short videos like highlights to the entire broadcasting of the match, Fancode does all. Football is also available for live video streaming on Fancode.

Basically, the content available on the application that you can download from the Play Store, is of really good quality.

6. Willow TV

In every sport, there are major events and small events. Willow TV shows a lot of these major events, through live streaming.

This is one of the top free live cricket streaming sites that many people around the world access.

The resolutions available on the website are as diverse as in any other video streaming platform, which means experience premium.

Scores and commentary are also updated on the same website and you can opt not to watch the match but to be updated about it through the scores.

7. CricTime

Other underrated live cricket streaming sites are Crictime’s servers that you can get a list of once you go to the website.

Streaming a lot of cricket matches that they don’t have the official rights of requires them to create multiple servers.

Just in case one of the servers do not work, click on the other in order to continue watching the streaming service seamlessly.

Many of the live cricket streaming sites around the world require you to pay a certain amount of money to avail the services.

CricTime is totally free and as die-hard fans of cricket, there is no better place to be than on this website.

Scorecard, results and schedule are also available on the website. International matches as well as domestic matches are broadcasted live by this website.

8. BossCast

Free live cricket streaming sites has increased in number. Some of them compromise on the quality and some on the experience of watching the matches.

Bosscast is one of those live cricket streaming sites that not only streams cricket but also UEFA, Champions League, MotoGP, etc.

There may appear a few pop up ads that hamper the user experience, apart from which nothing is wrong about this streaming service.

These live sports events do not even consume a lot of your Internet data, which is a good thing considering the quality it provides.

Most applications that are also live cricket streaming sites, consume a lot of your data which may not be the most considerate thing.

These were the 8 best sites for live cricket streaming online free. This list included paid services as well, as per popularity and user experiences.

These live cricket streaming sites have good overall reviews which is why they made it to the list.

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