12+Best KissAsian Alternatives 2023 to Watch Asian Movies Online

12+Best KissAsian Alternatives: Kissasian is undoubtedly one of the most popular services for online video streaming where one can enjoy HD films completely free of cost.

While not all the movies are available in HD, you will still be able to find many.

Movies, as well as series from Korea, Japan, and China, are composed in the element, which is primarily geared toward Asian audiences.

While all of the movies are available on the site in their actual languages themselves, almost all of them include English subtitles. In case you’re bored of old American films, Kissasian can prove to be your best bet.

Kiss Asian, just as any other website of the same sort is not only illegal but also their content is completely plagiarized.

In a lot of countries, it is truly illegal to access pirated content along with breach of any copyright restrictions that can result in any kind of legal action.

There are a lot of websites of the same kind available as well as highly trending on the internet and one will need to use a VPN to be able to view them.

A VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network is a simple tool that allows the users to change their IP address while encrypting their data as well.

In simple words, neither the ISP nor any government authorities will be able to trace your online actions.

For instance, you can make use of a VPN for safely accessing any pirate websites, unblocking material, as well as for watching American Netflix.

It’s an incredible service that lets you be entirely unrelated to the internet.

However, you must bear in mind that the VPN you are using needs to be effective enough to allow you to stream videos online; otherwise, the video quality will probably end up degrading.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kissasian

Best KissAsian Alternatives Sep 2021 to Watch Asian Movies Online

Kissasian has to be no oddity when it comes to its advantages and disadvantages.

Like any other website, it is a great place to be but has its share of drawbacks.

Now that we are aware of most of the stuff about Kiss Asian, let’s have a look at some other platforms of the same sort that make great alternatives to the Kiss Asian app.

Top 12 Kissasian Alternatives

Best KissAsian Alternatives Sep 2021 to Watch Asian Movies Online


VIKI, similar to Kissasian, is another popular television platform that is available worldwide and helps millions of people in watching as well as discovering some of the best shows.

The Viki site is popularly recognized for crushing through all the barriers that exist between users and the entertainment industry on a linguistic as well as cultural level.

It is an undertaking of the well-known Rakuten Group, having a multinational audience of more than 2 billion people.

This association not only includes Abate but also Lyft as well as Viber.

Moreover, Viki provides its users with downloadable software, and you can make use of the Viki downloader for converting Viki videos to MP4 with great ease.


Broadcasters of Kissasian in Korea have come to create a platform in the United States as well, while the second alternative on our list, Kocowa has also done the same thing ( that is Korean Content Wave).

It helps its users in watching a wide range of outstanding Korean dramas, movies, TV episodes, programs, as well as K-pop shows; all of it on a single platform.

Only a few hours after they are aired in Korea, all the episodes get aired on Kocowa along with their English subtitles.

Kocowa is functional with a range of devices that can include mobile phones, tablets, computers, as well as smart televisions.

The services offered by this site are on a subscription basis and help the users in getting rid of the commercials.

However, one can always find free but ad-supported shows, movies, or other programs on the site within just a single day of release.

3. MyDramaList

Out of our choice of all the websites that are great alternatives to Kissasian, we can say with utmost security that MyDramaList can be one of the best options to consider for you.

The primary objective of the MyDramaList platform is to provide all the Asian drama as well as movie lovers a special forum to talk to while also building dramatists for some of their beloved dramas or shows.

In simple words, you can find a lot of friends on this platform while watching and finding new movies and shows as well as having fun at the same time.

After a long period of beta testing as well as hard effort by the team, MyDramaList was released for all the users on April 6, 2011.

Since it isn’t entirely perfect, this platform is currently available in Beta mode only.

MDL is another example of a community-based platform that allows people from all sectors of life to indulge in Asian shows and movies as well as actors and actresses.

Anyone interested is free to register and create an account completely free of cost on this platform.

4. Dramakoreaindo

Are you someone who is in search of a way to download high-resolution videos on your device with ease?

Well, Dramakoreanindo, similar to Kissasian, lets its users save content in resolutions that range from 360p to 540p according to your choice.

It also includes connections to a wide range of websites where visitors can easily download shows and movies of their choice.

