Download Valorant Mobile APK & Pre-Registration on Tap Tap 2023

Valorant Mobile has been the talk of the town for a while now. The smartphone game is undoubtedly one of the most expected launches that millions of people are thrilled about.

And truth be told, at this point, everyone is counting days to play this PC-exclusive game on their mobile devices now. 

While there are plenty of online sites claiming to have Valorant Mobile beta APK & OBB files, in the true sense, what is the credibility that all of these sites have the right files?

Well, the fact is that although Valorant Mobile game developers have confirmed the release of the game for smartphone devices, the release of the Valorant Mobile beta version is still something very uncertain as of now. 

There are a great number of fans and lovers who are truly enthusiastic to experience the Valorant Mobile game on their Android as well as iOS smartphones.

They would certainly not waste a minute as soon as the game is officially released on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store of their devices.

If you are also one of them, how does the thought of the Valorant Mobile Pre-register process sound to you? 

If you wish to have the Valorant Mobile game automatically downloaded on your mobile device, you will need to complete pre-registration for the game.

Now since the game developers are yet to provide any official link for the game lovers to pre-register for Valorant Mobile and download its mobile version, Valorant Mobile beta from TapTap is your safest bet right now.

In other words, if you want to pre-register for the game, you will need to head to TapTap and complete the necessary steps. 

To help you all out, we have explained below all the steps thoroughly to pre-register for Valorant Mobile Beta from TapTap. 

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How to Pre-Register and download Valorant Mobile from TapTap? 

The primary purpose of pre-registering for Valorant Mobile beta on TapTap is that the game is going to be automatically downloaded as well as installed on your mobile device as soon as it is officially released on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

Since Valorant Mobile pre-register process has not been officially released on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, we suggest you do the same on the TapTap app, which is undoubtedly a safe as well as a reliable application store.

Speaking of Valorant Mobile APK on TapTap, it is worth mentioning that over 8 lakh game fanatics have already chosen to pre-register for the Valorant Mobile beta from TapTap.

Now that the early access or beta edition for this game has only been launched for an exclusive number of players, you must bear in mind that you pre-register for the game just as soon as possible.

If you are figuring out how to pre-register and download Valorant Mobile beta from TapTap then you must follow all the below-mentioned steps carefully: 

  • First and foremost, you will need to download and successfully install the TapTap application on your device.
  • Once it has been 100% installed, open the application.
  • In the provided search bar, type in ‘Valorant Mobile’.
  • As soon as you search for this, you are going to be able to see an option for pre-registering for both Android as well as iOS mobile devices.
  • Now simply tap on the ‘Pre-register‘ option.
  • Once you click on it, you will receive a pop-up notification that is going to confirm the success of your Valorant Mobile Pre-register process. 
  • Now as soon as the beta edition is going to be officially released for all mobile devices, you will receive a notification regarding the same. Once you get it, you can directly head to the store on your device and download it. 

And that was it! With that, you will be done with the pre-registration for Valorant Mobile. 

More about Valorant Mobile APK

In 2020, Riot Games had released a game that had not been titled after the league of legends.

Nonetheless, this game was considered extraordinary by everyone in its special way and it was notable for the first time that the game developers had released a tactical shooter-based game. 

The Valorant game is essentially a 5 versus 5 tactical shootout type of game where all the players will need to defend or fire on a location with the assistance of agents as well as their special skills.

The game commemorated its 365days of existence in the gaming world and was truly honored in style.

Furthermore, the game developers also openly revealed that smartphones are going to be the next platform that will soon witness the Valorant game.

They also announced that this edition is currently in its initial phases and is under the process of development.

The game is only available on PCs as of now and on no other devices or platforms. Apart from this, there is currently no indication of releasing the Valorant game for consoles anytime soon.

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Wrapping up

Valorant has been a pretty popular game among all PC users for a while now.

And given the ease and portability aspects of playing on mobile devices, we can only understand your enthusiasm for Valorant Mobile.

While no one is aware of the official release date as of now, you can pre-register and download Valorant Mobile beta from TapTap with great ease.

Follow all the steps mentioned above carefully and you should be through. Head to the TapTap app now! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Valorant game truly going to be released for mobile devices?

Yes, the Valorant Mobile version is certainly going to be released for all mobile devices (both Android as well as iOS) as the developers have confirmed that themselves. 

For now, users can pre-register on the official website of TapTap.

When will Valorant Mobile be released? 

While the Valorant Mobile Pre-register process has already been commenced by TapTap, the official release date of the game for Google Play Store and Apple App Store is still uncertain. 

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