Top 5 Live Free Best Football Streaming Sites 2022

Best Football Streaming Sites: Want to know How to watch live football match for online? If yes, then this article will provide you a list of top 5 best website where you can enjoy watching all the football matches by sitting at home itself. 

Today in this article, we would provide you with all the details on the top 5 best website for watching live football matches across the world and also say the method to access the websites for free.

I am a professional content writer since 2012 and a football lover, I have been following every football leagues around the world since my childhood and as a football lover who likes to watch every game, I am providing with some of the tips on how to watch football matches using the Best Football Streaming sites.

Football Streaming Websites 2022

Football matches brings out every possible emotions out of us as we can feel the adrenaline rush in our body.

For most of us, football is just more than a game, it has become an emotion and we would never miss the matches of our favourite hero or teams.

Nowadays different leagues across the world are being held and are being telecasted in different television channels, therefore we cannot afford to pay for every television channels as they take high charges and unreasonable fees to get access to their channel and therefore many of us feel disappointed for missing the high action packed matches.

However there are lot of online websites where you can watch the live football matches by sitting at home for free that too without any hindrance. 

In this article, we have brought to you the list of top 5 free Best Football Streaming sites so that you do not miss your favourite football matches.

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Top 5 Best Football Streaming sites 2022

  1. Sportlemon Tv
  2. Sony Liv Sports
  3. Wiziwig
  4. SkySports
  5. VIP Box

Sportlemon Tv

We are starting the list with perhaps the best football streaming website of the year 2022 which streams live football matches in their platform.

They not only stream football matches but also have streaming of other sport games as well like that of boxing, moto GP, cricket, baseball, hockey and many other sports.

It also gives the schedule of the upcoming football matches and the website has the user easy interface so that you will not confused at entering the website.

Therefore Sportlemon Tv is a one stop platform where you can watch international as well as league matches for free and without any technical glitch.

Sony Liv Sports:

It is also one of best live streaming website where you can watch all the International football matches like that of the world cup and also the Italian League is being broadcasted as Sony has brought the telecast rights.

The playback quality will depend upon the speed of your internet connectivity. Nowadays Sony has been buying the telecast rights of most of the series being played around the world.

Therefore this is the second best Live Streaming football online website in our list.

The official link of the website is Sony Liv Sports. You can also watch highlights of the football games at any time by simply logging into their online website. 


It is also a one stop destination for all the football lovers as it streams most of the football matches around the world in high definition and that too without any lag.

This website also features highlights of most of the football matches and therefore if you had missed any football matches, you can visit this site for watching the highlight of the game.

You can visit this site by just logging into their official website. This also features other sports as well like that of UFC, Boxing, and Handball etc.


SkySport is a very popular football streaming site which has been around for a while and the interface of the website is very comfortable and easy to use.

This website streams matches in very high quality and the playing quality of the website is reliable and also it streams without any hindrance.

This has been one of the most dominant website in the European countries as well as in US. The streaming in this website is mostly free except for few matches it charge us for watching.


One of the most popular growing website which is slowly rising in rank which is telecasting all the matches around the world and has been easy to use due to reliable interface.

Here, you can also watch boxing, baseball, moto GP, Formula 1 and many other sports. You can visit this site by just logging into their official website.

Final Words

Football is the most watched sport around the world and it has been a booster for many during this pandemic hit times who find solace in watching their favourite heroes playing football.

Therefore as you know, you have to give additional charge as the streaming of live football matches is only done in paid channels so most of the people misses the excitement of live football matches.

However, in this article, we have mentioned the names of the top 5 Best Football Streaming sites which would help you to stream your favourite football matches for free and without any hindrance.

We hope this article have helped you to access the free cricket streaming sites and for more such articles, you may bookmark our website so that you know more about such interesting things.


How can I watch live football match on my phone for free?

You can watch live football match in both android mobile phone as well as IPhone. To watch the game live you need to visit the official website of the above mentioned sites and the link of which is also given above.

Which is the best website for football live streaming free? 

Sportlemon Tv is considered as the best website to watch all the live football matches including that of international matches as well as League matches of all the countries.

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