This website is much simpler in comparison to some other sites such as Viki, and it merely provides a few Korean drama shows for you to download.

Nevertheless, there are movies available on this website that garner enough attention.

Besides, you will find much fewer adverts on this platform, which helps in encouraging viewers to stay for a longer period and continue watching more movies and shoes.

5. Viu

PCCW regulates Viu which is a video server. It was initially launched in Hong Kong.

This platform has the entertainment to feature from all around the world.

As a result, viewers on this site will be able to watch multiple shows, films, videos, as well as documentaries that would specifically be tailored to their unique tastes.

Each month, nearly 20 million people from around the globe make use of the Viu site.

This website can be regarded as the first proper Ott platform in Hong Kong.

Originally, the corporation provided its services completely free of cost to its users.

It implies that the firm initially offered a free service for video streaming before initiating a separate subscription option after the user base of the platform grew vast enough.

The programs, all the movies, and shows were available only to the subscribers.

Due to its premium packages, Viu has secured its place among one of the most outstanding websites just like Kissasian.

Content for online entertainment is available for the users in a variation of formats.

There is a range of dramas for you to select from as well.

This site makes sure to welcome all kinds of entertainment lovers, whether they are in search of animated shows or films.

6. Gooddrama

Another platform on our list that is relatively similar to Kissasian in terms of the video library as well as commercial strategy is Gooddrama.

The design of this website is a little bit dated, however, all of the films and shows available here seem to be well-organized as well as easy to locate.

Apart from the multiple banners and advertisements, one can not find any more intrusive pop-ups.

This platform has no virus and other hazardous redirects, so you can easily switch on the VPN on your device and dive right into the kingdom of Asian dramas.

7. Netflix

Netflix, a well-known platform with an incredible user base from all around the globe also provides its users with a great range of Korean drama shows.

However, it is a streaming service solely based on subscription. Netflix has just recently expanded Netflix Originals to the existing repertoire of Korean drama.

In this year itself, Netflix has gone on to release some Netflix Exclusive Korean dramas already which include:

  • Start-Up
  • Private Lives
  • Record of Youth
  • Graceful Friends
  • STRANGER Season 2
  • Was it Love?
  • It’s okay to not be okay

Keep in mind that this list is, by no means, an exhaustive one. The list can continue to go on perpetually.

Netflix has over time secured its place in the list of one of the best-paid streaming choices available today in case you don’t wish to watch dramas on any kind of illegal streaming websites such as Kissasian or DramaFever.

The monthly subscription price for Netflix ranges from $7.99 to $14.99.

8. KTVDrama

KTVDrama is another site that is pretty similar to KissAsian and provides a range of streaming movies that are bound to keep the users entertained.

The multiple categories, as well as genres, are displayed on the homepage of the website itself. Users can also choose to scroll through the program listings and then choose their beloved TV show or film.

KTVDrama is accessible for anyone without the requirement to create an account on the site or subscribe to their plans.

You can just go to their home page, enter any TV show or movie of your choice in the search bar, and just press play, and boom! Your favorite program will start streaming.

9. Viewasian

Viewasian as well as KissAsian can be considered somewhat similar in terms of their content.

Nonetheless, this platform does not allow its users to download videos just directly. At this instant, users will only be able to stream on this website.

Viewasian features a wide range of content for their users that include romance, drama, horror, mystery, as well as comedy.

Further, the movies with the majority of the views in a day and week keep getting highlighted on the site in the sidebar so that one can stay up to date on what’s currently trending.

10. Polldrama

Tenth on our list of alternatives to Kissasian is Polldrama which is another decent option for purposes of streaming as well as downloading a range of Asian dramas, films, as well as series.

On this site, one will be able to view almost everything with English subtitles.

To find exactly what you’re looking for, you can choose to simply sort all the material by three parameters that include: rating, mostwatched, as well as tags.

11. Boxasian

Looking for more alternatives to Kiss Asian to watch your favorite Kdramas?

Well, On Boxasian, you will be able to choose from a huge number of drama shows that have been produced in Korea, China, as well as Taiwan.

To assist you in overcoming the language barrier, the platform also provides its users with English subtitles.

Another advantage of this platform is that it is completely legal, which indicates that all of its services are fully reliable.

For an incredible viewing experience, the platform provides its users with high-quality video in various resolutions.

Besides, the Boxasian site does not even require any subscription on your end to be able to download some of your favorite Korean and Asian new releases which become available as soon as they have been transmitted.

12. Hulu

Hulu functions almost similar to the Miss Asian platform in that it is just a website.

It provides its users with access to various live streaming videos, which they will be able to watch at any point anywhere.

This platform also provides you with a special forum for not only all those creative artists out there who are trying to share their work with a ready-made audience per se but also those who are just seeking entertainment on this site.

One cannot ignore the fact that the Hulu platform has a range of competitors available today and yet, users have only preferred to keep this one at the top.

It provides the users with high-quality movies as well as a vast range of videos that feature a variety of genres and this helps to make Hulu an extraordinary choice for all the viewers.

It not only includes current shows and movies, but also some of the best classics.

Websites that are still operational in 2023, according to Kissasian Mirrors:

Best KissAsian Alternatives Sep 2021 to Watch Asian Movies Online

Since almost all websites of the same kind, such as Kissasian, are mostly illegal and include stolen content, the government has been striving a lot of times to ban and get rid of them.

All the pirate websites that were formerly blocked have grown from the ashes under a range of distinct domain names.

So, just because a website is live presently, doesn’t imply in any way that it is going to be live the next day on a similar domain (proxy). It’s safe to call it a cat and mouse game.

At the moment, the following are the Kissasian mirrors that are currently operational:

  • Kissasian.video
  • Kissasian.is
  • Kissasian.sh
  • Kissasians.su
  • Kissasian.ai

Is Kissasian safe to use?

When we say that a website is secure, do you know what exactly does that means?

Well, for those who don’t know, It implies that our computer, PC, or any other device that we are using is not going to be affected by any kind of viruses or other hazardous malware whenever we visit all these ‘secure’ websites.

Having said that, we would like to point out that the Kissasian platform is completely safe as well as welcoming.

Kiss Asian does not require its users to turn off the ad blockers on their device, which allows all of us to be already protected from the majority of malware.

Kissasian has only made a slight change in ad hosting corporations. This results in issues on some devices that already have an ad blocker installed.

There is, nonetheless, no need for you to be concerned about this in any way.

Moreover, the majority of the time, legitimacy and security can be deemed to be interchangeable terms.

However, keep in mind that this may not always be the case.

While Kiss Asian is certainly safe for all the users to use for discovering as well as streaming films and drama series, the strategies that the platform uses to provide them to its users are certainly not.

Frequently Asked Questions on Kissasian

1. What movie genres can be found on Kissasian 2023?

To make the platform available to all users, Kissasian has segregated the site into different categories.

This will simply help in making the content more accessible to consumers with great ease.

One will also be able to find their desired video more promptly and have a greater chance of catching the shot they wish.

The multiple categories that are featured on the unlawful website of Kiss Asian are as follows:

  • Horror
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Action
  • Sci-fi
  • War
  • Thriller
  • Sports
  • Mystery
  • Tragedy
  • Mythology
  • Comedy
  • Children
  • Web-based series
  • Series on television

2. What are some major features of the Kiss Asian app?

The Kissasian app has the following major features:

  • It’s available completely free of cost for all users.
  • Features Android applications that are famous among anime enthusiasts
  • Open access to some of your beloved anime videos
  • Anime episodes are easily available to watch
  • View all the videos in high resolution
  • Subtitles in English are also available to avoid any language barriers
  • There are no filters for the categories
  • The design is identical to that of any different application of the same sort
  • Page can be loaded quickly with great ease
  • Downloading options available
  • Streaming options available


Kissasian APK is undoubtedly a safe as well as secure Android application. This platform has already been through comprehensive testing.

And if that’s the case, we can assume that this platform is for you. This is certainly one of the most trusted programs that have been made available for all Android users worldwide.

However, in case you are bored with the poor old Kiss Asian App, then it must be time for you to dive into some other web tools available online that are not only a little more extensive in terms of content but probably also feature a better user experience and design with some more amazing features.

In this article, we enlightened you on 12 different alternatives to Kiss Asian that you can consider and choose from to view some of your most favorite Asian dramas and films.

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